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A grenade is a small, handheld bomb with gunpowder encased in a hollow ceramic shell that is thrown at enemies once it has been primed to explode. In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the pirate can use grenades to attack multiple enemies at once in the surrounding area. But they should never be thrown at your own feet. It is possible to die from throwing too many grenades at yourself.

Level Up!


Leveling up your grenades adds +8 HP, +0 Voodoo

Grenade Quest

At Notoriety Level 20, pirates receive a quest to see Jack Sparrow who then sends them to Ewan McCraken, a gunsmith on Port Royal. He sets them to work gathering the ingredients needed to make the grenades for Jack Sparrow. This is not an easy task, since it includes going into Royal Navy forts for the needed materials. See Weapon Unlock: Grenade for more details.

Using Grenades

To use a grenade, put the grenade pouch on your weapon belt and select it. The grenade skill options will appear below your pirate.

To throw, click or hold (Long Volley skill) the left-mouse button. Aiming up or down will help with distance. Once the bomb is thrown, it will explode once it hits an enemy, the ground, or YOU!

Warning: - Be careful! It is possible to drop a grenade too close and hurt yourself.

The grenade does not have to strike an enemy to do damage, since it causes an Area of Effect (AoE). Each grenade type has a different Area of Effect range.

Grenade Skills

Stink Pot
Fire Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Siege Charge

Combat Skills

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Throw Basic grenade throwing skill.1Grenade grenadier.png
Long Volley Hold down the attack button to throw farther. Causes more damage than the basic throw.4Grenade strength.png

Ammo Skills

Name Description Price Level Req. Icon
Standard Bomb A crude ceramic grenade.


1Grenade throw.png
Stink Pot A ceramic pot filled with noxious gas and foul smelling gunk.4g

(per 10)

2Grenade flameburst.png
Fire Bomb Flammable bomb that sets fire to it's surroundings.10g

(per 25)

8Grenade explosion.png
Smoke Bomb A bomb filled with quick burning tar and rags. Creates a blinding cloud of smoke.5g

(per 5)

12Grenade smokecloud.png
Siege Charge A extra large and heavy iron grenade that packs a wallop!7g

(per 5)

20Grenade siege.png

Passive Skills

These skills, once learned, are always in effect.

Name Description Level Req. Icon
Determination Increase health regeneration rate.6Grenade determination2.png
Demolitions Increases the area of effect for your grenade and cannonball explosions.10Grenade demolition.png
Toughness Decreases the amount of damage taken from cannonball and grenade attacks.14Grenade determination.png
Ignore Pain Limits the duration to effects of poison, stuns, etc.17Cannon toughness.png

Grenade Sack


A pirate can only hold so many bombs on them at one time, but you can buy special sacks at your local gunsmith that let you carry more.

Type Description Cost
Small Sack Holds +10 Stinkpot / Fire, +5 Smoke / Siege1000g
Medium Sack Holds +20 Stinkpot / Fire, +10 Smoke / Siege4000g
Large Sack Holds +30 Stinkpot / Fire, +15 Smoke / Siege12000g

Note: Explosive is now infinite ammo.

Grenade Skins

The Legend of Pirates Online has added new appearance skins and types, which can be obtained from special quests, found in loot, or added from Redeem Codes in game.

Icon Name Ability Obtained
Snow-Covered Grenade Icon.png
Snow-Covered Grenade N/A Redeem: Snowade
Pumpkin Grenade Icon.png
Pumpkin Grenade Stink Pot +2 Redeem: Pumpkin
Peppermint Candy Grenade.png
Peppermint Candy Grenade Healing Boost 1, Determination +2 Redeem: Peppermint
Green Ornament Grenade Icon.png
Green Ornament Grenade Long Volley +2 Holiday Event Loot
Red Ornament Grenade Icon.png
Red Ornament Grenade Fire Bomb +2 Holiday Event Loot
Itemmodel moonnade.png
Moonstone Grenade Dark Curse 3, Siege Charge +2 Holiday Event Loot
Valentine Heart Grenade.png
Valentine's Heart Grenade Captain's Resolve 1,  Ignore Pain +1 Valentine's Day Quest
Skull Grenade N/A Redeem: Skullnade
Breath of Hallowed Woods Orb.png
Breath of Hollowed Woods Hollowed Flame 2 Holiday Event Loot
The Storm Sphere Maelstrom Charge 3, Long Volley +1, Demolitions +3 Holiday Event Loot

Game Tips

Because Grenades do so much damage they give very little rep.You can try these ideas to increase your return.

  • Level with a crew when possible. Not only will you help them defeat bigger enemies faster but the 20-50% bonus will help you.
  • After receiving grenades, it is wise to start leveling them immediately since they can take the longest time.
  • A very important tip to level grenades quickly is to use weaker grenades, such as Stink Pot, Fire Bomb and especially Smoke Cloud. Try mixing them up.
  • Defeating General Sandspine, or a similar boss, is a good option for leveling grenades when you first get them.
  • Defeating the group of Veterans and the Officer on Kingshead is also a good way to level grenades early on.
  • As you get stronger, you may need to attack the stronger Urchinfists in the Cursed Caverns. If you can, getting a group of these with a healer is the most efficient way to level grenades in the later levels.
  • On option to train grenades over a long period of time by using a single grenade to start a battle from a ranged distance, then switching to another weapon to finish off the enemy(s) can make things less stressful than constantly throwing grenades at enemies, and can also shorten a battle since you've already taken a chunk of health out of them.
  • Throwing any type of grenade from a ship at any ship will do no damage, although it says "Cannot damage other players ships!"
  • During an Invasion, if you have unlocked the Siege Charge, you can use it to destroy Powder Keg Runners from a safe distance.
  • Smoke is better from a distance, otherwise you and your crew can be blinded too!
  • With the new updates and the new island Ravens Cove added a new way to Lv. has appeared. If you go to the one idol with the four ghosts you must kill at once, take a Siege to group them, then simiply finish them off with Explosives this averages about 60 rep. total with Lv. 20-25 grenade.
  • When in range, you can throw grenades at enemy ships, in order to get some extra reputation, before another player ship sinks it.