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As the Raven's Cove storyline began to enter Post-production in April 2010, the POTCO development team began production on their next big story quest project, which involved creating Jolly Roger's Island. The island would most likely serve as a base of operations for Jolly to house his army, and plan his nefarious invasions.

The POTCO development team started churning out themes for the island. A cursed Aztec theme was their first venture into the project.

The Aztec Jungle

One had a very grand, tropical feel, in which Jolly's palace sat perched atop the highest point of the island, with a waterfall coming out of the palace, and falling to the village below. The village consisted of a fort, and a small town afloat on the water. Presumably, this could be a small outpost of the EITC, as they have been known to have worked with Jolly Roger on multiple occasions.

Farther up the island are a series of Aztec ruins. These ruins would have presumably had Aztec-style undead enemies, as statues from the Phase Files evoke that theme.


Although, there are other Aztec statues that seem to be uncorrupted. Perhaps Jolly's dark magic hadn't reached a specific area of the island yet.


Possible Backstory

The contents of this section are pure conjecture.

Based on many points, the Aztec Temples, the Aztec Weapons, and the general look of the island, one can form a possible backstory for the island.

The weapons crafted by the developers for the island seem to hint at El Dorado (Spanish for The Golden), which was a lost Aztec city made of pure gold. Perhaps this island was indeed El Dorado. The weapons also speak of legendary Aztec figures, Quetzalcoatl and Montezuma. Perhaps part of the backstory was that a convoy of Aztecs discovered a way off of South America, and found themselves in the Caribbean. There, they may have constructed a new tribe of Aztecs, in which El Dorado was formed, and later discovered by the Spanish (hence the ancient fort). Jolly Roger may have killed off the inhabitants and made it his own personal island, or may have discovered it abandoned and took it over.

Update Cancellation

In May 2010, the Aztec development plan was scrapped due to its development costs being too high. Also in May, another concept artist created a new, more eerie design of the island, in an attempt to salvage the project.

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Although the redesign was good for reducing the cost of the update, it was not enough. A developer confirmed that the update was indeed canceled for good, as they moved on to the Ship Customization update as a new, successful venture.

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Links to Unreleased Weapons

While the Aztec Island went under production, another section of the POTCO team created and finished Aztec-themed weapons and items for the update. Although the actual island will most likely never be released, we may see these weapons in the future.

Other Art Pieces from the Project