Island Isla Cangrejos
Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Isla Cangrejos.
Music cangrejos

Oddly enough, this Spanish named island is home to the undead French, reanimated by Jolly Roger on his relentless quest to conquer the Caribbean. They will stop at nothing to destroy any and all who set foot on this desolate island. Be sure to take friends and crew along - if not - don't say you weren't warned!

This island was pretty much a lump of sand covered in crabs that was patrolled by many high level Royal Navy, EITC and now Jolly Roger's French Undead Ghost ships. In English, Isla Cangrejos means crab island, which makes sense because there are tons of crabs there. French forces, led by Pierre le Porc, began burying their dead here. Now, the island is infested with reanimated French Undead soldiers.


  • None



French Undead


Digs / Special

IC 1 IC 2

Digspot #1: Near the dinghy and in between digspot #2 and #3, near the shore of the island.

Digspot #2:Near Crouquettes De Crabe.
IC 3 IC 4

Digspot #3: Near the undead graveyard, close to two mausoleums, one with a casket and one that's closed shut.

Digspot #4: On the hill above the graveyard near Jacques le Blanc.

IC 5
IC 6

Digspot #5: Near the the path leading to the back of the island, giant crabs hover nearby.

Digspot #6: Has a graveyard to the right and is close to a wall, surrounded by bushes and trees.

IC 7
IC 8

Digspot #7: Near the graveyard that's filled with French Lieutenant's and French Maitre's. Close to the shore.

Digspot #8: Close to the shore that's by the boss Scatter Snap, near a dinghy.

IC 9

Digspot #9: Near the boss Jacques le Blanc and undead graveyard.

Also see Dig Spot


  • Woodruff - This hermit makes his home among all the crabs and dead French sailors.