Stick Pirates
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Talk to Jack Sparrow to hear his plan. Jack explains thatJolly Roger is using his resurrected ships to blockade all rum shipments to try to get Jack to come out of hiding. He asks the pirate to sail to Raven's Cove to find one of the Cursed Blades of El Patron so they can defeat Jolly and stop this from happening. Speak with Crazy Ned and find out the clue of what needs to be done next. He says the swords can be found in the mines, and only he has the key. But, he refuses to give it to you, unless you help out his ghostly friends. Sail to ravens cove

Retrieve Sails - Sink ghost ships for Widow Threadbarren to earn her favor and retrieve their sails for her. She will request that you recover 5 undead sails from Storm Reapers, 5 cursed sails from Phantoms, and 7 torn sails from Revenants. After you have completed this quest, she'll speak favorably to Crazy Ned about giving you the key to the mine.

Play Undead Poker - Acquire clothes to disguise yourself as Ben Clubheart orSadie Clubheart (Find clothes to disguise yourself at Tortuga, Padres del Fuego, and Port Royal). Win 650g at poker in one sitting. By winning back their losses, they will help you. *Bonus: Win 5000 gold in Undead Poker to earn a Magenta Ostrich Hat or Purple Cavalry Hat. This task requires time and patience.

Seek Tia Dalma - Senior Fantifico wants so badly to restore his life as the Fanciest Fellow in the Caribbean that he'll pay a king's ransom for a special gypsy potion made only by Tia Dalma. To make this concoction you will need to gather 6 twisted roots from twisted stumps, 10 giant bladders from huge alligators, and 8 fat chickens from Navy Dreadnought ships. Get this life-giving potion for him and you're one step closer to getting Edward's mine key.

Potions For Madam Zigana - Help Madam Zigana by getting the special potions so she can rebuild her old broken staff. You'll find the Potion Brewing tables onPort Royal, Tortuga,Cuba andPadres del Fuego. Brew them up and return the potions to Madam Zigana so she can thank you properly. *Bonus: Make Staff Enchant II to earn a Burnt Staff.

Catch Fish - Get your fishing pole and help Thomas with some serious fishing. Catching 12 Tuna will get you that much closer to getting Edward's key to the mine. *Bonus: Catch a Legendary Fish to earn a Bandit's Sea Globe.

Talk to Crazy Ned

The elevator will take the pirate up to the top of the cliffs and path will lead into the mines. From here, you can see El Patron's ship landlocked below. Inside the mines are more ghosts, eventually the pirate will find Dr. Bellrog. He is an explorer who died hiding in the mines, but he may still be able to help get to Patron's ship.

Bellrog tells the pirate to dig up four journals belonging to various crew members to help unravel the mystery. Travel to each of the four marked graves.

You will need four idols to open the gate. To find one of them, you must lure the ghosts to the watery grave marker and defeat them. Once 5 Mutineer Ghosts and 5 Devious Ghosts have been defeated at their watery grave, you get the idol.

Tip: You must be standing on the the outcropping of rock around the idol when you defeat the ghosts in order for them to count in your journal. kill the on the IDOL!!! The next idol is obtained by helping a Traitor Ghost defeat other attacking ghosts. You must find the traitor ghosts grave and summon him/her, once summoned, enemies will appear. After helping the traitor ghost defeat enemies, you get the second idol. [1][2]

The third idol was apparently stolen and then buried by the crew's dog and its whereabouts are unknown. Using a Dowsing Rod - you can find it. The parts are made from the teeth of 13 Firebats

Roaming the mines, you can check the Dowsing Rod to see if you are closer or farther from the dig spot. Once you locate the spot, dig - but it is likely NOT the first place you go. Just keep going to the next.

[3] [4] [5]

Digspot #1: For finding the third idol, the spot is located near the entrance. From the entrance, go left.

Digspot #2: For finding the third idol, when going to Dr. Bellrog, go right during the straight path and there will be a Traitor Ghost as well.

Digspot #3: For finding the third idol, it is located near the watery grave and at the wall between a double pathway.

[6] [7] [8]

Digspot #4: The final dig spot for the third idol is near the top center of the map with a short dead end.

Digspot #5: Located near the entrance and a skull pillar. This is one of two areas to dig for the Journals.

Digspot #6: Near the southern grave, all the way down on the map, this is one of two places to search for the Journals.

The last idol is protected by 5 (or 4) ghosts who must all be defeated at the same time. You can visit the other grave sites to try and summon some allies (Traitor Ghosts) for you, but they can only stay summoned for a short time.kill them all at once get a friend to help if want after they all dead u need to get the idol press shift but you only have 10 or 20 seconds to do it. Once you have the idols, return to the explorers. However, they may not be so willing to help you continue on-so be prepared! Dr. Bellrog's bodyguard will attack you and try to dispose of you. [9]Kudgel is Dr. Bellrog's bodyguard near the door where you will battle El Patron on his ship. He is fought after the player has obtained all the idols as part of the Raven's Cove Story Quest. He appears at Level 30 (9,625 hp) and carries a Cutlass. Kudgel has a wide variety of skills and can even use Blade Storm. He appears to have some affiliation with the Navy, as the circle next to his health is the Navy symbol.

Kudgel travelled with Dr. Bellrog to Raven's Cove but when hostilities broke out, they hid in the mines. However, Jolly Roger found them and both were killed along with the others on the island.After opening the mine gate, you will be in the presence of El Patron's Ship, to get to his treasure - you will have to fight the ghost of El Patron himself and any crew ghosts he can summon. This will NOT be easy.The best way to do this is to assemble a large crew.

now you have done ravens cove quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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