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Tormenta Gold Room

This guide is for all you Savvy Swashbucklers who need help fighting in Cursed Caverns.

What Level You Should Be.....

I would suggest being at least level 30, but if you are really really good at fighting, you could pull it off at level 25.

The Best Weapons to Use.......

Well there's the usual, which is the highest attack weapon. And then there's the less usual, the closest to being mastered weapon. But what I would suggest would be to use a combination of the two.

The Best Places to Go..........

Well this part depends on what level you are.... First of all we will talk about Brinescum Bridge. Its located on the west side of the Gold Room. If you loot at Brinescum Bridge you should at least level 30 or higher. Now we will talk about the Gold Room. If you loot here you need to be level 35 or higher and I would suggest having a healer, but you don't have to. And last but not least there is the Thrall Room. If you loot here you should be level 40 or higher, and have a healer unless you're at least level 45.


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