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Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Isla Perdida.
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Meaning "Lost Island", this remote wild island is primarily known for one thing - The Queen's Nest. It is also home to the Gone-Mad-before-Moses-Was-Born Scary Mary Lash. Isla Perdida is widely known as the most "wild" island, because it has absolutely no signs of human life (other than Scary Mary). The island has a great number and diversity of wasps, and is also home to their master, the Hive Queen.


  • Beach - Sand, Rock, and Terror Wasps along with one killer wasp guard the entrance to the giant nest.
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Queen's Nest PirateArrowN.png Queen's Nest
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High Seas


The beach is covered in all sorts of wasps... wasps... and more wasps. They are everywhere and, though they may be slow, you may find yourself getting swarmed. At one time, crabs used to inhabit the sand, but the wasps have run them all off.


The Hive Queen is a beautiful creature, the largest, strongest, and mother to all wasps inhabiting Isla Perdida. The Queen is also an amazing boss monster to level up on for medium levels, for it is a challenge and very few pirates ever visit this feared island. There are a couple of other bosses that can be found here as well.

Digs / Special:

Isla Perdida dig spot 1 big Isla Perdida dig spot 2 big
Near the center of Queen's Nest, in a tree grove by nests, and surrounded by many Wasps.

By the waterfall, west of the rock bridge.


  • "Scary" Mary Lash, a former member of the Black Pearl crew can be found here. She wasn't stable to begin with, but living a hermit's life on insect-infested island has made her stark-raving mad.


The pirate must come here to find Mary Lash, recover her things and get her to join the crew in freeing the Pearl from the Royal Navy.

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