Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.
— Captain Jack Sparrow
Treasure button coin

Gold coins are the standard currency system in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. All objects, services, and rewards are listed by their value in gold coins. Gold has no real world value and cannot be purchased by players otherwise.

To know how much gold your pirate has, press the letter 'I' or click the Inventory in your Sea Chest.

Everything a pirate needs in the game can be purchased for gold coins: ships, ship repairs, health, tonics, garb (clothing), ammunition, weapons, etc. Gold is a pirates life.

Players earn gold by completing quests, plundering ships, killing enemies, finding treasures, winning at cards, or selling off objects, etc.

The initial gold carrying cap was 60,000 coins, then increased to 65,000, then 100,000 and finally increased to 200,000 coins. The later increases were to accommodate Ship Customization where costs could easily exceed 100,000 gold to upgrade a ship.

Game Notes

  • You can use the Redeem Code "blackjack" can get to instantly get 200 gold coins.
  • The Legend of Pirates Online reboot increased the max to 300,000 coins.
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