Hull Bracing is part of a Ship Repair mini-game that pirates can play to fix their vessel at sea or to earn some pocket money repairing vessels at the tables stationed around each Shipwright stand. These tables are marked with signs, indicating the difficulty of the repairs needed.

Easy Medium Hard
Easy TableMedium TableHard Table

At sea, simply walk to a part of our ship that has a hole in the deck and press Shift. When sailing, the difficulty will vary depending on how damaged your ship is.

Play Hull Bracing

Hull Bracing

In this challenge, the pirate must move around a set of blocks containing either a vertical brace, a hortizontal brace, a cross member or an empty block.

The idea is to line up the braces to form decks and vertical beams as quickly as possible. To do so, you must slide the blocks into open areas and align the deck pieces and braces of the same color.

  • In easy Land repair, it is one horizontal line.
  • In medium Land ship repair, it is one horizontal and one vertical line crossing.
  • In hard Land repair, it is two horizontal lines.
  • Hull Bracing is usually done first on a ship because it is one of the easiest challenges while repairing
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