Rarity is a measure of the quality of an item, ranging from Crude to Legendary. Weapons, clothes, jewelry, tattoos, and sailing items - even potions are classified by rarity. It is also known Class of Items, Weapons, etc. Weapons are also classified in Groups based on their nomenclature and Weapon Skills.

Crude Items

Rusty cutlass clearer
Crude Items range from old firearms and rusty cutlasses to worn out boots and patchwork shirts. They are the easiest to find. They can be useful for a pirate who is just starting to earn his sea legs, but an experienced swashbuckler will find themselves wanting more. These are also the only items useable by basic members. They are recognized by the brown background of their description. Most are sold for free, or small amounts of gold. The Powerful weapon quests are the sole exception to this rule. They are crude, but can sell for much more gold.

Common Items

Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common
Common Items are ordinary, run-of-the mill equipment. They aren't hard to obtain, but some of them are very well crafted, and can be of great use for an intermediate pirate working up his reputation.

Many have 1-3 abilites but at a low level (Rank 1 or 2).

Many of these weapons can be purchased from Blacksmiths, Gunsmiths, and Gypsies. They are recognized by the yellow background of their description.

Rare Items

Captain's Cutlass
Rare Items are powerful items that can only be found in loot drops or bonus items from quests. Even the most notorious pirates can make good use of these.  Some rare clothing, tattoos, and jewelry can be sold by a merchants or peddlers.

They tend to possess 1-3 abilities from low to high levels.

They can be recognized by the green background of their description.

Famed Items

Corsair's Cutlass - clearer
Any buccaneer who knows his bow from his aft covets these like a child covets sweet candy. Formerly known as Lost Relics, Famed Weapons are some of the most well-crafted, powerful and enviable items a pirate can obtain.

Although they are considered very rare, there is no limit as to how many exist so many pirates have been able to find them over the years. Some old salts can own entire arsenals of famed items.

Legendary Items

Patron card
Legendary Items are extremely powerful and are incredibly hard to obtain, but they are also the greatest reward a pirate can get for his/her efforts. Currently, only 10 Legendary Items exist.

While a few famed weapons might be more powerful than a Legendary Weapon, they very rarely possess the same ability levels.  Several Legendary Weapons have special abilities that are completely unique to them.

The first Legendary weapon ever was the Lost Sword of El Patron, followed by Silver Freeze, the Cursed Legendary weapons, Norrington's Spyglass, the Heart of Padres Del Fuego, and Barbossa's Fury.

They can be recognized by the blood red background of their description.

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