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I'm glad ye be here. I could use yer services. Could ye deliver this card to Captain Teague? I be too busy and bein' that he's a foul mood most times, I'd rather not go me-self. I'd like to keep this hush, hush... savvy? So let's just keep this father's day card between us, ey?
— Captain Jack Sparrow

This quest is given out by Jack Sparrow in the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal and is only available near the Father's Day weekend (June).

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For this quest, you need to deliver a message to Jack's father, Captain Edward Teague, who was once the most dangerous pirate in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Jack doesn't know where he is.


As a reward, the pirate will receive 500 gold pieces and double notoriety points (that will last for 3 hours), immediately upon finishing the quest.

Name Task Reward
Father's Day Visit Giladoga. 500 Notoriety Points
Return to Giladoga Giladoga knows where Capt. Teague is, but he needs some help from you before he reveals the location. None
Collect three Rock Crabs Recover 3 chunks of meat from Rock Crabs. 100 Notoriety Points
Defeat Undead Witchdoctor Recover a piece of paper from an Undead Witchdoctor. 100 Notoriety Points
Visit Bronze John Visit Bronze John. 100 Notoriety Points
Bribe Bronze John Bribe Bronze John with 100 gold. 100 Notoriety Points
Find Navy Ship with Capt. Teague Recover Capt. Teague from a Navy Galleon or Frigate. 2x Reputation Points (3 hours) &
500 gold pieces
Father's day 2XP.png
Father's Day reward.jpg

Game Notes

  • Logging off will pause the timer but once you log back online it will start again.
  • This Quest is available to both Basic and Unlimited Access players! Both can use the rep bonus to level up weapons and their pirate that much faster!
  • If you have acquired the quest, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish it. It is never removed from your journal even after Father's Day weekend.
  • Though the quest revolves around Captain Teague, he never makes an actual appearance in game.
  • To check the time remaining on your x2 Reputation Award, type /x2 into your chat window and press the Enter key.
  • You can BANK your reward by waiting to sink the last Navy ship.
  • If you want to time your game play with rewards for max reputation, like when you get into a large crew (150% max reward), this allows you to level skills very quickly, especially if killing higher level enemies.