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Weapons with the Healing Boost weapon skill are enchanted with nature voodoo, allowing a pirate to restore his or her own health without drinking a tonic or having an ally heal them with a voodoo doll. Healing boost charges over time when the weapon is equipped.

To use Healing Boost, the weapon must be in the pirate's hand and be fully charged. Then, select the Healing ability by clicking on the Healing Boost.png icon. The level of the ability will determine how much health is restored. It does NOT affect voodoo power.



Deck-Hand's Cutlass - clearer.png Piratecut.jpg Voodoo Sword.png Boarding Cutlass.jpg War Cutlass.jpg
Cutlass of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common.jpg Witch Hunter Cutlass.jpg Screenshot 2011-08-22 13-26-05.jpg


Voodoo Hunter Broadsword.jpg War Broadsword.jpg Witch Hunter Broadsword - clearer.png RoyalBroadsword.jpg
Broadsword of the Inquisition.jpg


Boarding Sabre.jpg Voodoo Hunter Sabre.jpg Witch Hunter Sabre.jpg Royal Sabre.jpg
Sabre of the Inquisition - clearer.png


Swashbuckler's Pistol.jpg


Shark Sticker Bayonet Group

Crab Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-06.jpg Pigsticker Bayonet.jpg Gator Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-05.jpg Shark Sticker Bayonet.jpg


Seven Seas Blunderbuss Group

Sea Dog's Blunderbuss.png Swashbuckler's Blunderbuss.png Buccaneer's Blunderbuss.png Privateer's Blunderbuss.png Corsair's Blunderbuss.png Seven Seas Blunderbuss.PNG

Voodoo Dolls

Gingerbread Doll.jpg Elf Doll.jpg Santa Doll.jpg


Brigand's Dagger Card.png

Throwing Knives

Den Knives Group

Asp's Den Knives Card.png Adder's Den Knives Card.png Sidewinder's Den Knives Card.png Viper's Den Knives Card.png