Stick Pirates
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Lost Sword Of El Patron

Ahoy there! My characters name is Sam Burneaston and I'm going to inform you on my knowledge of looting. First off, I have been playing POTCO Since 2007. Ever since looting became a thing, I hopped to it. I had a full set of brights in potco, the best famed in the game, as well as legends. But currently, in TLOPO, At level 41 I hold 23 famed, as well as the legendary Lost Sword Of El Patron. As most have gotten it at sea, I have gotten it on land. I also obtain a huge variety of brights. First off, looting is luck, it does not matter about a certain server although I due have differences with others people knowledge. Some say weapons do not matter, but I disagree with that. Grenades have brought me the most brights, as well as blunder. One thing I have noticed is late at night such as 1:26am is a perfect time to loot. I guess you can say it is OP. One thing I did noticed that worked for a little was Charles Warmonks theory of grabbing loot/leaving it. It definitely works. In TLOPO, I prefer looting at Tormenta, Mines, or sailing. Although I don't do much sailing, I want to start because it definitely is OP for famed as well as sack vests. My tip to you is you have to loot for hours, if you don't obtain anything within half an hour then switch servers. I used to get 20-30 brights an hour, I know, doesn't sound truthful, but it is. I recently started taking screenshots of loot, so once I get the hang of this wiki, I will definitely post it. If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to message me!

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Bright Clothing

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