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Humphrey Bailey
Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem
Enemy type Dragoon
Faction Royal Navy
Health 10,250-13,750
Level(s) 23-30
Location(s) Kingshead, Beckett's Quarry, Catacombs, El Sudoron
Weapon(s) used Bayonet

Humphrey Bailey is an officer in the Royal Navy and Dragoon Boss who can occasionally be found on Kingshead or in areas on Padres Del Fuego.

He appears at Levels 23-48 with notably higher health than a regular Dragoon.

Like other Dragoons, Humphrey attacks the pirate with his bayonet. He is fairly dangerous to most pirates who encounter him.

Game Note

  • Bailey was not in the original Piratess Online. He was added as a boss in The Legend of Pirates Online.
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