Stick Pirates
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Sailing is a very important for pirates weather it is for mastering all skills getting gold or even materials for ship coustomization this guide was made to help you become a master sailor. There are four types of ships you can choose from to use

Now i will break down all ships into their pros and cons so you can decide which ship type you would like to use the most

Vessel class War sloop

First off lets talk about the sloop ship type. Sloops are mainly used to be manuverable and fast due to having a great turning radius speed and its cheap but is limated by the hull, broadside cannons deck cannons amount of cargo. Sloops are great in SvS and are used to outmanuver larger and slower ships but it is best used in any way with fury gunners because of the weak of broadsides.

The next ship type is the galleon type is the slowest of all ship classes which also lowers the turning

Small War Galleon

Holds to 18 cargo good for royals.

radius.A few pros about this ship is it has great cargo and the most broadside cannons of any ship ( tied with war brig ). It is great for new pirates because the fact of the massive amounts of cargo for them to plunder cargo without hunters and warships so they can get a head start on gold. It is strongly recomended you have windcatcher rank 5 or higher through sea charts or sea globes.

Small War Frigate

16 cargo holds good ship for plundering.

The Frigate is the next ship class i will break down. A few good things about the frigate class is it has the most deck cannons if you like having a large gunning crew. It does not have have broadsides as large as the brig or galleon but it ie easily compensated by th deck guns. Another feature it has that can be helpful in SvS or sometimes in plundering is if you are chasing an enemy faster than you it has t

wo cannons in the front to help sink the enemy.

The next breakdown is the brig it has the largest broadside and good cargo the speed is not bad but not the


Holds 16 Cargo

best either. It has less deck cannons than the frigate but it still has more than the galleon. It also has massive hap like the frigate. There are almost no cons other than the price for lower level pirates.

If you would like to know that stats of the class such as light and war here is a great link that could help you


The next thing i will help you with is the skills you should use for each ship class.

On the war sloop the skills recomended

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