Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.
Dancing on the Docks 1
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What's that on your face? You don't look so good, mate. Want to fix it? Visit Olivier on the docks of Padres del Fuego for a quest. But be warned, it's quite long, and very very difficult.

Keeping in the silly spirit of April Fool's Day, all pirates awake to find big fluffy mustaches on their faces! How did they get there? And how do you get rid of it!? This quest is given out by Olivier on the docks on Padres del Fuego during the April Fool's Day holiday in April.

As a reward, the pirate will receive 500 notoriety points and a special item upon finishing the quest.

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Name Task Reward
A Fool's Facial Hair Visit Olivier on the docks of Padres del Fuego. None
Dancing on the Docks Visit Jesting Jessica on the docks of Padres del Fuego. 100 Notoriety Points
An Insurmountable Task Recover a lock of hair from an Undead Gravedigger 100 Notoriety Points
Return to Jesting Jessica 500 Notoriety Points and A Fake Mustache Mustache Icon

Jessica laughs and explains that she's actually unable to undo the magical prank, but that it will wear off by the end of the day. She then fashions a Fake Mustache from the Undead Gravedigger's hair, which she gives to the pirate as a gift.

Game Notes

  • The Fake Mustache appears in the pirate's inventory where jewelry and tattoos are kept. To use it, drag the icon to the mouth slot.
  • The prank mustaches will disappear after the April's Fool Day event ends.
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