Weapon Card
Hex Stopper Musket 2010-12-11
Boost(s) Hex Eater Shot +2
Infinite ammo Infinite Hex Eater Shot Rank 2
Unique ability Hex Ward Rank 3
Attack power 59
Barrels 1
Group Hex Breaker Musket Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Rare
Required level 22
Value 165 Gold
Weapon Model

The Hex Stopper Musket is a powerful, but Rare Weapon. This Musket grants the wielder Hex Ward and Infinite Hex Eater Shot abilities, as well as a boost to the Hex Eater Shot. This musket has the weakest attack power of all Rare Muskets in the game.

Weapon Group: Hex Breaker Musket Group

Hex Breaker Group

Hex Guard Musket 2010-11-15 Hex Stopper Musket 2010-12-11 Hex breaker musket

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