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Stick Pirates
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Pirates and math

Ever wonder how damage points are calculated when you attack an enemy? Most people don't pay attention to this while they play, but I've found out how they are calculated. I did a few experiments yesterday - it's simple math really.

First off, you need to find out what your base weapon damage is. The weapon you are currently using, any boosts, and Blade Instinct all affect how much damage you do. I found this out through many attempts with trial and error.

In the experiment I did, I used Jumping Slash with a damage total of 1,418 using Barracuda Blade. The base weapon damage for each skill is listed on the description box for it -

Pirates and math 1

I have Rank 5, so I picked a number between 385 and 770. Through many attempts, I found that the base damage I did was 648.

Next, your weapon of choice. I was using Barracuda Blade with an Attack of 95. "Attack" is just a simplified way of saying "percent of increase".

Pirates and math 4

Convert percent to decimal - 95% goes to 0.95

Multiply base damage by Attack - you get 615.6 which is rounded to 616.

Next, Blade Instinct also adds a boost to Sword skills, so we'll need to add that on.

Pirates and math 2

Change percent to decimal - 0.25

Multiply 616 by 0.25. What do you get? 153.9 which is rounded to 154.

Last step!

Add 648, 616, and 154.

648 + 616 + 154 = 1,418

The full process:

1418 damage - jumping slash, using Barracuda Blade (95 attack)


648*0.95 = 615.6 (rounded to 616)

616*0.25 = 153.9 (rounded to 154)
(25% is blade instinct)

648 + 616 + 154 = 1,418



I think I'm among the first to crack the code of what "Attack" really is - it's just a percent of increase - just requires a bit of thought to figure out.

There's more to that sword slash than you think - without math, there is no damage points!

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