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A Gun is defined in Pirates Online as any firearm. This includes:

  • Pistol - A single-barreled handgun.
  • Repeater - A double, triple or quadruple-barreled handgun.
  • Musket - A long-barreled, long-ranged rifle.
  • Blunderbuss - A powerful muzzle-loading, short-ranged predecessor to the shotgun.
  • Bayonet - A long-barreled, long-ranged musket with a spearhead attached to the barrel for melee combat.

In this article, Gun is the skill that covers the use of these weapons and their ammunition.

Gun Skills

Combat Skills

Name Description Skill Req.
Shoot Basic gun skill.1
Scattershot Basic gun skill. Replaces shoot while using a blunderbuss.1
Take Aim Sight up an enemy for accurate shooting and extra damage.4

Ammo Skills

Improved and specialized ammunition is also available as the pirate improves their ability with the handgun.

Name Description Cost (Rounds) Skill Req. Icon
Lead Shot Standard ammunition, a basic lead ball with unlimited use. 0 (~)1


Venom Shot A lead ball coated with deadly poison.3 (25)2Venomshot
Bane Shot A strong bullet cursed by Davy Jones himself. Decreases attack power by 30%. 5 (25)6Baneshot
Hex Eater Shot A brass polished bullet that strips its target of voodoo power.6 (25)10HexShot
Silver Shot A bullet made of solid silver. Powerful against the undead but ineffective against the living. 7 (25)17SilverShot
Steel Shot Strongest metal shot used for hunting beasts. Powerful against the living but ineffective against Undead. 8 (25)20 SteelShotSkill

Passive Skills

These skills improve the pirate's abilities. Once they are learned, they are always in effect regardless of what type of weapon you wield in battle.

Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Sharp Shooter Increases accuracy for a better chance to hit.8Pistol sharp shooter
Dodge Gives the pirate a chance to avoid ranged weapons.12Dagger dodge
Eagle Eye Increases maximum range to reach far away targets.14


Game Notes

  • Originally, the Gun skill was simply called "Pistol," as there were only single-shot pistols at the time, and no repeater pistols, muskets, or bayonets.
  • The long guns (Rifles, Bayonets and Blunderbuss) are more powerful, but take longer to reload.
    • This is averted in the case of Legendary Pistols such as Beckett's Pistol and Mercer's Pistol, which often outclass all other gun types in nearly every way.
  • Guns cannot be used on human enemies, as part of the Pirate Code. In the game, pirates don't use firearms against the Royal Navy or Black Guard, so they in turn won't use firearms against pirates.
    • This is clearly not part of the Pirate Code seen in the films, as pirates and soldiers alike can be seen firing at each other. It was merely added to the game so Disney would not have to raise the game's Age Rating for including use of firearms against humans.
    • You also can not shoot an enemy ship with any form of hand-held firearm. Physically that would not work in damaging the vessel.
  • There are currently no gun-wielding enemies that use their firearms, though is there is artwork showing an Undead Skeleton with a pistol. Jolly Roger's blade hand also sports a gun barrel, but he does not use it against pirates.
    • Despite Remington the Vicious and Neban the Silent carrying and dropping two of the most powerful firearms in the game, they instead use daggers and throwing knives.
    • Navy Dragoons and soldiers use bayonets however they will not shoot in combat. Instead they intend to use their spears.
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