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Not in game.png This item has been discontinued from Pirates Online. Some pirates may have this item in their inventory, but players without it will not be able to obtain it.

Heart of Padres Del Fuego
Boost(s) Blade Storm +3, Thrust +3
Unique Ability Cursed Fire 5, Blood Fire 3
Attack Power 90
Cost Redeem Code
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 5,630 Gold
Weapon Model
Cutlass H.png

The Heart of Padres Del Fuego is a ruthless Legendary Cutlass that was discovered when Jolly Roger was targeting Padres with numerous invasions that he was using to try and obtain the powerful sword himself.

This is one of the few weapons to have a Rank 5 Skill and the only legendary weapon other than the Blade of the Abyss to have Blood Fire Rank 3. It has one of the highest resale prices of any weapon in the game, and features a golden trail that follows every swing.

Jolly had been trying to get his hands on this sword and pirates are doing everything in their power to stop him from doing so.

  • Redeem Code: bloodfire


Years back, when explosions destroyed Padres Del Fuego, a hidden cache of El Patron's weapons were consumed by earth and magma. As Jolly Roger raised the slain Spanish buried on Padres into his service, he learned their dark secrets of the weapons'  whereabouts.

The volcano's constant lava flows finally unearthed these weapons deep in its winding caverns. volcano soul element has infused these cutlasses with the fiery power of the volcano's core itself... creating a powerful new Legendary weapon: the Heart of Padres del Fuego.

Game Notes

  • Although it has the skill Cursed Fire, this sword is not a Cursed Blade and therefore does not have a black colored trail.
  • This legendary weapon was available March 29th - April 7th 2013, and August 23rd - September 19th 2013 by redeeming the code bloodfire.
  • As with all legendary weapons, the sword was only available for use by Unlimited Access members. However, anyone could redeem the code.
  • This sword, like the Bloodfire Cutlass, resembles Jack Sparrow's hanger.
  • This sword is the second redeem code sword with Cursed Fire, the other one being Darkfire Cutlass.
  • Although this weapon was in the original Pirates of the Caribbean Online, it has yet to make an appearance in The Legend of Pirates Online.