Stick Pirates
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There are many ways to get rich quick, and these are some of the best ways to do it.

Blackjack Cheat- Have your pirate sit down to play Blackjack. Bid as much gold as possible right off the bat. When you get your cards, switch one of them so you can get a blackjack. You will automatically win. After this, stand up, and sit back down at the table right away to lessen the chance of you getting caught cheating. Repeat the process as much as your heart desires. This is most profitable if you go to PDF(Padres del Fuego), because of the higher stakes.

Ship Jumping- Have your pirate go on a war frigate/galleon. This works best if you need to go afk for a while. Stay there until the captain ports with a full cargo hold, and you will get money without having to do anything! Then, have your pirate board another or the same ship again, and keep repeating the process.

Shoot Your Friends- Take one of your friends to privateer with. Have them choose one side, and you choose the other. Keep taking turns shooting each other and sinking each others ships. Gold rewards will start being given to you, with as much as 1,000 gold per sink. NOTE: THIS WORKS BEST ON QUIET SERVERS AND IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU AND YOUR FRIEND BOTH GET LIGHT SLOOPS TO MAKE THE MONEY FASTER.

With these helpful hints, you will have maxed gold in no time!

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  • Try fighting General Darkhart. He drops massive amounts of gold.- GhostlyOtto
  • Tormenta is good too, but not quite as good as Darkhart. - Matthew Goldrage
  • Get your friends together and tell all them to launch their ships at same time, you guys can follow each other and go after huge ships to sink them easier. This will work even if you all have small ships! - Buddy Buckles
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