Weapon Card
Boost(s) Cleave +3
Unique ability Critical Strike Rank 3
Powerful Rank 3
Attack power 86
Location Looted from General Darkhart
Rarity Legendary
Required level Sword 30
Value 5605 Gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass H

Jack Sparrow's Blade is a Legendary Cutlass formerly belonging to the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Currently one of the most powerful blades in the game, this sword gives the wielder Rank 3 Critical Strike and Rank 3 Powerful ability. These passive skills allow this weapon's user a high chance to deal double critical damage with an attack (Critical Strike), as well as increasing the amount of damage the weapon can deal (Powerful). The +3 boost to the Cleave skill also helps make this weapon be even more deadly. Like weapons, such as Admiral's Cutlass and the Lost Sword of El Patron, an elegant gold trail follows every swing.

Game Notes:

  • After suggestions from the community, and notes that it was "on par with Legendary Cursed" and needed a slight debuff, the blade was slightly nerfed.
  • The values that were removed/altered are as follows: Critical Strike Rank 5, Powerful Rank 4, and Drain Health Rank 3.
  • The blade was nerfed in 9-9-2018's Beta Update tlopo-rc-v1.17.2.
  • The blade's original form can be found here.
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