Weapon Card
Break attack Stun Shot Rank 3
Boost(s) Take Aim +3

Venom Shot +2

Attack power 82
Barrels 1
Group Grand Blunderbuss Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Short
Rarity Famed
Required level Gun 26
Value 387 Gold
Weapon Model
Blunderbuss B

The Grand Blunderbuss is an incredibly powerful Famed blunderbuss. This firearm gives the user the Stun Shot Break Attack, which can immobilize enemies within firing range, similar to the brawl skill. It also has an impressive boost on the Take Aim +3 and Venom Shot skills. Some say that this weapon is more powerful than the Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss because of its very strong Take Aim boost and its very impressive attack.

Grand Blunderbuss Group

Navy Blunderbuss EITC Blunderbuss Screenshot 2010-11-01 07-33-04 Grand Blunder - clearer

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