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Hollowed Woods

Halloween Horrors

In October 2017, The Legend of Pirates Online introduced a new location to the game - The Hollowed Woods. This mysterious area would only be open for a few months and pirates could performs quests to find new secrets and new loot.

Players could begin this new quest by going to Port Royal, where some new characters appeared across from the entrance to the cemetery.

Anne Goldsilver, Richard Silveredge and the ghostly Loopy Lawrence took up residence by a stack of haybales and pumpkins.


Quest star

Visit Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal to begin.

Game Note:

  • This quest was NOT part of the original Pirates Online game. It was created as wholly new content for The Legend of Pirates Online and is only available from October 31st to December 31st.
  • Bonus Items can be obtained by doing this quest, some cannot be found elsewhere and you will be unable to acquire them again after they are sold or trashed.


This article contains information that will reveal secrets normally only discovered in the course of the game. If you do not wish to ruin this surprise - read no further!

Game Tips:

  • Leveling potions to at least level 6 before receiving this quest will save playing time.
  • The bosses are all Level 15 or higher. High weapon levels or have a crew to help take them down.
Name Task Reward
Find Anne Goldsilver Visit Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal. +100 Notoriety
Find Richard Silveredge Visit Richard Silveredge on Port Royal. +100 Notoriety
Visit Hollowed Woods Find the haunted area on Port Royal. +100 Notoriety
Investigate the Haunted Ship Search the ship wreck to find some clues (0/4)

Return to Silveredge.

+100 Notoriety
Search Search for more clues from hay piles in Hollowed Woods (0/4) +100 Notoriety
Hunt Defeat 6 skeletons in Hollowed Woods on Port Royal (0/6) +100 Notoriety
Return to Richard Visit Richard Silveredge
Seek Out Anne Visit Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal +100


Brew a Potion Brew 3 Ghastly Visage potions (0/3) +100 Notoriety
Collect the Ingredients Recover 3 bones from Skeletons in Hollowed Woods on Port Royal +100 Notoriety
Defeat Dry Rot Recover haunted wood from Dry Rot +100 Notoriety
Defeat Bobby Recover a large bone from Bobby Bone Hoarder +100 Notoriety
Beaten at Their Own Game Win 500 gold playing Undead Poker in one sitting (0/500). Bonus: Win 2500 gold playing Undead Poker. (0/2500) +100 Notoriety

Bonus: Crossbones Cap

Retrieve the Locket! Recover locket from The Watcher +100 Notoriety
Return the Ring! Deliver a ring to Anne Goldsmith +500 Notoriety

2500 gold

Skeletal Striped Bandana

x2 Reputation Points

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