The Governor's Mansion is the elegant home of Port Royal's Governor Weatherby Swann and his daughter, Elizabeth Swann. Though not a separate area itself, the mansion house is walled off to limit access to local citizenry and is guarded by numerous Royal Navy Cadets which are no threat to even a moderately skilled buccaneer. Once inside, Elizabeth Swann can be seen sitting behind the desk.


Jolly Roger used Captain Ezekiel Rott and the Casa de Muertos guild to trick pirates into making Port Royal vulnerable to attack. Now, the Governor's Mansion is his main target as his undead armies siege the island during an Invasion.

800x600 govmansion 03

Governor's Mansion, received from Desktop Galleon

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The Dagger Quest

Once a pirate has reached level 10, they will get their newest weapon quest, Weapon Unlock: Dagger. On this quest, you will go to the Governor's Mansion to visit Elizabeth multiple times.

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