Weapon Card
Hero Doll
Attack Ability Regeneration Rank 1
Boost(s) Poke +1
Attack Power 10
Location Loot
Rarity Common
Required Level Doll 7
Value 10 Gold
Weapon Model
Spirit D

The Hero Doll is a common spirit doll that grants a Regeneration ability (allows an attuned ally pirate to regenerate health over time). It also gives a small Poke boost

Type of doll: Spirit Doll

Weapon Group: Conquistador Doll Group

Conquistador Doll Group

SoldierDoll Hero Doll
Fencer Doll Swordsman doll
Conquistador Doll - clearer TreasureHunterFake

Game Note

  • This doll -- like all others in its group -- is made in the likeness of Will Turner.
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