Drink up me hearties yo ho.
Friends list

The phrase me hearties is common in pirate lore, mostly it means partners or mates (as in good fellows), those close to your heart.

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a hearty is a:

and it is also the name of the Sea Chest option of a pirate's current allies.

To access the Hearties menu, click on the Sea Chest (or press Tab) — then select the Mug Icon or press 'F'.

A list of pirates the player has made connections with will be displayed. The buttons below for the Friends, Crew and Guild lists which displays list of characters they are connected with as part of a guild or made friends with. The current Crew will display on the left half of the screen.

If a pirate is online, their name will be bright and have a green light on. Pirates offline, will be grayed out and have a red light.

Another option you may see below is Nearby. This displays ALL pirates in the immediate radius of the pirate who are not necessarily Crew, Guildmates or Friends. But this option is very convenient for trying to communicate or locate a specific pirate in a large group.

Hearties Options

To interact with another pirate from your Hearties list, just click on their name in the list. Some options are available whether the player is online or not.

  • Go To - By clicking this option, you are teleported to the other pirate (Unless they are in jail, on a flagship or somehow unavailable.)
  • Crew - Offer a pirate to join your crew.

Note: If you are in a crew, only the creator of the crew can invite. Also, if the other pirate is already in another crew—you cannot invite them until they drop out.

  • Friendship - If the pirate is not a friend already, this will send an invitation. If they are you, they can be dropped from your friend list. (You cannot Friend someone offline but you can Unfriend.)
  • Player Friend - You become friends with all of a players pirates. (Can only be used by Open Chat players). Also, if they play other Disney games, you will be notified when they are online.
  • Guild - If you are an officer or veteran in a guild, you have the power to invite other pirates to join or kick them out (You cannot send a Guild invite to someone offline.)

Note: If the pirate is already in a Guild—you cannot invite them into yours.

  • Crew Battle - You can challenge the pirate to a Crew vs Crew PvP match.

Note: You can't do this if the pirate is in your own crew.

  • Whisper - You send a private message to another player.


  • Ignore - You will not get any chat from that pirate for this session.
  • Report - Notify Disney Online if a pirate is behaving badly.
  • Boot - Kicks a pirate off your ship.
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