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Grave Shackles is an effective Voodoo Doll hex where unearthly chains erupt from the ground to wrap around an enemy and prevent them from moving. While immobile, the enemy may still be able to attack, but it can help you get away from your enemy.

The enemy must first be attuned. Upgrades increase the amount of time held and damage done. This skill has a fairly long recharge time.

To use Grave Shackles, have your doll out and attune to an enemy - then press 7 or click on GraveShacklesSkill.png.

Rank Voodoo Cost Damage Time Held
1 35 vp 220-243 6 sec
2 46 vp 264-292 7 sec
3 70 vp 308-391 8 sec
4 93 vp 352-390 10 sec
5 116 vp 397-438 11 sec

Game Notes

  • Jolly Roger also uses Grave Bind during Invasions. It can affect numerous pirates simultaneously without having to attune them. If you use it on him, it will can stop him for a limited amount of time, making it invaluable.
  • Originally, the skill only did 1 point of damage since it's focus is on immobilizing enemies and cost a flat 50 voodoo points to use.
  • Spending skill points on Conservation will reduce the voodoo cost.
  • Spending skill points on Spirit Mastery will increase the damage.
  • The type of doll used can also increase the time and damage.