Groggy is the weakened state a pirate is in after awakening in jail.

When a pirate has been defeated in combat, he/she doesn't die. Rather, they fall unconscious. Another pirate can Revive them, otherwise they are put in the jail on the last main island they were on. This also occurs if the pirate is killed or their ship sunk while trying to plunder enemy flagships, except that they return to the jail of their home port.

After coming to, the pirate's health and voodoo are at reduced levels or 'Groggy'. No amount of healing will bring the pirate back to full health, except for a glitch with healing from a voodoo staff, which can bring a groggy pirate to full health. It's simply a matter of time. However, fighting and defeating enemies will reduce the groggy meter faster than just waiting for it to empty.

Next to the pirate's health meter a skull will appear, surrounded by a red circle. Until the circle has completely disappeared, the pirate shall remain 'groggy'. Also, a bar will appear in the health meter - indicating the max level during Groggy.

Game Notes

  • Groggy can be eliminated if you drink the potion Clap O'Thunder, which is specially made to get rid of being groggy.
  • Pirates with a Notoriety level less than 10 will not be affected by groggy, no matter how many times they are knocked out. Also, a Pirate Master or Level 50 pirate no longer suffers from being groggy.
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