Weapon Card
Holy Musket - clearer
Boost(s) Silver Shot +2
Immunities Life Drain Rank 1
Unique ability Cleanse Rank 2
Attack power 61
Barrels 1
Group Sacred Musket Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Rare
Required level 23
Value 208 Gold
Weapon Model

The Holy Musket is a Rare, but powerful Weapon. This Musket grants the user Cleanse and Life Drain immunity abilities. This makes it ideal for use against Voodoo users, Undead, and other pirates in PvP, but it requires a very high level of skill to use. This musket shares the strongest attack of any Rare Musket in the game with the Robber's Musket.

Weapon Group: Sacred Group

Sacred Musket Group

Silver Musket Holy musket SacredMusket Divine musket

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