Hull Scrubbing is part of a Ship Repair mini-game that pirates can play to earn some pocket money repairing vessels. Stationed around each Shipwright stand are three repair tables, marked with signs. These signs indicate the difficulty of the repairs needed. This challenge is not part of the mini-games you have to complete to repair your ship at sea. Note that hull scrubbing is only available for players at ship repair at the shipwright stands, not onboard a vessel (on vessels, Hull Scrubbing is replaced by Bilge Pumping).

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Play Hull Scrubbing


In the game, you must use a scrub brush to remove barnacles off the ship's hull. You have a power meter on the right that gives added strength to your scrubbing.

To scrub, hold down the left mouse button and move it back and forth over the barnacles. As you scrub, the power level drops. The harder you scrub the more the power level will drop. If you let it drop all the way to the bottom, it will not scrub at all. Pausing a moment will allow it to recharge. This game is timed, so move quickly.