Boss Icon
General Bloodless
Skeleton 3
Enemy type Undead Brigand
Faction Undead
Health 3,250-5,750
Level(s) 9-14
Location(s) Murky Hollow
Weapon(s) used Dagger

General Bloodless is an Undead Brigand Boss leading Jolly Roger's skeleton army in the Murky Hollow on Port Royal. Bloodless is one of four Generals the pirate has to overcome to complete the Taboo Doll Upgrade Quest.

Bloodless also has to be defeated as part of the pirate's quest to free the Black Pearl. Out of all the four generals he is the weakest.

But. he is guarded by a few Undead Brigand servants for protection. General Bloodless will respawn in the same spot every time.




  • He appears at Level 9-14. Inexperienced pirates might need help.
  • Bloodless is experienced with the dagger
  • Other nearby Brigands may also attack.


He can be found at the end of a winding cave past a group of Undead WitchdoctorsMinimap MurkyHollow 0

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