Weapon Card
Green Candy Sabre
Boost(s) Captain's Resolve Rank 2
Rapid Strike +2
Endurance +2
Attack power 10
Location Redeemed from Code: greencane12days
Rarity Rare
Required level Sword 17
Value 104 Gold
Weapon Model
Sabre Cane

The Green Candy Cane Sabre was one of two Redeemable sabres during Christmas of 2017 on The Legends of Pirates Online, and was redeemed by entering the code greencane12days in the redeem code box.

Like it's counterpart the Red Candy Cane Sabre, this sword was only available during Christmas of 2017, and is not obtainable via Loot.

This weapon featured Captain's Resolve Rank 2, as well as a +2 Boost to both Rapid Strike and Endurance.

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