Holly Frost
Holly Frost
Occupation Shop Proprietor
Faction Frost Family
Business Name Yuletide Manor
Island Name Tortuga

Ms. Holly Frost is the owner and proprietor of the Yuletide Manor, a holiday-themed merchant shop on Tortuga. Holly's shop is only open for business during the winter holiday season in December and January.

Little is known about Holly, other than she appears to be the matriarch of the Frost Family, which includes Nikolaus Frost, Eleanor Frost (a musician) and Leon Frost, who works cleaning up the shop.

Ms. Frost stands behind the front counter and will happily vend special holiday wares in exchange for moonstones, instead of gold.

The Frost family claim to live on another island in the Caribbean, appearing on Tortuga to ply their trade and gather moonstones, though they haven't revealed where they're from or why they prefer the stones to gold. Given that moonstones harbor some magical traits, it may be why they're desirable.

It's also unknown if Holly or other members of the family actually craft the items they sell.

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