The area used to be a bustling mining village before some… strange things began to occur. Miners and citizens started to go missing in the dead of night. Others reported seeing devilish red eyes floating about the town. After a particularly horrific incident, the miners blocked off the entrance to the village from the rest of the island, so the evil could not escape. But as of late, Jolly Roger's minions have been clawing their way in. We don't expect the blockage to hold for much longer.
— The TLOPO Team
Hollowed Woods

Hollowed Woods is a new area in The Legend of Pirates Online located on Port Royal within King's Run. It is said to be haunted by unknown means. What used to be a bustling mining village is now a dark eerie forest accompanied by Jolly Roger's minions hibernating in the area. This area was released on October 31, 2017 packed with a brand new quest and over 50 brand new items as a big Halloween update.

Emerging from the cave entrance, you step in a village overrun by Jumbees, various undead, as well as ghosts of former residents and several new bosses. There are a few scattered run-down buildings, and a large, broken ship hull dominates the center of town. A fenced-in cemetery, a waterfall, and the mysterious Watcher's Hovel lie beyond.

Below is the soundtrack exclusive to the Hollowed Woods.

Hollowed Woods is also unique in that pirates can only enter them between Halloween and New Year's Eve. The rest of the year, the entrance remains blocked.


Beginning October 31st, pirates of any level can visit Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal to begin a brand new quest titled "A Haunting in Hollowed Woods". During this time, Anne can be found near a pile of hay bales and pumpkins across from the entrance to the jail and cemetery. Anne will start the pirate on the new quest to help her and Richard Silveredge recover their lost memories.

This quest itself involves finding clues to their identities and the secrets of Hollowed Woods, which entails fighting creatures, finding lost objects, making potions, winning hands of deadly Undead Poker and culminating in a showdown with the evil force that haunts the village.

In 2019, a new quest was added. Storms in Hollowed Woods follows an upgrade to the area which overhauled the layout of the town, added new items and enemies.

In this new quest, the pirate must uncover the secrets of the Hollowed Woods Town Hall and a very powerful new enemy: Captain Windshadow.


Hollowed Woods Map New
  • Myrna and May's Gypsy Wagon - On the western side of the stream, Myrna can be found standing next to the wagon. Inside the wagon is another gypsy named April May who vends special Voodoo items.
  • The Wreck - Dominating the center of the Hollowed Woods is a broken ship, haunted by Jumbees. Remnants of a long lost cargo also remain on deck and in the open hold. How the ship hull arrived in the middle of a landlocked village is still a mystery.
  • The Watcher's Hovel - Home to The Watcher herself. When a pirate approaches or enters this building, a strange sensation of whispers will start to occur. Inside the building is pitch black while the ghoul prowls the darkness. It can be reached from the hill on the right or traversing the water on the left.


There are a number of creatures stalking these woods; including Jolly Roger's minions and zombified former residents and ship crew.




Game Notes

Before the "Hollowed Woods" was announced, a ghost Game Master event occurred sometime at King's Run where pirates met friendly ghosts in need of help. The GMs then mysteriously disappeared at the hands of an unknown murderer, and the event ended with TLOPO staff confirming that the event was in preparation for something big.

In an update on Friday the 13th when the Curse of the Muertos Moon was initiated, the cave itself was revealed but could not be entered. Players that tried to glitch in order to enter the cave would be stuck on a loading screen. Three new bone materials were also revealed in the Materials Pouch, which was later confirmed to be related to Hollowed Woods.

Before Hollowed Woods was officially opened, three teasers were revealed on The Legend of Pirates Online's Instagram account. On October 22, 2017, a teaser YouTube video was released.

NOTE: All permanent bosses here respawn with the same level and look every time.


  • The Jumbees in Hollowed Woods are the first known ones to be subordinates of Jolly Roger instead of Blackbeard and La Schafe. It is unknown why this is the case, though it is possible that their bodies were raised before they could completely decay, allowing them to appear more human than skeletons.
  • The Ghosts who inhabit the Hollowed Woods are indeed the restless spirits of the citizens of Port Royal prior to its destruction. After the old town was destroyed by the East India Trading Company, the old townspeople felt it would be safer to rebuild further inland. This would ultimately be their doom, as their excavation of the land resulted in the destruction of the Watcher's ancient shrine.
  • April May's Gypsy Wagon is the first Gypsy Wagon that can be entered, allowing players to see the interior. It is surprisingly spacious on the inside.
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