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This Game Events page will list major announcements in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean Online during the year of 2010. But, for the latest information - also check Pirates Online or Pirates Forums!

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December 30th- Cave of Lost Souls: Lore

Foulberto was a very short tempered crew member aboard El Patron's Ship. When they ran aground on Raven's Cove, El Patron's crew mutinied with Foulberto leading the violent revolt. During the mutiny, Foulberto was able to escape through a small tunnel with a few of his strongest men and a large cache of weapons, mostly throwing knives, in tow.
Foulberto Smasho Lore
El Patron was not about to let the leader of this mutiny escape so easily and with such a large stash of Rare and Legendary weapons at that! El Patron swiftly ordered that the tunnel entrance be sealed and personally cursed Foulberto and his mutineers to remain inside forever, trapped in the afterlife.

Like many things in the Caribbean, men with a vengeance never forget. Foulberto returned in spirit form fueled by rage against El Patron and any mortal he perceives to be allied with his rival.

In an effort to break out of the cave, Foulberto consumed the souls of other crewmembers trapped in the mine but alas the curse placed on him was too strong. The only result of his violent outburst was to knock down a couple walls thus exposing the new cave to outsiders. His entrapment only serves to feed his anger and ultimately has made him into the red-eyed, dark spirit you see today.

Foulberto knows his strengths are unrivaled. however, being bound for eternity to remain within the walls of this cave, he can do nothing more but lure passers-by inside and smash the souls of those weaker than him. He has since been dubbed, "Foulberto Smasho" and has quickly earned a spot as one of the most feared adversaries in the Caribbean. Are you willing to step up to the challenge?

"There is nobody who can beat me!" - Foulberto

December 27th- Looking Back Over The Stern

Captain's Journal: X. Hench, December 27

As I sit here under the stars looking out to sea to what may lie ahead, I can't help but think of all the tales I have to tell.

News feats
The year began with the Feats of Strength Competitions, which saw many strong Pirates competing in some friendly Pirate games. By the looks of the crowd in attendance, I knew Pirates were well prepared for what would come.

Jolly Roger and his undead legion took every opportunity to strike when we weren't looking and even introduced a dastardly new villain, The Powder Keg Runner! These undead devils have been an explosive thorn in our sides ever since.

Icon mardi gras
After defending the islands from Jolly's onslaughts, Pirates took the time for some merriment in the form of a Mardi Gras celebration and even helped reunite some long lost loves for Valentine's Day. Seeing Pirates come together for good causes strengthens my belief that we fight for the right reasons.

And fight we did, when a new band of seedy characters washed up on our beaches. The Casa de Muertos Guild arrived with promises of riches and weapons and I regret to say, many Pirates aided them in their quests without knowing the true consequences.

Casa de muertos guild

Disaster struck when our great Captain Walter fell during a skirmish with their leader, Capt. Ezekiel Rott. On that sad day, I, Xavier Hench, was thrust into the role I oversee today as leader and Captain of the Marceline Guild. My crew and I, including many a rogue pirate, have vowed revenge against Jolly who was ultimately responsible for unleashing this evil upon us. So we march forward and intensified our search for a means to stop his evil ways!

News expeditionFleet
In a bold move, the East India Trading Company and Royal Navy set sail for a rumored new island in massive Expedition Fleets. Their goal at the time was unknown but ultimately revealed as wanting El Patron's Weapons for themselves before Jolly Roger or Pirates could find them. Unkown to the EITC and Navy, their own Expedition Fleets were leaving a trail for Pirates to follow and thus led many a brave buccaneer to the exact location of the new island! Ha! Those fools ...

Sailing under heavy guard, these EITC and Navy fleets can still be found on the seas today, a challenge for even the most experienced Captain and Crew. We hit them fast and hard sinking many of their ships and looting their hulls of Royal Chests thus intensifying a Pirates' desire for riches.

However, I must sadly report that the powerful new weaponry fell into the wrong hands.

News elPatron

With our mission still unfinished, Pirates from all over vowed to take these weapons back! We Pirates set to the seas and brought the fight to the doorstep of all known enemies to discover incredible new weapons, some never before seen in the Caribbean like: the Musket, Bayonet, Blunderbuss, Sabres and a collection of cursed weaponry only the enchantress Tia Dalma could have imagined like the Sword of El Patron, Cursed Seafang and the Bloodfire Cutlass!

With the battles in the Caribbean intensifying and the promise of larger adventures on the horizon, the demand for supplies had reached a breaking point.

Specialty jobs were introduced to satisfy this demand:

Potion Brewing, an ancient art passed down from Tia Dalma and Sandra Tew, allows Pirates to dabble in drafting their very own mystical brews.

Fishing is a popular skill that rewards a Pirate in both skill and gold. It also introduced the fishing boat which can be used to cast your lure into the deep ocean and possibly at a chance of catching a legendary creature!

Ship Repair allows Pirates to work for the local shipwright and earn gold for repairing a backlog of damaged Pirate ships. It also gives Crews the ability to repair their own damaged ships while at sea. Cannon Defense requires teamwork to ensure no renegade Bandits make off with our island's wealth. We Pirates don't like to part with our gold and that's a fact!
News item cannons live

With these new skills in tow, Pirates charged forth towards the new island under the direction of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. With a threat from Jolly of a rum blockade, Pirates eventually set foot on this shadowy, desolate land called: Raven's Cove.

Raven's Cove dock1 news

Alas, we arrived too late and found but one survivor: Crazy Ned. Mine shafts that lead to ghostly dangers and grand reward are rumored, just inquire with any of the other-worldly inhabitants and I'm sure they'll tell you a tale regarding this mysterious island. But this be sure, Raven's Cove holds many supernatural secrets and every Pirate must strive to experience the adventures to be had here.

I must be off now, there's a fantastic Winter Celebration I must attend and I'll need to purchase some new threads from the Peddlers. I also hear of colorful fireworks to ring in the New Year will follow. Between December 31 and January 2, 2011, the skies will fill with a grand fireworks show. They can be viewed from Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego. I'm glad to know that even amongst all this conflict, Pirates still know how to have a good time!

From the Marceline Guild and fellow Pirates, I hope you join us for what will be another exciting year to come. Fair winds!

~ Capt. X. Hench ~

December 15th- Happy Holidays

Yo Ho Ho Ho ... 'tis the season for villainous and dastardly freebooters to celebrate in unison as the seasons have turned in the Caribbean.

Starting today and throughout December, the Winter Holiday is upon us. Let us regale in the shopkeeper's decorations as our favorite ports are dressed to spread merriment throughout the islands. After a long year of thwarting Jolly's every move, Pirates can ban together and cause general ruckus with the noisemaker emote (/noisemaker)!

Pose with a sandman outfitted to resemble the great Captain Jack Sparrow or the nasty Jolly Roger or go on a shopping spree at your favorite peddler or shopkeep's store. Peddlers offer a holiday themed outfit which will sell out quickly, so hurry!

News holiday

Keep a sharp eye for the Marceline Guild as they will be out and about town. They, as well as all Pirates, are always looking for a festive time.

Be sure to invite your closest mates to a tavern and request a song in their honor. This year, musicians have an extra song or two inspired by the holidays. Look over their song list carefully to find these special hidden bonus tracks.

Happy Holidays to all!

What: Winter Holiday

When: December 13 to December 31

Where: All major Ports in the Caribbean

December 15th- Merchant Peddlers Now Live!

[1]After weeks of rumors and speculations, the new merchants named 'Peddlers' have arrived on the shores of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba. Look for their special symbol and see what brand new merchandise they have in store.

Bring your gold stacks ... for these Peddlers have spent many days at sea pillaging and raiding merchants trading vessels and are only willing to part with their specialty goods for top dubloon.

"This ain't no Pirate charity ... be a bizness I run!" says Billy Bargain, a known seller of goods on Port Royal.

Merchants will offer new items every month and will stop selling older items after a couple months, so don't delay and get your new threads today!

December 13th- Buccaneer Boot Camp (Update)

Keep this very, very quiet ... the Navy might be listening ... /looks around ... okay, I think it's safe.

This weekend, December 10, 11 and 12, the Marceline Guild invites you to share your weaponry wisdom and cunning techniques with everyone at some super secret locations.
News inventoryWeaponBar

"THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!" - Grog Blogger

Ssssshhhh ... I said keep it down. We don't want word of this getting to the Navy. I mean, if they heard that Pirates were meeting in large groups, well, that would give them a lot of reasons to crash our event and we don't want that ... do we?(Keep your answers to a slight whisper.)

If you've wanted to learn how to get the most out of those looted weapons, this is a perfect time. Meet a seasoned Marceline guild member and find out the best way to take down all your foes with ease. Join us and show off your newest musket, blunderbuss, broadsword and discuss the coolest things you've done with those tools.

Has a Rage Ghost ever knocked you down? Has Jolly's attacks sent you to the slammer?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions, you must attend to get the answers you will need to survive.

Pirates - please spread this word to only the most trusted ally. We don't want any unwanted visitors showing up unannounced. Together we must keep up the fight against those that want us gone.

News inventoryWeaponsCrossed

What: Buccaneer Boot Camp

Where: Pirates will be meeting between 12 pm - 4pm PST/Los Angeles each day at: The Old Warehouse or The Campgrounds outside Fort Charles near Gypsy Grace on Port Royal.

On the following Oceans: Deseano, Desereau, Esquago, Eustabia, Exuma, Fragilles, Galaira, Guines and Hassigos.

When: December 10, 11 and 12


Many Pirates joined the Buccaneer Boot Camp to learn effective uses of skills and weapons but alas, what was to be a secretive event turned into a raid by Navy personnel! Word spread to the top ranking Navy Officers and they struck at the opportunity to interrogate Pirates as they gathered en masse. Here are a few images of what transpired:

Boot Camp OldWarehouse

The Royal Navy tries to spy on Pirate activity in the Old Warehouse on Port Royal.

Boot Camp CasualPirates

Pirates attempt to act casual as to not raise suspicion from any Royal Navy agents.

Boot Camp Bonnie

Chaos breaks out when the Navy begin with their threats of imprisonment for any Pirate known to engage in acts against the Royal Crown.

Boot Camp Masses

Navy Captain Wentworth Rothwell is overcome by a Pirate horde!

Boot Camp KnockOut

The Navy GMs threaten and act against Pirates who do not give into their demands!

December 9th- Calling All Testers: New Merchants and More (Update)

Calling All Testers

Test Servers have been updated to include new merchants selling all-new outfits on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba! Keep an eye out for new Pirates with a Merchant's icon and see what deals these suspicious sellers have in store for you.

We'd appreciate all Pirates with Test Access to login and help test the following:

- Added recurring rewards for the Black Pearl Battle with a chance of getting a unique Pet Potion, "Summon Chicken" - New Merchants have been renamed to "Peddlers"
- Collision fixes for the new cave in Raven's Cove

Please report any bugs you encounter using either the in-game feedback form (look for the '?' icon) or submit any issues here.

Known Issue: A few of the new clothing items may not be added properly to the inventory. If you encounter this issue, please note exactly which item you were attempting to buy and submit a bug report.

November 29th- Savvy Pirates, Prove Yer Worth!

Pirates must always be aware of their surroundings as you never know when trouble will strike ... so here is a scavenger hunt meant to test yer knowledge of the islands, its inhabitants and the many mysteries that lie in the Caribbean.

Below is a list of questions, puzzles and Pirates Online trivia that is sure to provide a challenge for all but the saltiest of old Pirates. Answer the mysteries below and post your reply on the message board. Be sure to include your exact Pirate name, Notoriety Level and Guild Name to ensure you get proper credit.

So ... how well do you know Pirates, Pirate?

1. We all know about the dog on Outcast Isle, but do you know where else our canine friend appears in game?

2. In Barbossa's Grotto, who is portrayed on the framed painting sticking out of Barbossa's treasure?

3. What happens on Port Royal if Jolly Roger wins an Invasion there?

4. In the secret storage room on Rumrunner's Isle, how many barrels are currently stored there?

5. Big Phil loves feeding his chickens. How many chickens does Big Phil have?

6. Sean Tones is a musician in the Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal who can play many requested songs. What is the fifth song on his music list?

7. Who leads the Marceline Guild?

8. Captain Job, in the Royal Anchor Tavern on Port Royal has a special distinction that sets him apart from all other Caribbean inhabitants. What is it?

9. What is the difference between repairing ships on land and repairing at sea?

10. We've gone to Doc Grog on Tortuga for some help, but can you identify who Doc's patient is on his backroom operating table?

UPDATE 12/1/10: All answers to the scavenger hunt have been posted. We thank everyone who participated. Due to overwhelming response, we could not possibly post everyone who answered correctly. Our apologies if your name was not posted but Caymen Trench would like to congratulate all Pirates who's answers matched. You all have definitely proven yer worth and we look forward to bringing you more hunts in the future and will take the challenge to the next level of difficulty. Until next time, so long.

Update 12/2/10: The answer to Question #4 was a tricky one. So much in fact that good ol' Caymen Trench was fooled too unlike many of you savvy Pirates! There are in fact more barrels than previously reported. New answer, listed breakdown and Pirate names posted below. Sincerest apologies, C. Trench.

Potc gencommunity To visit the site click here

November 22nd- Gathering of the Guilds Feast

Join us this week for a special event to give thanks to your Friends and Guildmates at the Gathering of the Guilds Feast on the shores of Tortuga.

Remember the first time a fellow Pirate helped Revive you? Do you recall that time while sailing when you were almost done for and your Guildmate helped you repair at sea? For all those times you were in a sticky jam, it was nice to be able to turn to your friend for a helping hand.

This feast will feature YOU and YOUR GUILDMATES, gathering around a triumphant bonfire to celebrate your teamwork and victories together. The bonfire lighting will start at 4PM PST/Los Angeles daily.

Dont forget to enjoy the fire roasted pork! All Pirates can pick up pork tonics and use it in combat when you feel your health running low. A Pork Tonic will immediately give you full health.

The Marceline Guild will also be stopping by from time to time during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to personally thank you for all the teamwork demonstrated during recent Invasions and for also defending Tortuga's wealth in Cannon Defense.

Other activites you and your friends can enjoy:

Ship Raids - (Treasure Fleets are known to be extremely active during this time of the year) Cannon Defense with your Guild (some friendly competitions to see who's the best, most accurate, most skilled cannonner in the bunch)

Ship Repair Speed Races - (Pirates can join a repair table and race against one another to see who can complete the most repair jobs the fastest).

Don't forget to share what you and your Guilds have planned and be sure to include where and when you will be gathering so it can be posted right here for all to see.

  • What: Gathering of the Guilds Feast
  • When: November 25, 26, 27, 28, bonfires light at 4pm to 10pm, Daily.
  • Where: Shores of Tortuga

Flotsam junk

November 17th- Give the Gift of Pirating to Yourself and Others ...

Pirates gamecards

The holidays are upon us and 'tis a time to be thankful and giving.

So give the gift of Pirates Online to yourself and be thankful! Or you could give it to that special Pirate in your life and be thanked.

Gift subscriptions can be found herefor a one-time monthly purchase or an on-going subscription. (Kids, remember to always ask permission before purchasing.)

Game Cards are also available. Click here for locations near you.


November 16th- Gather Your Friends for a Double Gold Weekend

Treasure skull

Starting this weekend, for a limited time, all gold rewards for Land combat, Sea combat, Parlor Games and Treasures are doubled. Time to get to work Pirates, there be gold you should be after!

With the new merchants on their way, you'll be wanting a few extra coins lining yer pockets, so gladly accept this magnificent treasure for a life of villainy, larceny, skullduggery and persnickety-nee.

  • What: Double Gold Weekend
  • When: November 20 and 21
  • Where: Only in the Caribbean

November 11th- Ghostly Adventures

This weekend, join the Marceline Guild on a spooky trip through Raven's Cove to look for ghosts said to roam the island.

Since Raven's Cove's appearance many moons ago, details have slowly been revealed that shed light on both the island's history as well as those of its inhabitants. Now, you can learn more with a trusty Marceline Guild member by your side. So dare to have a run in with a Rage Ghost, dare to stand downwind from GM Phillippe Gaston as a Mutineer Ghost spooks him out of his skin, dare to join in on the fun!

  • What: Ghost hunting with the Marceline Guild
  • When: November 12, 13 & 14
  • Where: Raven's Cove Town Center where Crazy Ned and his crazy box are located between 12-4 PST on the following Oceans: Deseano, Desereau, Esquago, Eustabia, Exuma, Fragilles, Galaira, Guines.

If a GM is not present, please be patient. He/She is most likely guiding a tour and will be back shortly.

November 10th- Coming soon.... New residents setting up shop.

Monger Morton

When Pirates have it all, what else do they want? The answer is simple, they want a little less MORE!

New merchants are setting up shop and that means you'll soon have a chance to get your grubby Pirate fingers on some of the finest threads ever to be plundered. These merchants are no slouch tailors. They've worked countless hours to questionably rightfully take what others have made and will soon be offering you the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy it from them. Aren't you the lucky one?

Start saving those gold coins as these merchants are hard at raiding work to provide you with matching ensembles. Pay no mind if some of the clothes are a little soggy on delivery. Afterall, it's tough to throw a crate of goods from ship to ship while being chased by pesky guards. After all, a merchants goal is to keep their inventory freshly stocked so expect rotating selections and start making room for some great new stolen goods ... err ... threads!

Merchant's clothing are of the Rare variety.

November 4th - Help Wayward Souls Find Their Way Home

Three ghosts from Raven's Cove have been seen wandering the islands of Port Royal and Tortuga searching for a way home. If you encounter one of these wayward spirits, help the lost spirit by crewing with them and guiding them back to Raven's Cove.

Who are these ghosts?

Priscilla Campbell, a maid for Señor Fantifico, she can be seen stalking a close relative of hers on the docks of Port Royal. Trapped in a world between the living and dead, Priscilla needs guidance from Pirates to ensure she doesn't cause the living any pain. If found, help her get back to her home on Raven's Cove.

Loretta Jenkins, a bride to be sadly lost on her wedding day. Waiting for her fiance's ship, she was one of the first struck down by Jolly's invading army. She can be found on Port Royal or Tortuga, calling for her lost love. Be warned, Loretta is not accepting of the fact that she has passed ... don't dare remind her.

Pete Abred, a baker on Raven's Cove, was liked by many for his delicious treats. A personal friend of Madame Zigana, he chose to make residence nearby and some say his remains still lie comfortably in bed. He can be found wandering aimlessly in Port Royal. Lead him back to his remains so he can be whole again.

What: Crew with ghosts and return them to their homes on Raven's Cove When: Anytime during the days of November 5, November 6 and November 7 (All times Pacific/California) Where: Ghosts can be found on the islands of Port Royal and Tortuga on the following Oceans: Legassa, Lempona, Levica, Monada, Mosona, Navago, Navermo, Navon, Patros

Ghost gm

November 3rd- Savvy Swashbucklers Results

Thank you for sending in your choices for Savvy Swashbucklers! There were many worthy Pirates nominated but only a few managed to win the title of "Savvy Swashbuckler".

Here are October's winners:



Carlos led his guild, Spania to victory as one of the Strongest Guilds in the Caribbean in "The Strongest Guild Competition". A great leader and even greater friend, Carlos goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his Guild remains strong and united.



Jane is a savvy lass who loves herself a good joke. A tough Pirate with a sense of humor, Jane is very close with her Guild mates and never turns her back on any Pirate in distress. Having mastered her Voodoo skills, Jane is a force to be reckoned with during any battle including Jolly Roger's Invasions.


Lidia Groongeburn

Lidia Groongeburn is one of the most reliable Pirates you'll meet in the Caribbean. From helping out fellow Pirates with their quests to defending the islands against Jolly Roger, Lidia will never let a soul down. Her bravery is commendable as she never thinks twice about risking her own neck to save a friend.

Let's hear a mighty cheer for these remarkable Savvy Swashbucklers!

October 28th- All Hallows' Eve Ball

It's been three whole years since the Pirates Online Crew set sail for adventure. Since then many Pirates have joined us on this adventure online - plundering, pillaging and pirating!

To celebrate these three fantastic years of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, there will be an All Hallows' Eve Ball this weekend!

On October 29, 30 & 31, the All Hallows' Eve Ball will be held at the Governor's Mansion Courtyard on Port Royal. Gather your mates and dress in your finest! It's the time to celebrate and make merry!

  • WHAT: All Hallows' Eve Ball
  • WHEN: October 29, 30 & 31 starting at 3pm.

All times Pacific Standard/California

  • WHERE: Governor's Mansion Courtyard on Port Royal

October 27th- A Reminder About Being Safe In-game

With new Pirates coming to the Caribbean every day, it's always good to know how to keep yourself safe in the game. Here's a reminder about keeping your personal information safe while having a great time in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

  • Never reveal any of your personal information. Also never ask another Pirate for their personal information. This includes:
    • Account ID/ Password
    • E-mail Address
    • Home Address
    • Phone Number

NOTE: Disney GMs will never ask for your personal information in the game.

Remember, Pirates of all ages sail these waters. Let's all help in making the Caribbean a safe and welcoming place for everyone by keeping to the code!

October 22nd- Jolly Roger Increases Sea Patrol

All Hallows' Eve is approaching and its powerful magic is spreading throughout the Caribbean. Jolly Roger has been using the magic of All Hallow' Eve month to his advantage. First, he made land unsafe for Pirates by unleashing the Curse of the Muertos Moon. Now we hear he's going to create havoc at sea for Pirates too!

From October 22 - October 31, Pirates will see an increase in Skeleton ships at sea. Gather your crew and get out to sea! Don't let Jolly Roger get the best of us, Pirates. Attack and sink any Skeleton ship wherever you find it!

October 19th- Legendary Cursed Blades

Treasure hunters and privateers have heard whispered rumors of El Patron's Legendary Cursed Blades for decades. El Patron was very proud of his blade collection. Forged from the valuable ore found in El Patron's Mines, these weapons are said to have been cursed by the villagers forced to make them. With these blades turning up in Raven's Cove - the place of their cursed origin, there's no telling what powers will be unleashed in the Caribbean. Each blade offers its user a powerful advantage in battle.


Crucial in many of El Patron's legendary battles, the Thunderspine Sword and The Emerald Curse strike enemies with shocking bolts of lightning, giving their owner the advantage in a battle!

Patron's favorite Behemoth Blade protects the owner from being knocked down and prevents damage from attacks while the World Eater Blade freezes all nearby enemies, helping you drain them of their health and voodoo. A fair portion of the Caribbean wouldn't have fallen under El Patron's harsh rule without the World Eater Blade.

Then there's the Blade of the Abyss which releases cursed burning flames and gains power while dealing more damage to its ill-fated victims!

Once you've defeated El Patron in battle keep an eager eye out for these Legendary Blades while on Raven's Cove. You may just become a heroic legend with these blades in your weapons collection!

October 14th- The Curse Returns...

October 14, 2010

With All Hallows' Eve approaching, something wicked is coming our way, mates. Jolly Roger is going to revive the Curse of the Muertos Moon.

From October 15 to October 31, prepare yerselves for the Curse of the Muertos Moon! The Curse will strike multiple times in one day so beware of the moonlight, mates!

Whenever the moon is full, any Pirate on land who is hit by the moonlight will be cursed. As the full moon approaches, get yourselves indoors, maties! If the moonlight touches you while you're on land, you best be ready to protect yourself. During the Curse of the Muertos Moon, even the best of mates have turned against each other! Don't let yourself become an Undead minion in Jolly Roger's army - fight the Curse of the Muertos Moon!

  • WHAT: Curse of the Muertos Moon
  • WHERE: All over the Caribbean
  • WHEN: Please see table below

All times are Pacific Standard/California

News curse moon chart updated

October 6th- Savvy Swashbucklers!

Avast there ye motley crew of rascals, knaves and scoundrels! It's time - once again - to recognize the finest, bravest Pirate in all the Caribbean. Whether he's been known to beat back Jolly Roger's Invasions with one hand tied behind his back or evading Beckett's EITC forces while whistling a sea shanty, this is the Pirate of all Pirates and deserves our highest recognition.

Starting from October 6 - October 20, we want to honor those special Pirates who've aided others, demonstrated great courage, and used their wits in the face of almost unbeatable foes. If you know such a Pirate, let us know by e-mailing us! The Pirate who's most unique and true to the Pirate spirit will be recognized as being the savviest Pirate in the Caribbean - a true Savvy Swashbuckler!

Sending us your choice is simple. E-mail us with the subject line, "Savvy Swashbucklers" and include the following information:

  • Name and level of the Pirate you are nominating
  • The Guild in which the Pirate is a member
  • Reason why you think this Pirate deserves to win. Make sure to tell us their tale! We want to hear what makes this Pirate a true Savvy Swashbuckler
  • Which island can we find this Pirate on ... if we want to go sailing with them

Entries will only be accepted through e-mail. Make sure to send your choices to: with the subject line, "Savvy Swashbucklers."

Help us in recognizing the unsung, heroic Pirates in the Caribbean, and start e-mailing us today!

What: Savvy Swashbucklers When: October 6 - October 20 Where: E-mail us your choices at:

October 5th- Eerie Encounters

News widow threadbarren

Many brave Pirates are making their way to explore the haunted shores of Raven's Cove. What they see and experience there is quickly becoming the talk of the tavern. From meeting Crazy Ned to the Rage Ghosts roaming the island, Pirates are coming face to face with strange sights on this island.

How many of you Pirates have dared to set foot on this cursed island? We want to hear the tale of your first experience on Raven's Cove. Have you had a chance to talk to any of the ghosts such as Widow Threadbarren or the Clubhearts? Tell us your spooky stories of any ghostly encounters you've had on Raven's Cove!

October 1st- Strange Trance Overcomes Pirates!

With All Hallow's Eve approaching, the Caribbean is witnessing a bizarre sight. Reports are pouring in of Pirates moving in a very strange manner. It's almost as if a mysterious trance has taken over them!

Whether this be part of All Hallow's Eve magic or a curse from Jolly Roger, no one knows. Dare to experience this strange trance for yourself by typing in /zombie in your chat window!

? ?

September 30th- Mystery Island Unveiled!

Surrounded by ravens, this small island is filled with eerie reminders of Jolly Roger's curse. There are tormented souls who need your help but they aren't the only spirits inhabiting Raven's Cove. As night approaches, ghosts of the townsfolk roam the misty island thirsting for revenge. Due to Jolly Roger's curse, they are unable to tell between friend or foe so keep your distance, mate. Once they set their sights on you, it's very tricky to shake them off!

If ye be a Pirate with notoriety of 30 and above, visit Captain Jack Sparrow in the Faithful Bride on Tortuga to learn more about Raven's Cove. He has a quest for any daring Pirates willing to risk their necks for treasure and notoriety.

Set sail now to explore Raven's Cove! Make sure to take your crew with you... this cursed isle is not a place for a lonesome Pirate, no matter how brave ye think ye might be!

NOTE: If you experience missing inventory items, please log out and log in again to get your items back. If this does not fix the issue, please submit a bug report.

September 24th- Calling All Testers Ravens Cove (UPDATED)

News test server

Cursed by Jolly Roger, Raven's Cove is an eerie island holding many secrets. Surrounded by ravens, it's up to you to find what mysteries this ghostly island holds. Get your ship ready to take a voyage to Raven's Cove! Explore this haunted island at your own peril...

  • Raven's Cove Story Quest
    • Unlocks automatically in your Quest Journal at Notoriety Level 30. Go to Captain Jack Sparrow on Tortuga for instructions. This new Story Quest is for Unlimited Access Members only.
    • Test the Quest from start to finish. The spirits trapped in Raven's Cove will be much obliged if you help them!
  • New Dialog System for New Quests
    • Interact with characters however you like using the new dialog choices. Try as many variations as possible!
  • Several New Quest Types (including Disguise Quests and Minigame Quests)
  • New Reward System
    • While allowing to finish the Quest normally, the New Reward System also offers a "Bonus Reward" for Pirates who decide to go the extra mile for a better reward.
  • New Enemy Types (Ghosts and Firebats!)
  • 30 New Cursed Blade loot drops, including 5 new Legendary Cursed Blades (can only be found after completing Raven's Cove Story Quest)
  • Improved Quest Interface

September 23rd- Blade Raids Week (UPDATED)

Get those daggers and cutlasses ready, mates! From September 20 - 26, this week is hereby declared as Blade Raids Week! Pirates are going to go on a fort raiding spree with their entire Guilds and Crews!

What's so different about these raids, you ask? Instead of attacking a fort at random, all Pirates are going to meet at a common location and lay down a plan of action to raid a chosen fort. But it's not going to be just one big raid. Pirates will be doing multiple, large scale raids on different forts every day. Since Pirates will only be using daggers and cutlasses during these raids (Blade Raids, savvy?), make sure your plan of action gives you the element of surprise. Don't want those blasted Navy and EITC getting the best of us, now do we?

Here's what you need to do for Blade Raids Week. Pick a time and fort from the schedule below. Gather your mates and meet at the appointed fort. Join forces with any other Pirates who show up at that fort and let that fort have it!

Sharpen your blades and prepare to unleash an epic Pirate assault! Storm that fort and remember, leave no loot behind! All Times Pacific Time/California

1st RAID
Fort Dundee WHEN: Monday, September 20, 3:30pm - 4pm & 5:30pm - 6pm & 7pm - 7:30pm

2nd RAID
Thieves' Den WHEN: Tuesday, September 21, 4:30pm - 5pm & 6:30pm - 7pm & 8pm - 8:30pm

3rd RAID
Fort Charles WHEN: Wednesday, September 22, 3:00pm - 3:30pm & 4:30pm - 5pm & 6pm - 6:30pm

4th RAID
Royal Caverns WHEN: Thursday, September 23, 3:30pm - 4pm & 5:30pm - 6pm & 7pm - 7:30pm

5th RAID
WHERE: Beckett's Quarry WHEN: Friday, September 24, 4:30pm - 5pm & 6:30pm - 7pm & 8pm - 8:30pm

6th RAID
WHERE: El Sudoron WHEN: Saturday, September 25, 3:30pm - 4pm & 5:30pm - 6pm & 7pm - 7:30pm

7th RAID
WHERE: Kingshead WHEN: Sunday, September 26, 3:00pm - 3:30pm & 4:30pm - 5pm & 6pm - 6:30pm

September 22nd- Recap of Talk Like a Pirate Day

On Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pirates had a big laugh at the expense of some unsuspecting members of the EITC Black Guard. If the EITC had hoped to learn any of our Pirate secrets on this day, their plans were foiled completely! Not only were their attempts at being Pirates thwarted, the EITC ended up making a complete fool out of themselves in the process. Also, Captain Elliot Shaw was none too happy to find some members of his EITC Black Guard hanging around Tortuga and taking part in merrymaking with the Pirates.

If you missed Talk Like a Pirate Day with the Marceline Guild and the EITC Black Guard, not to worry! We captured some memorable moments to share with everyone. Enjoy!



September 21st- Recap of Hook, Line & Sinker!

Many Pirates showed up to fish alongside the Marceline Guild. Being avid fans of fishing, the Marceline Guild took everyone out on their Fishing boats, looking for the Legendary Fish. From sharing jokes to discussing the appearance of the new mysterious island, everyone had a grand time!

Check out the pictures below to share in some of the Fishing adventure!


Pirates aboard GM James Howe's Fishing Boat


GM Rose Winsome and GM Catherine Harcourt greet Pirates before they begin Fishing


GM Captain Xavier Hench and GM Philipe Gaston getting ready to go fishing with Pirates


GM Philipe Gaston catches a Dragon Fish!

September 17th- Talk Like A Pirate Day

News eitc soldier

The EITC Black Guard is baffled. Everywhere they go, everyone is talking like a Pirate. Even Governor Swann, a man very picky about his grammar and appearance, was seen in the Rowdy Rooster talking and acting like our dear ol' Captain Jack Sparrow!

Little do the EITC know but it's Talk Like A Pirate Day and everyone in the Caribbean is celebrating it. From the locals to the officials, everyone is celebrating the Pirate lifestyle! This is one day when the EITC can't arrest any Pirates. In fact, on Talk Like A Pirate Day, the EITC must support the Pirates' way of life! Now that's going to be an interesting turn of events in the Caribbean.

Come and join the laughter as the EITC Black Guard seek the help of the Marceline Guild in an effort to learn how to "talk like a Pirate!"

WHAT: Talk Like A Pirate Day

WHEN: September 19, 2:00pm - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 6:00pm

WHERE: Port Royal & Tortuga

If yer Pirate speak is a wee bit rusty, not to worry! Use the ol' trusty Pirate Translator and you'll be speaking like an ol' seadog in no time

September 16th- Pirates Discover Mystery Island

Two reliable Pirates recently overheard the following tale in the Faithful Bride. It's supposedly from the lips of Captain William Squall of the Pirate vessel known as, King's Revenge.

"Me and my crew were out plunderin' a few Navy ships one day when ... BLAM! We runs aground in the shallows of a new island! We ain't never seen it afore -- it's like it appeared out of nowhere! But there it was, lurkin' about like some ghostly villain, covered with fog or smoke, and we could hear the faint sound of somebody howling. Brave we are but ... I admit my crew and me lit outta there as fast as a raven with his tail feathers ablaze! I tell ye this -- whatever it is on that island, it's up to no good. Savvy? My bet would be that Jolly Roger has his wicked hand in this. My advice? Steer clear of that vile place, if you know what's good for ye."

September 16th- Double Reputation Weekend

Ahoy mates! Time to double up! Double up what? Your Rep, what else! If you're a Pirate struggling to earn more Notoriety, now is your chance to get double the rep by doing the same amount of work. It's a Pirates dream for it's almost like plundering a second share of points, eh? With Jolly Roger and his minions stepping up the invasions, and the EITC and Navy putting the squeeze on us Pirates, having the extra Notoriety helps you defeat all those nasty enemies.

So gather your mates and crew and do not miss this rare opportunity to Double Up!

WHAT: Double Reputation Weekend

WHEN: 3:00pm to 6:00pm, September 17 & 18 - For All Members
3:00pm to 6:00pm, September 19 - For Unlimited Access Members Only
All Times Pacific Time/California

NOTE Double Reputation Weekend does not apply to Potion Brewing, Cannon Defense, Ship Repair, and Fishing.

September 14th- Hook, Line and Sinker!

Captain Xavier Hench and the Marceline Guild are big fishing fans! There's nothing they like more than a warm day, new fishing poles and some catchy lures. Now they are inviting you to join in the fun! This weekend, the Marceline Guild will be at the docks on Port Royal and Tortuga, helping Pirates learn to fish and of course, telling big fish stories about 'the one that got away'. Don't miss it ... you never know when you may land a fish of Legendary proportions!

  • WHAT: Hook, Line & Sinker!
  • WHERE: Docks of Port Royal and Tortuga
  • WHEN: September 16, 12:00pm to 1:00pm & 5:00pm to 6:00pm

All Times Pacific Time/California

NOTE: See the Fish Masters at the end of the main Port Royal and Tortuga docks to get your first rod and lures.

September 10th- Gathering of the Guilds

As a salute to every Guild in the Caribbean, the Marceline Guild is hosting a Gathering of the Guilds on September 12. Guilds from all over the Caribbean are invited to join in the festivities. From rejoicing the success of the Strongest Guilds to our triumphant victories against Jolly's Invasions, let's get together to celebrate the recent accomplishments of all of our Pirate Guilds!

Mark the date, wear your finest and head on over with your Guild to either Tortuga or Padres del Fuego. Meet other Guilds and partake in fun activities like Ship Races, Cave Raids and Cannon Defense!

  • WHAT: Gathering of the Guilds
  • WHEN: September 12, 2:00pm to 3:00pm & 5:00pm to 6:00pm

All Times are Pacific Time/ California

  • WHERE: Docks of Tortuga & Padres del Fuego

September 9th- How to Manage Your Guild

Filled with trustworthy comrades and mates, your Guild is your closest ally. Your Guild mates will always have your back, no matter how grave the danger or how difficult the struggle.
The following tips can be very useful whether you're a new Pirate learning your way around the Caribbean or an old salty dog who just needs a few reminders:

  • To create a Guild, you must have Unlimited Access. For more information on creating or joining a Guild, please see the Players Guide.
  • Guild Master
    • A Guild Master can invite other Pirates to join the Guild, remove any current Guild members, and promote Guild members to various Guild Ranks.
    • The Guild Master can also dissolve the Guild at any given time.
  • Guild Ranks
    • Officer - can invite Pirates to join a Guild and remove Pirates from the Guild. Please keep in mind, currently there is a limit of removing only 5 Pirates from a Guild per day.
    • Veteran (new feature!) - can only invite Pirates to join the Guild.
  • Guild-wide Notifications (new feature!)
    • All Guild members will receive notifications when a Pirate joins or leave the Guild. All Guild members will also be notified if an Officer or the Guild Master has removed a Pirate from the Guild. Please keep in mind, you can only see Guild-wide notifications if you are logged into the game.

The Guild Officers and Veterans can continue leading the Guild if the Guild Master chooses to leave. Since Officers cannot perform all the functions and duties of a Guild Master, it is better to re-form the Guild under a new Guild Master. Keep in mind, Guild members must first leave the old Guild in order to join a new Guild.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - Remember never to ask for or give your personal information to anyone in the game or online, including members of your Guild. This includes your Account ID, Password, phone number, e-mail or home address. It's just not safe and Pirates always keep themselves safe first, savvy?

September 8th- Fish Are Biting!


Need a break from battling Jolly Roger's Invasions and Lord Beckett's EITC thugs? Then there's something you've got to try - fishing! With plenty of strange, exotic fish making their way to our shores, fishing businesses have sprung up all over the Caribbean. Now Pirates can enjoy reeling in these fascinating fish while earning gold and loot at the same time!

Getting started fishing is easy. Find Old Greg at the end of the docks on Port Royal to buy your first fishing rod and lures. Then make your way to any of the fishing spots on the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres del Fuego to start reeling in the fish! As with weapons, you have a Fishing notoriety that you advance in while catching fish. The more reputation points you accumulate while fishing, the further you'll progress in your Fishing notoriety. Before you know it, you'll find yourself launching your own Fishing Boat to catch a Legendary Fish!

These Legendary Fish are difficult to catch but are well worth the fight! Stop by Old Greg's and he'll share a tip or two on how to snare these elusive Legendary Fish.

So get your mates together and let the fishing frenzy begin!

September 8th- Deadly New Daggers!'

September 08, 2010 A huge shipment of deadly Daggers has reached the Caribbean shores. These deadly weapons were looted from a Treasure Fleet carrying rare and valuable goods from the old world. These are not just any daggers. They used to belong to a secretive group of assassins called the 'Abu Nar Clan' in the Near East.

The Legendary Silver Freeze is one of these daggers and once belonged to Abu Nar's most skillful assassin. It's said the infamous dagger has the power to freeze its victims leaving the dagger's owner to carry out his mission without any interruptions. Rumor also has it that the dagger is controlled by a powerful gypsy curse but only those who wield this legendary dagger can testify to its powers.

These deadly Daggers were thought to have been lost - until now. Pirates have reported seeing enemies frozen in place during the night! Get yourselves to the Caribbean now and find one of these deadly Daggers by defeating some high-level enemies... if ye dare! Who knows, you might just lay your hands on the Legendary Silver Freeze!

September 8th- Fish Are Biting!

Need a break from battling Jolly Roger's Invasions and Lord Beckett's EITC thugs? Then there's something you've got to try - fishing! With plenty of strange, exotic fish making their way to our shores, fishing businesses have sprung up all over the Caribbean. Now Pirates can enjoy reeling in these fascinating fish while earning gold and loot at the same time!

Getting started fishing is easy. Find Old Greg at the end of the docks on Port Royal to buy your first fishing rod and lures. Then make your way to any of the fishing spots on the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres del Fuego to start reeling in the fish! As with weapons, you have a Fishing notoriety that you advance in while catching fish. The more reputation points you accumulate while fishing, the further you'll progress in your Fishing notoriety. Before you know it, you'll find yourself launching your own Fishing Boat to catch a Legendary Fish!

These Legendary Fish are difficult to catch but are well worth the fight! Stop by Old Greg's and he'll share a tip or two on how to snare these elusive Legendary Fish.

So get your mates together and let the fishing frenzy begin!

September 3rd- Plan of Action!

With Jolly Roger continuing to devastate the Caribbean with his Invasions, it's time the Pirates put together a fool-proof plan of action for victory. Now that Jolly has actively begun changing his Invasion strategies, Pirates need to join together and come up with our own skillful tactics to combat the Invasions successfully. Many Pirates in the Caribbean are skilled at defeating Invasions and have been known to send Jolly retreating with only a handful of crewmates! Some of the newer Pirates could use a word of advice from seasoned Pirates such as these. So come mates, let us know your strategy for defeating Jolly Roger's Invasions! Everyone could use a helping hand when it comes to defeating a common enemy like the vile Jolly Roger. Pirates who have had great luck in defeating Invasions - share your well-designed plan with the rest of us by replying to this post.

September 1st- Winners of the Strongest Guild Competition

From August 10 - August 24, guilds from all over the Caribbean competed against one another for the exclusive title of "Strongest Guild". With Pirates showcasing their skills and working hard to make their guilds famous, August's competition was nothing short of fierce.
A big thank you to all the guilds for participating! It's great to know that the Caribbean is filled with outstanding guilds that never shy away from danger. Thank you again to every guild that participated in this competition! And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. The winners for Strongest Guild Competition for August 2010 are: Most Skeletons Defeated - SPANIA defeated 412,813 Undead! Most Navy/ EITC Soldiers Defeated - SPANIA defeated 283,909 Soldiers! Most Ships Sunk - ETERNAL WARLORDZ sank 21075 Ships! Congratulations, Spania and Eternal Warlordz! Your guilds emerged triumphant in the fight against the forces of Jolly Roger and Lord Beckett!

As winners of the Strongest Guild Competition for August 2010, the Pirates Online Crew will be e-mailing guild members of Spania and Eternal Warlordz special edition desktop wallpapers. These desktop wallpapers are unique in that they are custom designed to commemorate the victory of both guilds. Check out the thumbnail images of these wallpapers below:

Wall stongestGuildComp skeletons

Wall stongestGuildComp navyEITC

Wall stongestGuildComp ships

August 27th- Calling All Testers!

News test server

New updates are now available on the Test Server. The Fish Masters are getting anxious to open their shops and we know how much Pirates have been waiting to cast off! Please help test some of the following fixes and show us how much of a "reel" expert you are.

- Players no longer crash when logging out with a weapon equipped - NPC ships once again can attack player ships that are within range of them - Weapons now deal correct amount of damage in Pirate vs. Pirate - Corrected Passive Skills, such as Parry and Dodge - Veterans can now be booted directly from Guilds - All Players with Test Server Access should be able should be able to login to the Test Servers

These are just a few of the updates on Test. For more details, check out the Test Website.

Want access to the Test Server? We will be sending out more Test Server Invitations to players in good standing soon, sign up for access here.

August 20th- Yahoo! Games Honors Pirates Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online has been honored as one of the top 9 Great Free Online Worlds by Yahoo!® Games. Let's hear a mighty "Yo Ho Ho!" for all the Pirates who have supported Pirates Online! Read the article here.

August 19th- Strongest Guild Competition Update

Ahoy, Pirates! Guilds all over the Caribbean have been putting their skills to the test to win the title of "Strongest Guild". With six more days left in the competition, let's see which Guilds are currently leading the Strongest Guild Competition.

We're listing the top 10 guilds in each of the three categories of the Strongest Guild Competition. Keep in mind; these numbers are from August 10 - August 15.


Spania 102503
Brave Gladiators 98739
Spartans Savvy Jrs 61558
McRaging 57552
Dark Warlordz 56650
Famed 55089
Masters In Swords 43480
The Dark Element 38890
The Guardians 34347
Loyal To The End



Spania 101811
Black Bart's Krewe 56342
The Almighty Clan 53872
Dark Warlordz 51499
Loyal To The End 44687
The Guardians 39563
McRaging 29555
Spartans Savvy Jrs 27300
Wrath Of Ravens 26898
Dark Archive 25134


Eternal Warlordz 7941
McRaging 7550
Dark Warlordz 6565
Spartans Savvy Jrs 6061
The New Svs Era 5645
Masters In Swords 5112
The Dark Element 4596
Famed 3624
Rebelution! 3407
P E A C E Keepers 2666

August 12th- Friday the 13th Is Coming....

With Friday the 13th approaching - the unluckiest day of the year - be very wary, mates. Bad luck is on the rise in the Caribbean so, this Friday the 13th might be even worse than usual!

Why all the caution? Rumors are spreading around the Caribbean like a pox: Jolly Roger is up to no good and he's frustrated that his invasions have not given him the upper hand. Prepare for the worst ... prepare for "The Curse of the Muertos Moon." For those Pirates who've never experienced this event, when you see the full moon with Jolly's face, get yourself indoors fast! Those left outside will be fighting for their lives against each other! Jolly's wicked moonlight turns everyone temporarily into the Undead. There's fighting and mayhem like you've never seen! Join in, if you dare - this is not for the weak-kneed or faint of heart.
Icon curse
WHAT: The Curse of the Muertos Moon

WHEN: Friday, August 13

WHERE: Wherever the moonlight touches the land in the Caribbean

NOTE: Please keep in mind, playing any of the mini-games will not make your Pirate immune to the Curse. You will still transform and take damage if your Pirate is on land at a Potions mixing station, Ship Repair station or talking to the Cannon Master on Padres Del Fuego.

August 10th- Strongest Guild Contest!

August 10, 2010 So you think your Guild is best, huh? The time for bragging is over mates - it's time for action. It's the Strongest Guild Competition. From August 10 - 24, let's see who's the best and bravest Guild once and for all! That's right, mates. It's that timeof the year again, and we're ready to see which Guild will rise above the rest. Some Guilds might be better at hunting down skeletons, others Navy & EITC guards, while some Guilds fare better at sea. That's why this year's competition is divided into three categories to prove where a Guild's strength lies.

Here's how it breaks out...
Category 1: Most Skeletons Defeated - on land
Category 2: Most EITC/Navy Soldiers Defeated - on land
Category 3: Most Ships Sunk - at sea, of course (Flagships and Privateers not counted)

Every Guild has a chance to win and nothing to lose - but your nerve, eh? Turn your bragging into a reality by becoming the Top Guild in one of these three fun categories. All winners will be announced on the Web site after the competition ends. Apart from fame and recognition, the winning Guilds will receive a special edition Pirates of the Caribbean Online Desktop wallpaper with the name of the Strongest Guild congratulating them on their success. Join in now!

WHAT: Strongest Guild Competition WHEN: August 10 - August 24

August 9th- Cannon Defense Competition Winners

Thank you to all the Pirates in the Caribbean for participating in the Cannon Defense Competition! It was a tough task keeping those gold-stealing Bandits at bay but you Pirates took it on gladly! Now, it's time to announce the winners of the Cannon Defense Competition.

Congratulations! The following 20 Pirates defeated the highest number of waves in the Cannon Defense Competition! Any Pirate would consider it an honor to fight alongside these strong champions.

Keep up the good fight mates, and give those Bandits what's coming to them!

Pirate Name LVL Guild Total Waves


Calicohayes 50 Paragon 127
Helga Greybeard 50 Honorable Mates 127
Kisuke Uchiha 50 Take Me To Infinity 111
Leon Cannonmonk 50 Take Me To Infinity 111
Ally 50 The Hero 111
Samuel Wareagle 50 Diamond Dynasty 102
Kat Heartbonney 49 ~Rare Jewels~ 102
Sword-Wolfy 34 Fellowship Of Fire 102
Jeremiah Hookwalker 50 Diamond Dynasty 102
Igor Greybeard 50 Honorable Mates 102
Peter Hookstealer 50 ~Rare Jewels~ 102
Boot E Vicious 50 ~Rare Jewels~ 102
Dog Firestack 50 McRaging 102
Jade O'morgan 50 Caribbean Eagles 102
Peter O'paine 49 McRaging 101
Grace Mcmorrigan 50 Bait 98
Hullfury 50 Team Svs 98
Blastoff Bruno 50 Team Svs 98
Hynrik Greybeard 40 Honorable Mates 95
Mango 41 Elite Ravens 90

August 2nd- Calling All Testers

FishingTest OldGreg

All Testers Are Able to Try New Clothes Fishing And New Guild Rank Veteran as well as take a peek at a "new island" just off the coast of Isla Perdida and Cuba.

August 2nd- Jolly Roger's Invasions Continue....

The battle for control of the Caribbean is not going well - for Jolly Roger that is. His Invasions have done major damage but he has lost most of the battles. The Pirates have been very successful in fighting off Jolly and his minions, and that makes him mad. Add to this the strength-giving potions and the powerful weapons looted from the stash of El Patron, and Jolly's in a world of trouble.

Word is that Jolly Roger will be changing his strategy. Instead of attempting to invade and weakening one main island each month, we'll probably see an all out assault on different islands at random times. There's no way to know when or where he'll strike next! This word is coming from none other than Tia Dalma herself. She had a vision that told her that Jolly plans to catch us Pirates by surprise. So if you find yourself on Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres de Fuego, keep your wits and mates about you. How long will these all-out assaults last? No one knows except Jolly Roger and his Generals.

July 29th- Cannon Defense Competition Update

Ahoy, mates! We know many Pirates are busiy defending the Caribbean from the gold stealing Bandits in Cannon Defense. So here's an update on which Pirates are leading the way in the Cannon Defense Competition:



Calicohayes 50 Paragon 95
Igor Greybeard 50 Honorable Mates 95
Sword-Wolfy 34 Fellowship of Fire 95
Helga Greybeard 50 Honorable Mates 83
Enrique Sailbones 50 Wolf Pack Legend 83
Jeremiah Hookwalker 50 Diamond Dynasty 72
Dog Firestack 50 McRaging 72
Kisuke Uchiha 50 Take Me To Infinity 70
Ally 50 Take Me To Infinity 70
Tiny Trixy 50 Take Me To Infinity 70
Ice Rageous 50 Meltdown 67
Hohnibra 50 Meltdown 67
Justbelieving 50 Meltdown 67
Slick Von Oilstain 25 Plunder For Fun 61
Yell Raiser 27 Raising Yell 61
Grace Mcmorrigan 50 Anno Bellum 60
Scurvy Ann 50 Rated Arrrrrrr! 60
Blastoff Bruno 50 Team Svs 60
Pancho Foreman 49 Destroyers Empire 60
Captain Celtics 50 McRaging 58

NOTE: The numbers reflected are from July 26 to July 28.

Keep up the great work, Pirates! Show those renegade Bandits what we Pirates are made of!

July 29th- Guild Spotlight Winner

Let's give a hearty congratulation to the Dark Warlordz Guild for winning June 2010's Guild Spotlight! Led by their notorious LVL 50 Guildmaster, Shipwrecker, the Dark Warlordz are the most fierce yet kindest band of Pirates you'll ever meet in the Caribbean. With nearly 200 Pirates in their ranks, the Dark Warlordz Guild is ever ready to defend the Caribbean against the evil forces of Jolly Roger and Lord Cutler Beckett.

The Dark Warlordz live by the motto "Free Pirates and Free Life!" With a fine motto like that which is true to the spirit of piracy, the Dark Warlordz are always willing to lend a helping to any struggling Pirate they meet. Dark Warlordz Guild members such as Lidia Groongeburn never hesitate to help others and will even ask others in the Guild to assist as well!

Here's a mighty "Yo ho ho!" salute to you, Dark Warlordz! Keep up the great work and we hope to sail with you soon!


July 28th- Dangerous Daggers

Rumors are running rampant that some very lethal daggers may have arrived in the islands. Pirates have been overheard in the taverns whispering that these mythical weapons once belonged to an infamous band of assassins from the "Abu Nar Clan" in the Near East. No one knows for sure. But this we do know -- daggers have long been the weapons of choice for assassins because they're silent, easily thrown, and small enough to hide in your clothes. If these dangerous, deadly, daggers have made their way to the Caribbean, what would you give to get your hands on one?

July 26th- Cannon Defense Competition!

Help! Some loathsome Bandits have been stealing gold and we Pirates must defend the Caribbean's wealth. We're looking for strong mates to defeat these invading Bandits. What's the reward? A chance to become a legend in the Caribbean! The top 20 Pirates who sink the most waves of Bandit ships will be honored and named right here on the website! That's right. Glory, fame... and fun!

Keep an eye out for the special red and white flag with the cannon logo on it. You can also use your Mini-map (press 'F8') to locate Navy forts on Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego.

Up to four Pirates can play in a single game. If the entire town's wealth is stolen, the game is over. These Cannon Defense Forts are equipped with 12 exciting Navy ammo types like, Target Shot that tracks your cannon balls and floating Mines that shred enemy hulls. You'll receive Gold and Sea Charm rewards for your valiant efforts so blast away. And, the more damage you do the more Bank Notes you'll get. These Bank Notes are exclusive to Cannon Defense and can be used to buy more ammo. But beware: If the Bandits steal too much gold, they'll also start taking your Bank Notes as well!

Cannon Defense can be played and replayed as many times as you want by both Basic and Unlimited Members. But know this - each time you play your Navy Cannon experience starts over at Level 1. Basic Access Members can unlock up to the four ammo types and two ammo slots. Unlimited Access Members can receive all ammo types and four ammo slots. Your Pirate's passive cannon skills like Shoot, Rapid Reload and Barrage will increase your rate of fire and damage in Cannon Defense. You can also use your Cannoneering potions to increase your chances of defeating the bandits.

Get to your stations and start defeating those nasty Bandits today! May the best Pirate win and be recognized as one of the most admired Cannoneers in the Caribbean.

July 22nd- Unlimited Access Open to Everyone!

That's right, mates! From July 23 to July 25, we open the doors for everyone to enjoy the Unlimited Player's experience - for free! There are amazing new weapons to access, new clothing items to try, and voodoo powers to unlock that you never dreamed possible. Now you don't have to imagine such fun because - it's real! It's an entire weekend of Unlimited Access, all the time! Don't miss out!

July 14th- "Let's Sink 'Em All"- A Success!

This past weekend, the Marceline guild and Old Sooty hosted the "Let's Sink 'Em All!" event to battle the gold stealing renegade bandits. The event was a smashing success because - you guessed it - we sunk 'em all! Well, most of them at least. This festive event took place across all oceans at the Cannon Defense Forts located on Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres del Fuego. Along side the Marceline Guild and Old Sooty, many brave Pirates blasted away at the rowdy bandits and sent them retreating. GM Ann Lowe was lucky enough to capture the event in a lull between attacks on Tortuga.

Did you get to fight alongside with any of the Marceline members or Old Sooty? Let us know about your experience at the "Let's Sink 'Em All!" event by replying to this post!

CannonDefenseWithGMs Large

GM Ann Lowe defending Tortuga's treasures along with brave Pirates

July 12th- Help-A-Pirate Week

Banding together and helping one another in battle is the only way to defeat Jolly Roger and his minions. So we've decided to step it up a notch and dedicate an entire week, from July 12 to 18, to helping each other out! Crew up, join together and help each other with quests, tasks and exploration. Helping young buccaneers find their way around the Caribbean is the best way to show unity in the face of opposition from the EITC, the Navy and of course, Jolly Roger! You'll not only get bonus points for crewing up, you'll also get the satisfaction of helping rid the Caribbean of the menacing enemies we face daily. Grab those weapons and join in!

July 8th- Don't Miss the Cannon Defense Event!

Gold stealing bandits are threatening the very livelihood of many good townspeople! The Navy is required to fight them but alas, they're too inexperienced to fend them off. So Pirates, man your stations and get to the Cannon Defense Fortresses to stop them! The Marceline Guild is hosting a "Let's Sink 'Em All" event to shore up your cannon skills and keep those pesky bandits at bay. Don't miss the chance to crew up with Old Sooty, Xavier Hench and other members of the Marceline Guild! Fight on mates, 'til the bandits raise the white flag, eh?

What: "Let's Sink 'Em All" Cannon Defense Event

When: July 9 & 10 2:00PM to 3:00PM & 5:00PM to 6:00PM

All Times Pacific Time/Los Angeles

Where: Cannon Defense Fortresses are at Fort Charles on Port Royal, on Tortuga in the Graveyard, and Padres del Fuego at Fort Dundee

July 7th- Something's Fishy in the Caribbean

Mysterious fish

Many Pirates have told of some strange fish sightings lately, and we're starting to believe these fanciful tales to be true. At first, most thought they were nothing more than old wives' tales spun by grog-filled Pirates. Now, we think thar be somethin' to it!

But what could be causing this rash of strange new creatures? Some of the townsfolk and sailors say it's mere coincidence. However, Pirates are a superstitious group and think something more sinister is afoot. Or worse, could these strange, new fishes be involved in another one of Jolly Roger's evil plans? What thinks ye?

July 2nd- Celebrate Freedom with Fireworks!

A recent shipment of goods from the Far East has brought with it a load of impressive fireworks. Legend has it that Pirates in the Far East invented gunpowder and claim to be the first to fashion those fabulous rockets that light up the sky in a burst of sparks and color!

To celebrate the start of summer in the Caribbean, Pirates will be setting off these fireworks all over the main islands. So grab a spot close to the shores of Port Royal, Tortuga, or Padres Del Fuego and enjoy the show!

  • What: Caribbean Summer Celebration
  • When: July 2 (around 6PM) and continuing until July 5 (Midnight)

All Times Pacific Time/Los Angeles

The fireworks start once stars begin to fill up the night sky.

June 30th- Cannon Defense Ready for Action!

News item cannons live

It may sound strange but it's true. The Navy has installed new Cannon Defense outposts on Fort Charles in Port Royal, in the Tortuga Graveyard on Tortuga and Fort Dundee in Padres Del Fuego to fend off renegade Bandits. Keep an eye out for the special red and white flag with the cannon logo on it. You can also use the Minimap (press 'F8') to locate Navy cannon outposts on Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego.

These loathsome Bandits have been stealing gold and we must defend our town's wealth! The Navy can't handle these powerful cannons because they're too inexperienced, so it's up to us savvy Pirates! These Cannon Defense outposts are equipped with 12 exciting new Navy ammo types like, Target Shot that tracks your cannon balls and floating Mines that shred enemy hulls. So get to the Cannon Defense forts and sink the invading Bandits - and ye will be handsomely rewarded.

Up to four Pirates can play in a single game. See how long you can last against the Bandits. If all the town's wealth is gone, the game is over. You will receive Gold and Sea Charm rewards for your tremendous efforts so blast away. Additionally, the more damage you do the more Bank Notes you will receive. These Bank Notes are exclusive to Cannon Defense and are used to buy more ammo. Beware: If the Bandits steal too much wealth, they'll also start taking your Bank Notes as well!

Cannon Defense can be replayed as many times as you like by both Basic and Unlimited Members, however, each instance will result in your Navy Cannon experience starting from Level 1. Basic Access Members can unlock up to the four ammo types and two ammo slots. Unlimited Access Members can receive all ammo types and four ammo slots.

TIP: Your Pirate's passive cannon skills like Shoot, Rapid Reload and Barrage will increase your rate of fire and damage in Cannon Defense. You can also use your Cannoneering potions to increase your chances of defeating the bandits.

June 30th- Get Your Voodoo On...

News tia voodooDolls

There are some strange things brewing in the Caribbean these days. Or ... maybe it's just the smell of new potions being brewed. Either way, voodoo magic is stronger than ever as Jolly Roger's Undead minions run rampant. The friendly gypsies have decided to help the Pirate cause by dedicating an entire week to improving and mastering your voodoo skills. Rumor has it that even Tia Dalma is helping introduce some new Voodoo doll that have amazing powers like Voodoo Reflect that turns a hex back on the Caster, and the Evil Eye which lets you attune targets from a distance. In order to get the new Voodoo dolls, you have to defeat the different enemies in the Caribbean. There are over 30 new Voodoo dolls available so keep plundering and you never know which enemy will drop a new Voodoo doll!

Take advantage of Voodoo Magic Week to help each other find the new Voodoo dolls and to master their powerful magic. Don't miss it! Join in the fun and mayhem!

  • When: June 30 to July 7
  • Where: All Over the Caribbean!

Both Basic and Unlimited Members will be able to collect these new items. However, only Unlimited Access Members will be able to equip these new Voodoo Dolls.

June 23rd- Crew Days are Back!

News crewDays

Did you know that being in a CREW gets you special bonuses? It's true! Whether you're fighting a sea battle or against enemies on land, being part of a crew is smart because you get a reputation bonus and it helps you level up faster. Plus, it's just more fun to fight the Undead with other Pirates. That's why we're bringing back... CREW DAYS!

Every Friday and Saturday evening, we encourage all Pirates to get down to the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres Del Fuego and CREW UP! If you're not asked, start one yourself! Then go pillage and plunder and watch how quickly you can rack up gold, reputation and other loot.

WHEN: 3:00PM to 8:00PM - Every Friday and Saturday, starting June 25 (All times Pacific Standard times/Los Angeles) WHERE: Docks of Tortuga, Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego

During this event, please be respectful and helpful towards your fellow Pirates by sticking to the Pirate's Code

June 22nd- Recap of Father's Day Celebration

This Father's Day weekend, Old Sooty, Xavier Hench and several members of the Marceline guild honored their fathers along with the rest of the Pirates in the Caribbean. Old Sooty may be a ghost but he still comes to the Caribbean now and then to visit his beloved nephew, Xavier Hench, who's like a son to Sooty. Many Pirates brought their fathers along to celebrate because when you've got dear ol' Dad in your crew, raiding forts and braving sea battles is double the fun! Sharing some fierce battles and good jokes, all while plundering loot, made for some great fun this Father's Day weekend. Take a look at some of the exciting adventures the Pirates had with Old Sooty and the Marceline guild!

Also, don't forget Pirates! The Father's Day Quest has been extended until June 24. So if you haven't done the quest yet, now's your chance! Get the quest from Jack Sparrow at the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal and help find his dad, Captain Teague.






June 16th- Father's Day with Xavier Hench and Old Soot

News sootyANDxavier

Father's Day is upon us, mates! Time to team up with Dad and get into the action. Join the Marceline Guild's Xavier Hench and his Uncle Old Soot for some fatherly fun. Yes, we know that Sooty is a ghost, but since he was Xavier's uncle in life, they remain close.

Old Sooty was like the father Xavier never had. Sooty was also an expert cannoner and who taught Xavier everything he knows. So get in the game for this cannon-shooting-enemy-fighting-fun-loving event. And bring your Dad.... unless he be a landlubber!

  • Date: June 19 & 20
  • Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM Pacific Standard Time & 5:00PM - 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time

(All times are Pacific Standard Time/Los Angeles)

  • Place: Tortuga and Port Royal docks

June 16th-Father's Day Quest

Every year Captain Jack Sparrow seems to misplace his dear ole Dad. You can help find him however. Just visit Jack in the Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal and he'll give you the details. Crew up with your friends to find the old scallywag and you'll get Double Reputation points for helping!

  • What: Father's Day Quest
  • When: June 16 to June 22
  • Where: Rowdy Rooster Tavern - Port Royal
  • Who: Basic and Unlimited Players
  • We had an issue with the Father's Day Quest. If you had done the quest last year, you could not use the same Pirate to do it again. We've fixed the issue and extended the Father's Day Quest till June 24. Keep in mind that while you're in-game the quest will still be shown as available until June 22, even though it has been extended to June 24.

June 9th- Guild Spotlight

Think your Guild is the most legendary band of Pirates to ever sail the Caribbean? Everyone does. Now you can prove it and, distinguish yourselves from other Caribbean Pirate Guilds. From June 9th to the end of the month, the Pirates Online team will be hearing from you - which Guild deserves the coveted, "Spotlight". Does your Guild honor the Pirates Code and help young Pirates everywhere? Is your Guild notorious for defeating strong enemies like Jolly Roger and the EITC? Tell us what makes your Guild so special!

Email us at, and be sure to put, "Guild Spotlight" in the subject line. We'll announce the winning Guild right here on the website so start submitting your votes today!

June 8th- New Leaderboards are LIVE!

We've redesigned and updated the look of the Pirates Leaderboards. Check them out today!

We've made it easier to see which Pirates are leading the way in the Caribbean. The leaderboards show the highest standing Pirates in several different categories like:

  • Overall Notoriety
  • Enemies Defeated
  • Ships Sunk
  • Blackjack hands won
  • Poker hands won
  • PvP Wins

These are just a few examples of what you'll find. Log in and compare your own standing against your friends, fellow guild members or against all the Pirates in the Caribbean. It may just be what inspires you to improve your accomplishments and finish your journey to becoming ... the most Notorious Pirate in all the Caribbean!

NOTE: The leaderboards are updated every 24 hours. In some cases your search will not return any results because there are no current stats for that category. Please try changing the Category, View or Sort fields.

June 4th- Savvy Swashbucklers Announced!

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite Savvy Swashbuckler! We were glad to see a huge response from our passionate community of Pirates. While there were many worthy Swashbucklers nominated, only a few managed to snag the title of "Savvy Swashbuckler". Here are April's winners:



Anna Firefury is one of the sweetest and funniest Pirates in the Caribbean. But she's also a valiant fighter. During an Undead invasion, the fearless Anna flexed right in front of Jolly Roger himself just before firing the shot that sent his army reeling!
Known for her unwavering devotion to fellow Pirates, Anna has risked her own neck many times to save the lives of her crew mates. During a battle in the Cursed Caverns on Tormenta, Anna noticed one of her crew mates was close to defeat. Disregarding her own safety, she rushed to her crew mate's side and finished off the enemy by using her last throwing Dagger!

While Anna's adventures take her all over the Caribbean, she prefers to spend her time in Padres del Fuego. That's where you can find her, if you ever want to go plundering with this Savvy Swashbuckler.



Shadow Diamond is known as a great leader among her guild mates. As one of the officers in the guild, Untamed Chaos, Shadow likes to take charge in difficult situations and helps resolve any disputes happening around her. Her sea battle skills are impressive as well - Shadow has been known to sink a Navy Monarch with one strategic broadside! Her weapon of choice is the Voodoo Staff and once she's armed with it, she's practically unstoppable!
Respectful towards every Pirate she meets, Shadow Diamond can be found on Tortuga. If anyone ever needs a strong Pirate with expert Voodoo Staff skills during a Jolly Roger invasion, Shadow Diamond is the kind of Pirate you want by your side! MARLA


Marla belongs to the guild, "You Die, We Live", and is famous for being one of the friendliest Pirates in all the islands. Marla makes it her mission to help new Pirates through their adventures in the Caribbean. Also known as a fierce fighter, Marla does not shy away from danger. In fact, she goes looking for it! Marla sails to some of the most dangerous and toughest islands in the Caribbean like Isla de Cangrejos looking for some Undead to use for target practice. She also carries a full supply of health tonics to help out other Pirates during battles.
She even has a flair for fashion that rivals GM Catherine Harcourt's style! Marla can be found sporting the latest fashion in the Caribbean whether it's a new hairstyle, jewelry or a new pair of boots, Marla always looks her best while taking on the evil scourges of the Caribbean. IGOR GREYBEARD


Don't let Igor Greybeard's looks fool you. While he might look like the rowdiest Pirate around, he is also one of the most hardworking Pirates you'll ever meet in the Caribbean. He is a Pirate who upholds the Pirates Code and always has a kind word or a helping hand for everyone. Whether you are a new Pirate or a seasoned one, if you need help, Igor Greybeard is your man. Igor who is an officer in the Honorable Mates Guild, can usually be found on Padres del Fuego. JEREMIAH WILDKIDD


A member of The 8 Pirate Lords Guild, Jeremiah Wildkidd is a Pirate who shows the true meaning of loyalty. He never betrays a fellow Pirate and is ready and willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat. His motto is, "Don't give up. It doesn't matter if you get defeated, hold your head high!" We couldn't agree more with Jeremiah. That's a wise motto to live by especially in the Caribbean where danger lurks around every corner.
If you want to find Jeremiah Wildkidd, keep a weathered eye out. You never know when you'll run into him. Let's tip our hats and give a mighty "Yo Ho Ho!" salute to our Savvy Swashbucklers.
Remember, if your favorite Pirate didn't win this time, not to worry. Keep trying. And keep an eye out for news of our next Savvy Swashbuckler!

May 28th- What is the Navy Hiding...


For some time now we Pirates have able to carry out our business with ease, due mostly to the incompetence and laziness of the Navy. But that might be changing. Many good Pirates have noticed a sudden increase of new Navy flags. No one knows what these flags mean however, since it's the Navy, we can't help but assume the worst.

Our spies can only tell us that the Navy forts have been doing some construction. All of the movement and building takes place at night and, certain areas are cloaked and heavily guarded. But this we do know - it appears to be defensive and could mean the end of safe approaches to the islands. Is the Navy getting more aggressive? Do they have a new, secret weapon to fire on us? What do you think?

May 26th- Was Rott telling the truth?

Everyone knows that ever since the tragic incident that led to Rat's Nest, Captain Ezekiel Rott has been thirsting for revenge against Captain Walter. And it seems like he may have finally gotten his chance to get even with the Marceline leader.

Captain Walter's ship, The Magic was recently found drifting off the coast of Outcast Isle by Xavier Hench and Ben Bowman. They brought the ship over to Cuba where Sandra Tew's inspection showed her disturbing visions of a fierce sword fight between Rott and Captain Walter. With various reports of mysterious sightings of Captain Walter's ghost, many Pirates were worried about the dear Captain's fate.

RottsRevenge Large

Pirates interrogating Rott on Cuba (Click to see larger image)

Tia Dalma used her powerful voodoo magic to help the Marceline guild locate the deceitful Rott. Aided by other helpful Pirates, they were able to interrogate Rott about the whereabouts of Captain Walter. Surrounded by strong Pirates, Rott finally confessed to stowing away on Captain Walter's ship one night and challenging him to a sword fight. It was that fateful fight which led to the unfortunate demise of our beloved Captain Walter!

It is with heavy hearts that we give our farewell salute to the late Captain Walter. He will be remembered by all for his unwavering support and devotion to Pirates' freedom everywhere!

May 21st- Loot for Basic & Unlimited Access Members

With the expanded Sea Chest, Pirates are now able to carry more loot than before. However, there are some differences in which loot items Basic and Unlimited Access Members can fully use. Here are a few points you need to know about collecting loot after defeating an enemy:

Basic Access Members:

  • If you are a Basic Access Member, you will be able to collect all items from the loot drops.
  • Basic Access Members can only use Crude items. Please note:
    • There are no Crude Broadswords, Muskets, Bayonets, Daggers, and Voodoo Staves in weapons.
    • There are no Crude jewelry and tattoos. However, there are Crude clothing items which you can collect and use.
    • Basic Access Members can purchase and use healing tonics but can only create and use the first few potions in Potion Brewing.
  • When you get a weapon drop, check the weapon card to see if it is a Crude weapon. To use a weapon, you will need to train for it and reach the skill level to unlock it. Your weapon card will indicate the necessary requirements to unlock a weapon.

Unlimited Access Members:

  • Unlimited Access Members are able to use all items from loot drops including Common, Rare, Famed and Legendary. This includes clothing, weapons, potions, jewelry, and tattoos. Unlimited Access Members can use all healing tonics and any of the potions created in Potion Brewing.
  • You can equip and use any weapons from loot drops. Please note: you will need to have trained for the weapon and reached the skill level to use it. Check the weapon card to see what the requirements are to use a particular weapon.
  • When your subscription ends, all non Crude items in your Sea Chest will be locked for use. This includes any items that are Common, Rare, Famed or Legendary as well as higher level potions made in Potion Brewing. When your subscription renews, you will regain access to all of your items once again.

Remember that all Pirates can collect any weapon from loot drops, and only Unlimited Access Members can use everything.

May 14th- Shipwrights need your help!


Ever since the EITC launched their Expedition Fleets, Darby Drydock and his fellow shipwrights have been overwhelmed with repairing destroyed ships. In order to speed up repairs, the shipwrights decided to teach others the essentials of ship repair. The lost art of ship repairs is being revived, and you can learn it today!

To get started, find a ship repairing table near any shipwright and start hammering away! You can also help repair ships while at sea. Whether it be sawing planks, hammering nails or scraping barnacles off the bottom of a ship, help fix Pirate ships for fun and profit! That's right, you can actually get paid to help repair other Pirates' damaged vessels, both on land and sea. You can now also repair ships while the captain of the ship is at the wheel. Get busy mates, plenty o' ships need fixing!

Game Tip: Repair your ship faster with friends, guildmates and crews at sea.

May 14th- Potions Brewing Secrets Revealed!


If you've ever wanted to brew your own potions, now you can. That's right! Confuse your enemies and amuse your friends with the amazing new potions recently brought to the islands by the Caribbean's own, Sandra Tew. There are potions for almost anything. Boost your speed with Swift Foot and run like the wind or break wind with the Flatulent Fizz!

Brewing your own potions is really easy. Visit a gypsy on any island and select the potion recipe you want. Then start combining the ingredients to create the potion. Try 'em out today!

May 13th- Captain Walter Has Gone Missing...

A few weeks back, Captain Walter vanished. Since then the Marceline Guild has been searching tirelessly for their beloved leader. Recently, Sandra Tew started having visions about the good captain. Her visions have led the Marceline Pirates to believe that Captain Ezekiel Rott is behind Captain Walter's disappearance. Rumor has it that Captain Rott bears a long time grudge against Captain Walter and vowed to settle the score one day. Trusting Sandra's visions, the Marceline Guild plans to interrogate Captain Ezekiel Rott. Help the Marceline Guild find the vile Captain Rott to learn the truth about where Captain Walter may be!

  • What: Help the Marceline Guild find Captain Rott to learn the truth about Captain Walter's whereabouts.
  • When: Saturday, May 15 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Sunday, May 16 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.
(All times are Pacific/ Los Angeles.)

  • Where: Find the Marceline Guild on the docks of Cuba.
  • The Details: You'll know the Marceline Guild by the flaming skull logo above their heads.

May 13th- Treasure Fleets Sighted!

It seems the EITC is continuing to transport shipments of El Patron's Lost Weapons from Raven's Cove to the other islands. But this time, the Navy has joined forces with the EITC! Known as the Treasure Fleets, powerful Navy and EITC fleets are now carrying large amounts of cargo containing the Lost Weapons.

Prepare yourselves for major battle on the high seas, mates! Get to the seas and stop these fleets or it will mean the end of us all! Be warned, you cannot do it alone. Plan a strategy and team up with other hearty captains and crews to sink the Treasure Fleets together! And know this, for those who are brave and sink the Treasure Fleets, plenty of fine plunder and booty await them when they return to land.

May 7th- Mystery of Rat's Nest

Captain Ezekiel Rott of the Casa de Muertos guild has forever plagued the Caribbean with his sinister presence. Pirates know that as a sworn servant of Jolly Roger's, Rott is usually behind many of the villainous acts that happen all over the islands. No one really knows much about Captain Rott's role in that shell of a town on Tortuga called, 'Rat's Nest'. But our very own Marceline guild is aware of Rott's shady dealings - the very dealings that led to the cursing of Rat's Nest! Find the Marceline guild and discover the dreadful secret Captain Ezekiel Rott has fought to keep quiet.

What: Learn all about Captain Ezekiel Rott's dark deeds and the mystery of Rat's Nest!

When: Saturday, May 8 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday, May 9 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.
(All times are Pacific/ Los Angeles.)

Where: Find the Marceline guild on the docks of Tortuga.

May 6th- The Mystery is Solved!


Now available on TEST! If you've been curious about the sudden appearance of the strange symbols, the mystery has been solved. Turns out that Sandra Tew, one of the finest potion makers in the Caribbean, recently found powerful new herbs on some uncharted islands. Sandra took these potent ingredients to her mentor, Tia Dalma and together they concocted several strong potions and elixirs. Sandra knew that these potions would help the Pirates defend against Jolly Roger's dark magic. Now you can learn to make these potions yourself! But be careful, they're dangerous and you don't want to blow yourself up. Sandra's not the only one who let the cat out of the bag. Darby's secret has also been cracked! And it's quite a profitable one!


You see, ever since the EITC Expedition Fleets sailed towards Raven's Cove, the Shipwrights have been flooded with business. In fact, it's been more than they can handle! So Darby Drydock and the Shipwrights from the other islands got together and devised a plan; teach Pirates to patch damaged vessels! While the Shipwrights will continue to repair ships as usual, they put in place a system that lets you fix ships too. And the good part is - you can also earn extra gold by working for the Shipwrights in helping them repair other ships! This is a perfect way to help Pirates get back on the water quicker to stop the Undead, Navy and EITC from controlling more of the islands.

Start practicing your potion brewing and ship repair techniques on TEST now!

May 4th- Mother's Day Tattoos

Show that special lady you care by getting a tattoo about Mom!
From Tuesday, May 4 to Tuesday, May 11, a variety of Mother's Day designs are available at all Tattoo Parlors for a limited time. Wear it proudly for dear ol' Mum!

April 30th- Meet the Marceline Guild

The Marceline guild is made up of some of the saltiest and toughest Pirates the Caribbean has ever known. While many have met the Marceline Pirates, few know their stories. Brought together by strange twists of fate, these Pirates are each other's family through the best and harshest of times...

Captain Walter Known simply as Captain Walt to his friends, he's the undisputed leader of the Marceline Guild. Distinguished to be stern but fair, Captain Walt is an expert sailor, war strategist, and master of Pirate style. It's rumored that he has a pair of boots for every day of the week! Learn more about Captain Walter's background.

Xavier Hench Xavier Hench is an expert in cannonry and munitions, which makes him very valuable to any Pirate crew. But he's best known as the "go-to" man for any job, no matter how dirty or deadly. Rumor has it that the word, "Henchman" is based on Xavier because he'd do anything for his captain and crewmates. Want to learn more about Xavier? Click here.

Sandra Tew Sandra Tew is a legendary Voodoo priestess who learned her craft from none other than Tia Dalma herself. She has a knack for brewing up new potions and elixirs that can blind a Pirate if not taken properly. Find out more about this mysterious Voodoo priestess here.

Rose Winsome Rose Winsome is a bonnie lass who is part pistol wielding diva and part proper lady. The trouble is, you never know which part you're dealing with. Approach with care, but know this - if she likes you, you're in good company, if not ... beware. Learn more about Rose Winsome here.

April 23-Mysterious Sightings

Recently, there have been rumors in the Caribbean about some strange sightings. All the islands are filled with chatter but no one seems to know what's really going on. So what's the buzz all about? Read the rumors below and see if you can figure out the mystery.

Darby's Secret

During one of their trips to Darby Drydock, the Port Royal shipwright, many Pirates noticed an odd sight - some makeshift tables set up near his shop. Usually, Darby is not the secretive type but whenever Pirates asked him about the tables he would change the topic immediately and start rambling on about his Aunt Edith's belching problem. Now, Darby's embarrassing family secrets aside, we're pretty curious to know what these new tables are for.

What do you Pirates think? What on earth could Darby be planning to do with them?

News minigames potionTeaser2

Lost Journal

Speaking of strange happenings in the Caribbean, Sandra Tew was recently seen talking to Fabiola, one of the gypsies on Tortuga. They seemed to be having a very secretive, intense conversation. The Pirate who witnessed this meeting said Sandra then showed Fabiola something in her hand. Whatever Sandra was holding made Fabiola's face turn completely pale - just as if she was seeing the ghost of El Patron himself!

Shortly after that, Sandra rushed off and sailed back to Cuba. In her haste, Sandra dropped a piece of parchment on the docks. The parchment had some mysterious symbols and writing on it. We are completely baffled about what it could mean. Take a look and tell us what you think. We hope it's something good... and not an evil omen.

News minigames potionTeaser1

April 21st- El Patron's Lost Weapons Unveiled!

With the discovery of El Patron's Lost Weapons, Pirates all over the Caribbean are wondering about the mysterious origins of these legendary weapons. Fortunately, after witnessing the gruesome battle between Beckett and Jolly Roger on Raven Cove, the Marceline Guild now has inside knowledge about the weapons' true history. Join the GM's as they explain the origins of El Patron's weapons and details of the epic battle that changed the Caribbean forever!

  • What: Discovery of El Patron's Lost Weapons!
  • When: Saturday, April 24 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Sunday, April 25 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. (All times are Pacific/ Los Angeles.)

  • Where: Find the Marceline guild on docks of Tortuga and Port Royal.
  • The Details: You'll know the Marceline guild by the flaming skull logo above their heads.

April 15th- El Patron's Weapons Taken!

News elPatron

Shrouded in fog, Raven's Cove is an ancient outpost of sand, mystery, and danger. Hidden from human eyes until now and home to El Patron's Lost Weapons - Raven Cove houses the most powerful stockpile of weapons ever known!

Jolly Roger wanted these weapons badly ... so did the EITC Commander, Lord Cutler Beckett. But Beckett double-crossed Jolly to get the weapons for himself. When Jolly Roger found out, he vowed revenge. Their forces met on Raven's Cove and fought ferociously. Witnessing the epic battle was the Marceline Guild. They watched the formidable foes fight for two days - ending in a draw, but leaving the island in shambles. Both sides walked away with a hefty share of the enchanted weapons. Now they can be found all over the Caribbean, carried by EITC forces, the Undead, and some were even sold to the Navy. Defeating your enemies is the fastest way to get your hands on these powerful weapons. But the question remains - what's the fate of Raven's Cove? Can it recover from such devastation?

Release Notes - April 15, 2010

New Features:

  • El Patron's Lost Weapons have been found!
  • Hundreds of new weapon items can now be discovered in-game.
  • Enemies and ships drop loot containers, which contain a variety of treasure.
  • Sailing Items (Sea Charms) can be found in loot containers, which can help improve your sailing skills.
  • New skills can be found on some of these new weapons. These skills can only be used when the weapons are being used. There are also two new types of skills:
Break Attacks
Powerful special attacks that can be used when you are in a tough battle. These skills only recharge when you take damage. Completing a Combo Attack also helps recharge a Break Attack.
Defense Skills
These skills protect the player by automatically blocking incoming attacks. Defense skills recharge normally and cannot be triggered manually by the player.
  • Pirates now have 4 Weapon Slots, so you can choose which weapons you have equipped.
  • Pirates now have 1 Sailing Item Slot, which gives the pirate bonuses while sailing or using cannons.
  • Some new items are also available in stores for purchase.
  • Pirates can now change their clothes, tattoos and jewelry without having to visit stores.

April 9th- Savvy Swashbucklers

Thar be no finer collection of rascals, knaves and scoundrels than the Pirates sailing our Caribbean! Whether it be beating back Jolly Roger's invasions or evading Beckett's EITC forces, all you Pirates have shown extraordinary skill by combining your individual strengths in defending the Caribbean against our evil foes.

We want to recognize the Pirates who always lend a helping hand, and demonstrate great courage and outstanding wit in the face of any ferocious challenge the Caribbean has to offer. If you know a Pirate (even it be yerself!) with a stout heart and able mind who never shies away from danger and upholds the Pirates Code, let us know by voting for them! Whoever gets the most votes will be recognized as being the savviest Pirate in the Caribbean - a true Savvy Swashbuckler!

Sending us your votes is simple. E-mail us at with the subject line, "Savvy Swashbucklers" and include the following information:

  • Name and level of the Pirate you are voting for
  • The Guild the Pirate belongs to
  • Reason why you think this Pirate deserves to win. Are they wittier than Jack Sparrow himself? Do they go out of their way to help others the same way Will Turner would? Does this Pirate show no fear in the face of Jolly Roger's invasions? Are their jokes the talk of the tavern? Tell us their tale!
  • Which island can we find this Pirate on if we want to go sailing with them

The voting runs from April 9th - 30th. All entries will only be accepted through e-mail so make sure you are sending your votes to with the subject line, "Savvy Swashbucklers". Help us is giving a mighty "Yo, Ho, Ho!" salute to the fine Pirates in the Caribbean and start sending in those votes!

March 25th- Calling All Testers!

News test server

Attention all Testers! You've heard many rumors about El Patron's Lost Weapons but now is your chance to experience these mysterious new weapons first hand! But that's not all! Many new features & improvements are finding their way to the Caribbean. Want to learn more? If you have access to Test, log in to try out:

  • Enemy item drops
  • New clothing
  • New weapons
  • New skills
  • New and improved animations
    • To preview these features on Test, you need to have existing Test Server access.
    • Make new pirates on Test as well as use your existing Test pirate.

For more details, check out the Test Web site. Send us your feedback and don't forget to submit those bug reports here.

March 25th- Share Ship Sinking Strategies ...

Attention all ye hearty Pirates! The Expedition Fleets are afloat and sailing toward Raven's Cove Island to lay claim to the mythical El Patron's Lost Weapons! These weapons are said to be full of voodoo magic, and whoever controls them ... controls the Caribbean.

News expeditionFleetYou must stop the EITC Fleets or they'll bring an end to every good Pirate in the islands! Some of you have had good luck against the fleets, combined with a well-designed plan of action. So please, share your strategy with the rest of us by replying to this post. Hurry, gather your crew and sink those fleets ... or be sunk.

March 23rd- Last Week to Get Your Green!

Seems like all things green and that mythical Irish luck is about to expire, mates. So, now's the time to enjoy the green Caribbean, courtesy of that rascally Irish Pirate, Shamus O'Malley.


But fun mischief isn't the only thing that Shamus brought us - he handed out plenty of gold just for the asking! To help him celebrate the holiday of St. Patrick's Day, use your gold to buy some green hair or tattoos, before they're gone. You see, all good things must come to an end and the luck of the Irish will run out at week's end.

March 18th- Coming Soon: El Patron's Lost Weapons!

News inventoryWeaponsCrossed

That's right! The Pirates inventory of weapons and clothing is going to grow and become bigger and better. By listening to your ideas, we've come up with some completely new categories of weapons never seen before! Soon ... you can get your hands on Muskets and Blunderbusses. There are also new sword types like Sabres and Broadswords. And we'll be adding cool new variations of current weapons like Voodoo Staves, Pistols, Cutlasses, and much more.

News inventoryShot

These are all part of the legendary El Patron's Lost Weapons! Getting them is simple. Just pillage and plunder like you've always done, and they'll drop from some of your enemies who found the fabulous weapons first. Here are some things you need to know about the new inventory ...

  • Your Sea Chest will change to let you put more items in your stash. It will hold 35 weapons, 42 clothing items, 40 different tattoos and jewelry, and 42 Potions.
  • You will also be able to decide which ones to keep and which ones to sell.
  • With the amount of new weapons types coming out, you will need to be able to choose your equipment. You will be able to drag and drop weapons into 4 Customizable Weapon Slots.
  • There is also a fifth Customizable Item Slot for equipping a Sailing Item, which will give you bonuses while sailing on a ship or firing cannons.

News inventoryWeaponBar

These new weapons have strong Voodoo Enchantments on them, which give their wielder new powers and fighting abilities! Some weapons have Skill Boosts, which make your existing skills stronger. Others weapons give you New Attacks or Voodoo Powers. Check out below screenshot of the awesome new Rolling Attack, just one of the many new abilities you will find.

News inventoryWeaponCard

News inventoryRollingAttack

Just how many new weapons and special powers are there? You will need to collect and discover them all to find out! Now get pillaging!

And while you're looking - keep a wary eye for the legendary, Lost Sword of El Patron. This powerful blade once belonged to the famous conquistador, El Patron himself. According to legend, the blade was cursed with El Patron's last breath and his soul now haunts the blade. Anyone wielding this sword will have tremendous power, but will also be changed into the form of a ghost! Hurry and recover these weapons before they fall into the hands of Jolly Roger.

Both Basic and Unlimited Members will be able to collect these new items. However, Basic Access Members will only be able to equip basic items. Rarer items can only be equipped by Unlimited Access Members.

March 16th- Shamus O'Malley's Gold

Shamus O'Malley, the GM, is one happy Pirate! And he's happiest when it comes to all things Irish -- like St. Patrick's Day (March 17), shamrocks, and the color green, of course. No doubt you've seen his mischievous handiwork around the Caribbean -- the green seas? That was one of his pranks. But now he's up to something that makes him either daft or generous.


He's giving away gold! That's right. Just approach Shamus during his visits to the islands and ask for the gold. The only catch is ... you have to find him. Shamus hides like a leprechaun at times or he could be out, wandering about town in plain sight. But when you see Shamus, just ask politely, and he'll give you some of his gold. This is Shamus O'Malley's way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

How to use the Shamus code for gold:

  1. Hit "Enter" to open the chat window.
  2. Type /code in the chat window followed by the code Shamus gives you. (Example: /code 1234567891234567)
  1. Hit "Enter" again to redeem
  2. If done correctly, you'll see a notice appear that the code has been redeemed successfully and your gold amount will increase.

March 11th-The EITC Expedition Fleet has launched

Calling all hearty Pirates! Now is the time to join in the battle. The meddling mercenaries of the East India Trading Company have learned the location of ... El Patron's Lost Weapons!

Jolly Roger had been working with Lord Beckett, the EITC Commander, to find and share the weapons but Beckett double-crossed Jolly!

News expeditionFleet


Lord Beckett had Jolly Roger invade Padres when the crafty Commander knew all along the weapons were not there. Now while Jolly continues to invade the islands in his search, Beckett is already sending his impressive and powerful Expedition Fleets to the uncharted island of Raven Cove -- the true location of the legendary El Patron's Lost Weapons.

Gather your courage, Pirates! Crew up with your mates, and set sail for a royal battle to sink this forceful fleet before it reaches Raven Cove.

March 4th- EITC Ship Patrols Increase!

Look on the horizon, mate! If you see EITC ships that are thick as flies, you're not imagining it! The EITC have doubled their patrols and are hunting for something rare and powerful ... El Patron's Lost Weapons.

Beckett's spies are scrambling to find out where these mythical weapons are hidden since they did not turn up on Padres. Extra EITC ships are swarming the waters and turning over every rock and crab to find them first! Why? Because legend has it that whoever controls these weapons, rules the Caribbean. Gather your guilds, crew up with old and new friends to stop the East India Trading Company from becoming the most powerful force in the islands!

Look for the Pirate GMs to join the battle as well. The GMs will be crewing up at the Tortuga Docks and heading out to sink EITC ships at the following times:

  • Friday, March 5: 2:00 - 3:00PM
  • Saturday, March 6: 2:00 - 3:00PM & 4:30 - 5:30PM
  • Sunday, March 7: 12:00 - 1:00PM & 2:00 - 3:00PM

All times Pacific/Los Angeles

Join us for the fun and mayhem. And never - repeat never - let Beckett get the upper hand, or the Caribbean will be lost forever.

March 2nd- Emerald Green Seas? Is It a Sign?

Some say it's a sign -- a bad omen of things to come. But truth be told, it's the mischief of that charming rouge, Shamus O'Malley. He so loves his native Ireland and the color green, that instead of letting the barrels of green dye get shipped to ports around the world, he did something ... shameless! O'Malley stole onto the EITC cargo ships at night carrying the valuable dye and dumped it overboard. Of course, he kept some dye to hand out to the local merchants so Pirates like yourself could get a fine looking green hairdo to help celebrate - St. Patrick's Day!

Screenshots sea green

The Irish GM, Shamus O'Malley, leads the celebration of his patron saint on Wednesday, March 17. Shamus will be giving away gold to Pirates all day tell all your mates and Guild members to enjoy the celebration!

February 25th- Where is this stockpile of weapons?

Some think these mythical weapons don't even exist. Others think that they are cursed with a strong magic that makes them unstoppable - and whoever controls them rules the Caribbean. Fact or fable? No one will know until the weapons are discovered. Jolly Roger thinks they are real and has sent his minions to Padres on a QUEST to find them. You can aid them or stop them, depending on your loyalties.

If they are more than just the vain imaginings of grog-soaked townsfolk, then it's critical that all good Pirates do what they can to keep these weapons away from Jolly and those feckless EITC thugs. A word of warning however - Jolly Roger and Lord Beckett have spies everywhere - so mind yer steps, savvy?

Casa de muertos guild

'Find Captain Ezekiel Rott near the Docks on Padres del Fuego to begin this New Quest! This Quest can only be played by Unlimited Access Members and your Pirates must have a Level 15 Overall Notoriety or higher.' Quest starts on Feb. 26.

Click here to learn more about Unlimited Access.

February 25th- Reminders for Managing Your Guild

  • To start a Pirate Guild or become a Guild Master, you must have Unlimited Access. As the Master of your Guild you can invite other Pirates to join, promote members to Guild Officers, and dissolve the Guild when you want.
  • As a Guild Officer, you may invite other Pirates to join your Guild or remove Pirates from your Guild.
  • All Guild members always have the option to join (accept an invite) or leave a Guild whenever they want as well.
  • Any player can join a Guild, but you can only be a member of one Guild at a time.

For more details on how to join a Guild as well as other specifics on this topic, please see thePlayers Guide.

If your Guild loses its Guild Master, you can continue with just the Guild Officers leading the group. But Officers cannot perform all the functions and duties of a Guild Master, so another option is to re-form your Guild. To re-form, the members must first leave the Guild then create a brand new one, picking a new Guild name to submit.

You now also have the ability to turn off all Guild invitations.

PLEASE REMEMBER - Never ask for or give your personal information to anyone in the game or online, including other members of your Guild. This includes your phone number, email or home address - it's just not safe - savvy?

February 18- Beware: The Casa de Muertos Guild Is Back

When Jolly Roger needs something done quietly, he turns to the Casa de Muertos Guild. But, who are these men? No one knows for sure but this we do know this... they're a bad lot. The Guild has come to find out what the townsfolk and pirates know about the location of a mythical stockpile of power weapons. Some say these weapons only exist in the minds of grog-filled pirates. Others believe they are real and whoever gets their hands on them will rule the Caribbean.

The presence of the Guild is an ominous sign, so pirate GMs will be there to keep an eye on them. If you dare to work with this clan - beware, they may talk nice, but they are vile...

What: Keep an eye out for the Casa de Muertos Guild. What are they up to? When: All times Pacific/Los Angeles.

  • Friday, Feb 19 - 2:00 to 3:00PM
  • Saturday, Feb 20 - 2:00 to 3:00PM and 4:30-5:30PM
  • Sunday, Feb 21 - 12:00 to 1:00PM and 2:00 to 3:00PM

Where: Near the Gypsy, Romany Bev on Padres del Fuego

February 18th- Calling All Testers!

News test server

Attention all Testers! New updates are now available on the Test Server. For more details, check out the Test Web site.

  • New Casa de Muertos Quest on Padres del Fuego (Level 16 Requirement)
  • Expedition Fleets Set Sail ? Search for and sink elusive EITC Ship of the Line fleets. Follow the dotted shipping routes the EITC are known to travel. (Accessed by the World Map, ?M? key.)
  • Added the ability to ignore all Guild Invites
  • Pirates will no longer become Groggy after being revived. They only become Groggy when they are sent to jail.
  • Reduced the amount of damage cannonballs deal to player masts and sails.
  • The sun and stars now have the correct orientation across islands.

Known Issue:

  • Launching a ship from Isla de Avaricia will cause the game to crash.

February 16th- Last Chance to Enjoy the Valentine's Quest

The Quest ends at midnight on February 16... so hurry -- you don't want to miss it! Why? Not only can you help sad Sid Tackem find true love, you also get a cool red shirt for completing the Quest. So don't delay because, like the chance of finding true love, it won't last forever!


February 11th- Celebrate mardi Gras

Celebrate the arrival of spring by joining us for the Mardi Gras Festival! What's Mardi Gras? It's a Pirate party hosted by Pirates Online GMs (Game Masters) where you're the star! Help lead parades through the streets as we all make our way to the beach for a bonfire. And we end the festivities with a spectacular fireworks show. It all starts February 11. Don't be a party pooper - invite your friends and guilds to join in the fun!

What: Mardi Gras Festival
When: All times Pacific/Los Angeles Thursday, Feb 11 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Friday, Feb 12 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Saturday, Feb 13 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Sunday, Feb 14 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Monday, Feb 15 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Tuesday, Feb 16 - 12:00 to 1:00PM
Where: Tortuga (The GM's will start the Parade in the center of town and proceed to the beach)

February 9th- Pirate Romance and Valentine's Day Quest

Poor ole Sid Tackem has a crush on a lovely lass named, Deidre Dunnam, but Sid's too shy to even talk to her. That's where you come in. Back by popular demand, the Valentine's Day Quest not only gives you a chance to help out Sid but as a reward for completing the Quest you'll get a fancy red shirt that's made for a night on the town!

1. Giladoga is currently hiding out in Ratskellar Tavern on Padres del Fuego instead of the King's Arm Tavern on Tortuga. You can find him there to complete your Valentines Day Quest.
2. Unlimited Access Members who finished this Quest last year will not be able to start it again this year.

THIS QUEST IS AVAILABLE TO UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERS ONLY.The 'A Pirate Valentine' quest is available from February 10 until February 16.

Not an Unlimited Access member? Then upgrade your account to get the exclusive Valentine's Quest clothing reward and experience all the Caribbean has to offer, like access to bigger ships and better weapons!


Pirate Valentines So... you've got your eye on that special person? You want to show them you care in a Pirate way, but don't want to give them a plain old store bought card like everyone else. Then check out our Pirate Valentines!

Select from one of four different designs, print it, and sign your name on a card they will remember! Hurry, like the Valentine's Day Quest, the Pirate Valentines are only available for a limited time!

February 4th- Beware the Powder Keg Runners!

Beware Pirates! That evil monster Jolly Roger has a new breed of servant. These dangerous undead soldiers storm the beaches carrying POWDER KEGS on their shoulders. DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT try to stop them on your own! Jolly calls these servants: Powder Keg Runners.


Don't be foolish, unless you want to be defeated - stay away!

The Pirate Brethren Court advises that you not try to fight them alone. They also caution Pirates to keep a safe distance from them. Fighting these Powder Keg Runners using a Cutlass or Dagger is suicidal. Instead use your heads mates, better yet, use your Pistols, Grenades, or Voodoo Staffs. Inexperienced Pirates should probably avoid them all together. Properly warned ye be!

February 2nd- Feats of Strength Second Weekend Results

Pirates from all over the Caribbean competed in the Feats of Strength Competition and while all of our competitors are winners, the Pirates listed below were a little quicker than everyone else. Their efforts placed them in the top three for the weekend event of January 30-31! These Pirates won gold for their accomplishment! Let's congratulate these Pirates and all our competitors.

First Place
Ash (40) The Knighthawks
Benji Scallion (46) Emerald Sea Gang
Bess Firescarlett (45) Sea Riots
Bess O'Scarlett (50) Matthew Hullskull
Bill (41) Bill's Raiders
Billy Bluebeard (14)
Billy Warmonger (42) Platinum Pirate
Buck Bankok (43) Partners N Crime
Captain Josue (48) Spartans Savvy
Charlie (36) Savage Spirits
Charlotte Hearthawk (50) Char's Immortals
Christopher Cannonskull (44) Sonic Gears
Constantina Grace (47) Pirate Guild 6
Coral Reef Cora (41) SeaFurys
Dagger (33) Misfits of Death
Darkrider (33) U.S Defenders
David Redwalker (41)
Dog Gunsteel (43) Shadow Legion
Emily Firemartin (32) Savage Spirits
George Barrelwalker (50) Can't Top This Level
Jack Fireburn (50) Legends of the Land
Jack Gunroberts (39) Spanish Muerta
Jack Shipsteel (35)
Jack Stormfury (18) The Savvy
James Bladefury (41) Dancer's Swords
James Warshot (29)
Jason Trueshot (50) Mcraging
Jeanne Stormcutter (49) Emerald Sea Gang
Johnny Rigbeard (43) Savage Spirits
Jorjor Jr. (11) Forbidden Legends
Josh Eberle (43) Spartans Savvy
Kat Goldhawk (49) Da Brute Squad
Kyrie Swanstorm (25) Elite Thievery Co.
Leon Stormrat (40)
Lizzy Grace - Fortitude Pirates
Lorenzo De Medici (36)
Meghan Stormrat (35) The Guardians
Nathaniel (46)
Nathaniel Calicosilver (45) Gladiators Army
Nell Firewalker (45) Hearts Afire Guild!
Pepe LePewe (45) Jezz Kiddin
Richard Plunderwalker (30)
Rose Bluehawk (50) Matthew Hullskull
Rose Lockbones - Pirate Guild 378421
Samuel Foulbones - Terrible1
Sarah Yellowwrecker - Guest337277485
Stardust - PiratesGuild444071
Themgrind (50) Clan Storm
Timothy The Terrible (46) Can't Top This Level
Tiny Dancer
Will O'menace - Rogue -1
William Goldbones (38) Guards of Treasur
Wolf Iceshield - Dancer's swords
Second Place
Amelia Darkvane (32) Shadow Blood
Angel Bladehawk (20) Legends of Land
Anne Treasurestealer (43) GM Fate Fo The Fallen
Bart Badbones (44) Bluebears Rouges
Bess Firebones (45) Old Sea Salts Guild
Bill Skullcracker (41) Emerald Sea Gang
Billy Lockcutter (50) Reb Assassins
Charles Gunfury (50) Rages of Fortune
Chief - Guest343640579
Daggerskull (39) Gawain Warriors
Danvy Dockson (45) We Shall Die Togeather
Dean Dreadhawk (50) Outcast Outlawzz
Dog O'Cutter (27)
Dominator (49) Misfits of Death
Drake Storm (39) Secret Mercenaries
Dylan (42) The Officers Path
Eliza Riggull (40) Nightmare's Guild
Eliza Truehound (50) Tessas Terrors
Eric Sharksteel (40) The Warhammers
Erin Akilina (38) Eagles' Aerie
George Sharkhogge - Guest393109279
Grace Darksteel (32) Us Defenders
Greybeard Noble Works (50)
Jack - Guest391912587
Jack Bruno (36) The Eclipse Knights
Jade Ironcastle (43) Calypso's Chosen
Jeffrey Blasthawk - JPAwesome
Jeffrey Daggerkidd (40) Misfits of Death
Jhon Hawk (48) McRaging
Joseph McMalley (31) Darbodaen Fury
Kelly Waveskull - Guest385420951
Lee Knite (38)
Lilly Swan (49) GM of Leather -N- Lace
Logan the Black (19) Sea Furys
Maggie (26) Lightening Force
Mark Plunderbowers (51)
Meghan Stormrat (35) Pirate Guild 10974
Molly Deckhara
Molly Ironbones - Fortitude Pirates
Nicole (36) The Spicey Clan
Noel Blackdog (50) Emerald Sea Gang
Peter Daggerwrecker (40)
Richard Canonwalker (27) Guildmaster of Fanard
Richard Hexbowers (36) Darkside Demons
Sam Wildskull (39) Mob Squad
Samuel Seacrash (42) Crazy Rumrunners Guild.
Simon Ironrage (33) Crimson Squad Guild
Sioux Blackersmith - ifonlyifonly
Thomas (41) Spartans Savvy
Tobia Bligewine - Terrible1
William Seaeagle (19)
William Swordcastle - Pirate Guild 378421
Third Place
Ayesh (43) New Cobra Kings
Basil Bilgeshout (13) Stormin Rogues
Ben Whalebutler (50) Wrong Trousers Guild
Benjamin Swordmorris (45) Team Svs
Bounty Hunter (33)
Captain Andrew (40) Co. Empire
Charlotte O'Scarlett (50) Darbodaen
Courte Jr. - Fortitude Pirates
Cutthroght Mc Rage (44) GM of Rage's Marauders
Daggerking (13) Faces of Death 2
David Redgull (46) Jacks Fighters
Davy Warbraker (39) The Wild Stormers
Edgar Burnmorris - Fireskull Inc.
Edward Edgemenace (12) EdEd
Emily Darkhawk - Ocean Gods
Eric O'vane (35) Dooms Day Pirates
Esmerelda Firehawk (34) Danger Gang
Estela Heartright - Guest313887668
Jack - Guest394026870
Jack - Pirate Guild 589558
Jack (16) Lord Jack's Rebels
Jack Daggerburn (38) Dooms Day Pirates
Jade Seasmythe (50) GM of Loyal To The End
Jeremiah Hexscarlett (35) Pirate Guild 592114
J-Hoot (50) Weapons Mastered
Jim Bluegrin (33) Pirate Guild 591995
Jinx (50) Black Sharks Inc.
Johnny Tracks - Black Phoenixs
Justin DiwaLano - Guest384374560
Kat Firefury (49) Kry of Angels
Lawrence Dampstealer - Guest322742269
Lawrence Dockwrecker (24) Co. Chaps
Leon Daggerpaine (39) Spartans Savvy
Linda O'Hara (41) The Sinful Ones
Macdermott O'Garrity (48) Kalypso's Bane
Margaret McScarlett - Jackiebee
Nicky (36) U.S. Defenders
Paloma (29) The Savvy
Pirate (39) Tribal Fusion
Potatoes - A Sharp Dagger
Rachel Redflint (43) Rusty Skeletons
Roland Thunder - Emerald Sea Gang
Sam Wildskull
Sharkeagle (44) Death Catchers
Spartan (51) Spartans Savvy
William Firebane (41) Celer Mortalis

February 2nd- Something Lurks in the Shadows

Pirates from all corners of the Caribbean have seen a strange thing lurking in the shadows. But when they get closer for a better look, it disappears. The word on the streets and in the taverns is that this thing is a new servant of that dark-hearted villain, Jolly Roger!


Whatever this is, we don't think it has anything to do with the weather! Pirates may be a brave and daring bunch - but they are also mighty superstitious. Anytime something new appears, most consider it... an omen. Like those folks who look to a GROUNDHOG to predict a few more weeks of winter weather, our omen is the sighting of this strange new creature. And it got us to thinking, "How will it change things?" Truth is, we don't know. This much we do know - if Jolly's controlling this creature - it's bad. So keep your eyes peeled and stay out of the shadows!

January 28th- Pirates Online Nominated - BEST MMORPG of 2009!

January 27, 2010 Pirates Online has been nominated for a Beckett Massive Online Gamer 2009 Reader's Choice Award under the category "Best Kid-friendly/All Ages MMO of 2009". The team at Pirates Online would like to thank all of you for your support in helping us make the game the best it has ever been.

Voting is open until February 28, 2010 and the results will be featured in Issue #25 of Massive Online Gamer! If you love Pirates Online, please take a moment and vote for us at Massive Online Gamer

Click SURVEY to be taken directly to the survey

Thank you for playing Pirates Online!

January 27th- Feats of Strength - Second Weekend Competitors

It's the last weekend of the Feats of Strength Competition! Response for the competition has been overwhelming! Thanks again to all the Pirates that signed up! The Feats of Strength Competition consists of several challenges. Pirates must complete all challenges as fast as they can, in order, following the course routes. All competitors must read the rules and event challenges BEFORE competing - click here to review the course and challenges! Pirates that finish the race without completing all tasks will be disqualified.

Please arrive at your designated ocean (server) early! We have many competitors and the competition schedules are very tight - sorry, late contestants or no-shows will not be able to participate.

Competitors were scheduled on a first-come basis.

See the schedule below for your competition time. Please Note: All Pirates are welcome to watch the event from the beach, docks, or town of Tortuga, but be respectful of your fellow Pirates competing in the Feats of Strength Contest. Please don't block the course route, use weapons during the contests or interfere with the contestants. Thank you!

What: The 2010 Feats of Strength Competition When: Saturday, January 30. 2:00PM-3:00PM and 4:30PM-5:30PM
Sunday, January 31. 1:00PM-3:00PM All times Pacific/West Coast/Los Angeles Where: Monos, Muigos, Navermo, Nicada Oceans (servers)

Fosc medal

Feats of Strength Competition Schedule

Pirates and their competition times are listed alphabetically. Good luck Pirates! We will see you this weekend!




Please Note: All Pirates are welcome to watch the event from the beach, docks, or town of Tortuga, but be respectful of your fellow Pirates competing in the Feats of Strength Contest. Please don't block the course route, use weapons during the competition or interfere with the Pirates competing. Thank you!

January 26th- Feats of Strength First Weekend Results

We tip our hats to all the Pirates competing in the Feats of Strength Competition! All of our competitors are winners, but the Pirates listed below were a little faster and stronger. They placed in the top three for this past weekends FoS event also won gold for their efforts!

Please Note: If you did not get to compete this past weekend, remember the second part of the competition is this coming weekend, Saturday, January 30 and Sunday, January 31.

What: The 2010 Feats of Strength Competition When: Saturday, January 30, 2:00PM-3:00PM and 4:30PM-5:30PM
Sunday, January 31, 1:00PM-3:00PM

(All times shown are Pacific/West Coast/Los Angeles. To find out what time the event will be where you live, use a Time Zone Calculator.)

Where: Monos, Muigos, Navermo, Nicada Oceans (servers)

Let's congratulate the Pirates below and all our competitors that participated in the January 23-24 event:

First Place
Ben - Hyper Pirates
Jame Bladefury - Dancer's Swords
The Serpent - The Snakes
Davy Darkwalker - Blood for Blood
Geppu - Dolls 'n Daggers
Meghan O'malley (50) Crymson Shadows
Jeremiah J Bullfish (51) The Devil Armada
Piratelicious - Pirate Guild 305720
Mark Bladeskill
Rosa - Emerald Sea Gang
Chris Stormskull (26)
Chris Daggerwrecker (37) Skull's Splitter's
Sunkidd (39) R A D Alert
Ben Darkcastle (50)
Francis Warkidd
Jason Gunkidd (26) Rouge Seawalkers
Chris (32) Temple Bucciners
Victor O'Pane (31) The Co. Empire
Henry Hookmorgan (33) Guards of Treasur
Johnny Daggerbreaker (22) Shadow Dragon's
Heather (43) The Guardians
Lord Davy Menace (43) Forever Memories
Maria Cannonfury (46) McRaging
Ally (50) The Hero
Capt. Grizzly The Second (50) Black Bart's Krewe
Davy Fireshot (40) McRaging
Captain Rad (43) RAD Alert
Johnny Seasteel (44) War or Love
Charles Gunfury Rouges Of Fortune
Eric Mcskull (50) McRaging
Li Lockcutter (50) GM of the Elite Ravens
Redbeard (50) Frenzy's Finest
Benjamin Badskull - Pirate Guild 56954
Meg Seahara (34) Secret Mercenaries
Nathaniel Calicosilver (46) Brave Gladiators
Kate Goldmorgan (36) Lord of Gold
Raging Thunder (36) Envoy of the End
Jack Bladesteel
Esmerelda (44) U.S. Defenders
Mrs. Bucky (46) Elite Ravens
Sven Darkdavis (47) Poseidon's Rath
Swashbuckler (27) Black Barts Krewe
Bibianne Lafleur (30) US Defenders
Jason Bladehawk
Ben Darkcastle
Lietenant Ben Darkcastle
Jade O'Scarlett (37) Vindicated
Charles Gunfury
Bet Ya (25) Can't Top This
Pretty Polly (52) McRaging
Eric von Dracula (45) Pirate Guild 29294
Michael (32) Darbodaen Fury
Roger Riadfury (24) Heinous Heroes
Diego (32) Lord Lee's Rebels
Captain Iceshield (35) Pirates for Unity
Tamisin Winterfield (20) Sky Songs

Second Place

Mark Goldskull
Cutler Cutthroat (21) Blood for Blood
William - Hyper Pirates
Jade (24) Pirate Lord Troops
Delmalia Darkskull - Partners N Crime
Sven O'smythe (50) The Thieves Den
Goddess Nochanceforyou (?) The Knighthawks
George Burncrsh - Renagade Staffers
James Darkshot (?)
Hector Scurvybones (31) No Limits
Samuel (31) Royal Crown
Jasmine (35) Darbodaen Fury
Ryan Shadow (39)
Xaras Stormbreaker (35)
Charlotte Redscarlett (26) Kraken Armada
Elizabeth Bloodheart (32) The Co. Empire
Eric Redsteel (33) Thundering Legion
Billy Lockcutter (50) The Co. Empire
Elizabeth Zu (45) Fury Unleashed
Johnathon Goldshot (added) Tiki Lords
Ironebones (added) Storm Wreckers
Dog Brawlrat (46) Darbodean Fury
Jack Deathbringer (48) Outlaws N Chaos
Charlotte Seahawk (50) Spartans Savvy
James Bladefury (40) Dancer's Swords
Delmaria Darkskull (45) Partners N Crime
Nathaniel CalicoSilver (45) Brave Gladiators
Dog Firestack (50) McRaging
Charlotte Truvane (50) Emerald Sea Gang
Troll (50) Storm Savages
Matthew Coalrage (37)
Johnny Gunbatten (35) VictoryKnights
Kate (25) Moon Clan
Kat Stormfury (36) Moonclan
Billy Gunmenace
Kate Ironshout (44) Infinite Treasure
Bucky (50) Elite Ravens
Amelia Daggerbonnet (31) C H A O S Killers
James Treasurat
Francis Bluehawk
Bryler (31) Spartans Savvy
Kelly Darkeagle
Chris Burnmenace
Elizabeth Callesilver (40) McRaging
Jeffrey Blasthawk (24) Bob Security
Linda Heartspinner
Mikhail Skulls (52) Made You Look
Thomas (41) Pirate Guild 505654
Joseph McMalley (30) Darbodaen Fury
Charlotte Doyle (33) Deuces Wild
Daniel (16) Shadow Legion
Warren P. McKilty (18) McRaging
Elizabeth (23) Spania

Third Place

Redhead Ida (10) Loyal to the Sea
Sam Wildskull - Love + War
Will Burnmorrigan (23) Caribbean is One
William Goldbones - Guards of Treasure
Tobias Bilgeswine (50) Can't Top This Level
Bootstrap Smith (?)
Rachel Seamorris - Pirate Guild 410173
Jim Sternmenance
Jeanne Stormcutter
Eric Ironvan (31) Spartans Savvy
Philip Jacobs (33) McRaging
Jack Seaskull (35)
John Warwrecker (35) Loyal to the End
Captian Hanker (40) Hearts Afire
Kate O'Malley (9) The Co Empire
Thomas Chipshot (33) The Co. Empire
Jack Swordfury (32) Kings of War 3
Elizabeth Goldbain (25) Moon Clan
Kat O'hara (36) Dueces Wild
Wardog (42) Elite Thievery Co.
Aegaeon (44) Jezz Kidding
Ruby (48) Crows Feet
Angel O'Fury (50) US Defenders
Bart Sharkbones (50) US Defenders
Basil Darkratte (39) Corsair Covenant
Captain Josue (47) the savvy
Jhon Hawk (48) McRaging
Miles Prower (50)
Amanda Squid Butler
Reza Trustripe (12) Soulless Spectres
Drake Storm (38)
Charles - Spartan's Savvy
Tom O'fury (35) O'fury's Court
Commander Gree (32)
Jade Stormbreaker (41) Pirates Don
Jason Raidhound (44) Secret Mercenaries
Chris Burnmenace
Galloway Sackett (48) Passionate Pirates
Jade Deckcastle
Thomas Chipshot
Jack Anderson (25) The Striking Cobra
Linda Seamenace (50) The Wildhearts
Jason Barrelwalker (18) The Remaining
Kat Crestshot (20) The Latium Legacy
Mark Ironskull (15) Fire Assassins
Amy (12) Victors of Victory

January 19th- Feats of Strength Competition Details

The Feats of Strength Competition is coming up this weekend! Thanks to all the strong and brave Pirates that signed up for the event - which runs over two weekends, January 23-24 and January 30-31.

If you're planning to compete either weekend, YOU MUST REVIEW THE RULES AND CHALLENGES BEFORE THE COMPETITION. We also encourage you also to check out the course and practice a few times before the event. This way you'll know exactly where you're going and what you're expected to do.

Prior to the competition, we'll post the first group of competitors on Thursday, January 21. Those contestants will compete this weekend, January 23-24. Be sure to check back for your competition time!

What: The 2010 Feats of Strength Competition When: Saturday, January 30. 2:00PM-3:00PM and 4:30PM-5:30PM
Sunday, January 31. 1:00PM-3:00PM All times Pacific/West Coast/Los Angeles Where: Monos, Muigos, Navermo, Nicada Oceans (servers)

The 2010 Feats of Strength Competition

Before starting the race, the GM at the starting line will tell you the emote you will need to use at the finish of the race. These emotes change for each race, so make sure to listen carefully to the GM before the race begins to find out which emote you will use to finish your individual race.

All competitors are expected to review the competition rules and understand the challenges before the competition. Course challenges or rules will not be reviewed before the race.

Fosc event map 1

Challenge 1: A Quick Step and Brisk Swim a. The race starts at the edge of the Tortuga dock (where the dock and beach meet). Competitors must line up in front of (not on) the dock facing the ocean. The race will begin after the GM has told you the emote you need to finish the competition ... then when all racers are in position and the GM says "GO!"
b. Race down the entire length of the dock and jump into the water at the end of the dock. If you do not run the entire length of the dock or jump into the water before reaching the end, you will be disqualified.
c. Swim around the Shipwright and the large rocks like a shark's after you! Exit the water near Bonita's Tattoo Parlor.

Fosc event map 2

Challenge 2: The (Foot) Race is On d. Once you're back on land, run one and a half laps counterclockwise (run toward Wild Woods, follow the entire path on the map) around the town of Tortuga.
e. After completing the lap and a half around town, run into the swamp at the swamp's northern most entrance to face Challenge 3!

Fosc event map 3

Challenge 3: Defeat a Big Gator - with a Cutlass! f. In the swamp run to the area highlighted on the map and slay a Big Gator. YOU MUST DEFEAT THE BIG GATOR WITHOUT ANY HELP AND USING ONLY YOUR CUTLASS, using any other weapon will disqualify you.

Please Note: If someone has already started to attack a Big Gator and you attack the same Gator, the defeat will not be counted. YOU MUST DEFEAT THE GATOR ON YOUR OWN.

Fosc event map 4

Challenge 4: Stand Proud g. After defeating a Big Gator, quickly locate the GM standing near the shack. Run over to him, stand directly in front of him and use the emote the GM at the start of the competition gave you. This is your "Finishing Move." The first three Pirates to complete all the challenges and emote in front of the GM rank first, second, and third respectively.

The GMs at the last challenge of the course will reward the top three competitors gold.
GMs will be monitoring all areas of the course. Some GMs may be visible while others may not be, but they will be watching all competitors closely and especially for cheating.

Any cheating or disrupting other racers will disqualify you. All Pirates are welcome to compete or cheer on a friend, but please keep your weapons stowed during the event. Pirates that harass competitors or GMs or interfere with the course may be removed from the game.

January 14th- All Hands on Deck - Protect Padres!

Padres Del Fuego is under attack from the Caribbean's vilest villain, Jolly Roger! Jolly has spies in all corners of the islands and he hears many things. Rumor has it that he's frantically searching for something that will give him even more power. Jolly is no fool. He would not be risking his Undead Army unless the prize was VERY IMPORTANT.

PadresInvasioon2 test

Jolly Roger's Undead Army is once again on the move... but, for what?

You see, Jolly is unlike Pirates in the living world. He has no need for treasure or loot - he seeks only the power to crush the Caribbean. Jolly couldn't find Jack Sparrow onTortuga, but why did he want Jack anyway? And... why did Jolly invade Port Royal? Burning the Governor's Mansion brought Jolly nothing but ashes... Many say that Jolly was looking for something inside or even underneath the Mansion. Regardless of what he wants, Jolly Roger's invading Padres Del Fuego with a force that's even larger and stronger than before!

Get ye and yer crew to Padres to help fend off this madman and his attacking army! We need every able-bodied Pirate to defend this last stronghold... our fate - and freedom - depends on it!

Read the Invasion Guide for tips and strategies that can help you defeat Jolly Roger's Undead Army.

January 12th- Feats of Strength Competition

Jolly Roger's invasions show no sign of stopping and there are many battles yet to be fought. Get in shape for the challenges that lie ahead. Join your Pirate Brethren for the second annual Feats of Strength Competition.

Feast of strength competition

Ever wonder who's the toughest, strongest and swiftest Pirate in the Caribbean?
Maybe it's you?

To enter the competition - which includes a swim, footrace and enemy battle - submit your in-game Pirate name, current level, and guild by replying to this news item. Also include the day you prefer to compete (and a secondary choice). We'll publish a competitor schedule along with the event times, rules, maps and competition challenges next week.

Don't miss your chance to prove you are the strongest Pirate in all the Caribbean. May the best man, or woman, win! Speaking of winners, there will be a gold reward for ranking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

Sign up now - just reply to this news item! In the comment field below enter your Pirate name, current level, and guild.

Please do not email Customer Service to sign up for this event.

Please Note: Although the competition will run over two weekends, SPACE IS LIMITED. We will make every effort to accommodate your requested competition day and time, however due to the turnout expected for this event, participants are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

What: The Feats of Strength Competition

When: Saturday, January 23, Sunday, January 24, Saturday, January 30 & Sunday, January 31

(Event times and server locations will be announced on Thursday, January 21, 2010.)

Where: Tortuga


January 7th- Unlimited Access Players - Get a Free Game

As a special gift to all Unlimited Access Members, the crew here at Pirates Online is giving you a free downloadable game - get Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Kraken for a limited time!


Not an Unlimited Access Member? Then sign up for Unlimited Access now until January 31, 2010, and receive Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Kraken as a gift.

Play as the Kraken in this exciting adventure game. Beat the game and you'll get an exclusive reward that can be used in Pirates Online.

As an Unlimited Access Member experience all the Caribbean has to offer, like access to bigger ships and better weapons!

Please Note: Qualifying players will receive a code to redeem Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Kraken approximately one week after January 31, 2010. You must be an Unlimited Access Member as of January 31, 2010 in order to be eligible for this offer.

January 5th- NEW! Play Pirates One Using Your Web Browser

Pirates Online has made it easier for you to enjoy the game you love. Now you can play Pirates of the Caribbean Online directly from It's quick and easy to do, just follow the steps below:


1. Click the PLAY button 2. Login and download 3. Click play to launch the game

  1. Click the PLAY button in the upper left hand corner of the website.
  2. Log in using your account information you use to play the game.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. The game will start downloading automatically. Depending on your internet connection, this may take a few minutes, please be patient during this process.

This new feature allows you to play Pirates Online using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you have questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions about this new feature.

Known Issue: The web site may crash if you refresh the page while Downloading the game from the web site. We are working on this issue.

Got a question we didn't answer here about this new feature? Post your question as a reply to this news article and we'll do our best to answer it.

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