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This Game Events page will list major announcements in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean Online during the year of 2007. But, for the latest information - also check Pirates Online or Pirates Forums!

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December 21st - From the Developer's Deck

It's been an exciting first month for Pirates Online! Since the game launched, our players have accomplished some amazing things:

  • Players are joining the crew from all over the globe, especially in North America. Our U.S. Player Map shows hot spots on both coasts, everywhere in between and growing fast!
  • Pirates are dealing heavy damage to Jolly Roger's undead army! An elite few players have already hit the tens of thousands mark for enemies defeated - check them out on the leaderboards!
  • Some of the Caribbean's finest have amassed a good amount of notoriety, gold, and treasure - and they'll need it in the coming year as the game expands.

Our development team has been hard at work during the last month, putting out regular releases to address issues that you, our players, are telling us about. We hope you are enjoying these improvements and please keep sending us your comments and questions! Specifically, we've received feedback about lag problems that some players are having. We're working hard to address any remaining lag and frame rate issues, as well these other reported issues:

  • Vista and Mac game-related crashes occurring while boarding, sailing, and docking ships
  • Graphics issues (such as missing texture and weird display issues) on Macs, related to OS 10.5.1
  • Player ships disappearing when a Server goes down and is then taken out of rotation
  • Collision holes in Cutthroat Island that are causing players to fall through the game
  • Difficulty with finding the diamond on Queen's Nest, in the Recover Treasure Quest

Going forward, we will continue to keep you posted on the list of known issues we are working on. Hopefully, this list will help you avoid issues while we work to fix, test, and release updates to the game.

In addition to game updates and bug fixes, the team is hard at work building game expansions and adventure packs. Expect more areas to explore, more enemies to defeat, more treasure to be found - the first of these will come in February with more ways to customize your Pirate, but keep a lookout, as hints to future updates may appear at any time. Thank you for all your feedback and support, and here's to an amazing first month!

December 21st - Blackjack Fridays: Bring Your Gold and Your Game

Grab your crew and head to the local tavern - and don't forget to bring your luck - you'll need it! Next Friday, December 28, we're kicking off our weekly Blackjack Fridays. Hang out with your Guild, meet other Pirates, sharpen your card-playing skills, and most importantly, have some fun. Here are all the details - we'll see you there!

  • What: Blackjack Fridays
  • When: Every Friday (beginning December 28) from 3-9 PM (PST)
  • Where: Visit the Rowdy Rooster in Port Royal or King's Arm in Tortuga to play.

December 21st - Customize Your Pirate - New Clothes, Tattoos, and More!

New Clothes Tattoos

Come February, you will have the chance to give your Pirate a whole new look. Here are just a few of the customization options coming to Pirates Online:

  • Clothing: New pants, hats, coats, and more
  • New hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Jewelry: Including earrings, nose rings, necklaces and more

Stay tuned for further game updates and announcements!

December 21st - Quick Tips to Improve Game Performance

There are many different factors that can contribute to a decrease in game performance. Here is a list of quick-and-easy tips that you can use to help enhance and improve your game-play experience:

  • Turn down your in-game graphics settings: Open your Options Panel by hitting F7 in-game, or by clicking Options in the pick-a-pirate screen -- turn all settings under the Graphics and Geometry tabs to Low or Off.
  • Free up as much RAM as possible prior to beginning game-play: Close any other programs, software, background tasks, and windows that are currently running on your computer.
    • If your computer has 512MB of RAM or less, be sure you have Aggressive memory management selected in the Game Options panel. If your computer has 1024MB (1GB) of RAM or more, be sure you have Default memory management selected. (If your computer has more than 512MB but less than 1024MB, try both settings to see which works best for you.)
  • Sometimes game performance can suffer when there are a number of other Pirates crowded into the same area -- try moving to a less-populated area by selecting a server labeled Quiet from the map page.
  • If you are playing on a laptop, make sure you set the power plan to High Performance while playing the game.
  • Confirm you have the most up-to-date video driver.
  • Make sure your computer's software is up to date: Check for updates on a regular basis, both for your operating system and the browser you use.
  • If you connect to the Internet through a proxy, try disabling your proxy or contact your network administrator (or Internet Service Provider) for additional instructions on optimizing your proxy configuration.
  • Make sure you have read and confirmed that you meet the game's minimum specs.
  • For additional Tech Support, please visit the Help Section of our Web site.

December 21st - Pirates Online Players from Coast to Coast

Check out the Pirates Online Player Map to see all the different places where people are playing Pirates Online in the U.S.

December 21st - Chatting in Game: What You Should Know

Since chat is such a big part of your experience in Pirates Online, we wanted to be sure everyone was clear about the different chat options that are available to you, and how to use them. Pirates Online offers three types of chat: Speed Chat, Speed Chat Plus, and Open Chat. For more information, or to review the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Code of Conduct, check out the Game & Chat Policies page on our Web site.

December 21st - What's in a Name?

Choosing a name for your Pirate and/or Guild is one of the many important decisions you'll make in Pirates of the Caribbean Online - this is the first impression others have of you, and therefore, should be chosen wisely. Check out our Name Approval Guidelines to help you determine what types of Avatar and Guild names are best.

December 21st - "Aces Need Faces" Blackjack Contest

Icon ipod touch

From December 28 through January 6, the player with the most Blackjack hands won each day will be awarded an 8GB iPod Touch! Visit the Contest Page for complete details.

December 21st - Brushing Up on Your Blackjack Skills

Before you belly up to the Blackjack table in the Rowdy Rooster or King's Arm, you'll want to make sure your game knowledge and skills are up to par. Here's some important information you'll need if you want to leave the tavern with more booty than you walked in with.

Your Main Objective While Playing Blackjack: Beat the dealer with a hand that does not exceed 21 points. If you go over 21 points, you lose.

ACE: 1 point or 11 points (whichever you need most) FACE CARDS (KING, QUEEN, JACK): 10 points NUMBER CARDS (2-10): Number on card corresponds to the point value of the card (i.e. a 3 card = 3 points)

For players new to Blackjack, here's how the game works:

  • Once you sit down at the table, you'll be asked to place your bid
  • The dealer will deal out 2 cards to everyone at the table and will turn 1 of his cards face up for all players to see
  • At this point you have several options, which are displayed as buttons at the bottom of your screen:
    • Bid: Put more gold into the pot (which other players must match)
    • Stay: Keep your current cards and do nothing
    • Hit: Ask the dealer for another card
    • Split: If the first 2 cards you are dealt are of equal value (i.e. 2 Jacks, 2 Fives), you can 'split' them and play them as two separate hands
    • Double Down: Allows you to double your initial bet and receive ONE additional card (this can only be done with a 2 card hand, before another card has been drawn)
    • Swap Card: If you have a cheat card, you can swap out cards in your hand with ones up your sleeve (cheat cards are earned by completing special quests)
    • Leave: You always have the option to quit the game and leave the table

Here are some tips that are useful for both new and experienced players:

  • Never split your 4s, 5s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, or Kings
  • Always split your Aces and 8s
  • Split 9s if the dealer is showing 9 or less
  • Split 2s, 3s, and 7s if the dealer has 7 or less
  • Split 6s if the dealer has 6 or less
  • Always count the Ace as an 11, unless it will put you over 21 (then count it as a 1)
  • If the dealer is showing a 10, you should always hit until you have at least 17
  • Hit on any hand below 17 when the dealer shows an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, or 8
  • Double-down if your cards add up to more than the dealer's up-card (the card the dealer has face up) -- otherwise, hit on the hand.
  • Stand on any hand above 11 when the dealer shows a 4, 5, or 6

December 21st - Player Q&A

Q: I think there should be some words added to the chat dictionary. Where can send my suggestions to?

A: We'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide to make our chat dictionary more robust. We'd also like to encourage players to send us suggestions for additional phrases that they'd like to see added to the Speed Chat drop-down menu. Any and all of these suggestions can be sent to us by using the Contact Us form.

November 30th - Founders' Program Extended to Sunday at Midnight

Founder Coin

There is one more weekend left to become a Founder. Upgrade to Unlimited Access before midnight on Sunday (December 2nd) and join the elite group of Members who have received an exclusive Founders' Title for every Pirate in their account. Visit Membership Options for more info on Unlimited Access or Upgrade Now and become a Founder.

November 20th - The Game is Live - Play Now!

After several years of hard work by our development and publishing teams, we officially launched Pirates Online at 11:30 PM on October 30, 2007. If you haven't already, we invite you to jump into the game and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

November 20th - Pirates Celebration in Hollywood!

Icon launch event

Thanks to all our players who came out to celebrate Halloween and the official launch of Pirates Online. It was a great event, and being able to spend time with members from our player community made it even better! For those of you who couldn't make it, we've posted some pictures from the event for you to check out and have also included some footage in this month's Video Insider.

November 20th - Leaderboards Now Live

Cutlass parry

See how you stack up against other pirates! Visit the leaderboards to see the top 25 ranked Pirates in the following categories: Overall Notoriety, Enemies Defeated, Ships Sunk, PVP Wins (Team Battle), PVP Wins (Mayhem) and the Number of Blackjack Hands Won.

We are currently in the works on some additional community features, which we'll be announcing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

November 20th - Explore the Pirates Online Player's Guide

Icon players guide
Need help? Check out the Player's Guide where you can find information on anything game related, including quests, PVP (Pirate vs. Pirate), adventures on land or sea, chat, parlor games, and more!

November 20th - Pirate Translator - New "Grab It" Feature!

Potco savvy
You can now add the Pirate Translator to your profile on your favorite social networking site. With the brand-new "Grab It" feature, you can turn ordinary words and phrases into salty ol' pirate speak - no matter where you are! Simply click the "Grab It" button on the bottom right corner of the Pirate Translator widget for all the details and instructions.

November 20th - Contest Winners!

Icon jack
We really enjoyed going through all the entries we received for the Live Like a Pirate contest - thanks to everyone who participated! It was not an easy task, but we did finally select our 10 lucky winners. Congratulations - we hope you enjoy your custom engraved Pirates Online iPods!

November 20th - Player Q&A

Thanks for all the feedback you've continued to provide - it's great to hear what our community has to say, so keep it coming! You can view our most recent questions and answers in the Player Q&A section of the Website.

From Steven: I was wondering why some POTC online players (avatars) over level 30 can do things like play a guitar or sweep with a brush??!! What is this and how do they do this? Thanks!

This sounds like a case of our DEV's showing off! Stay tuned for fun emotes that may be unlocked by certain quests and notoriety gains.

November 16th - Pirate Words of the Month

Careen: To turn over a ship and clean the barnacles and seaweed from its bottom.

Sink me!: An expression of surprise. As in: "Your friend hasn't made a Pirate yet? You've got to be sinking me!"

Flank: The maximum speed of a ship. Faster than "full speed."

Squall: A sudden, violent wind often accompanied by rain. Better put on a coat!

November 16th - Did You Know?

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction was originally envisioned as a walk-through attraction.

November 5th - Founders Program Extended

We have extended the Founders program for a limited time to those who upgrade to Unlimited Access. In addition to Founders titles for every pirate in your account, upgrade now and get loads of member's only benefits.

October 29th - Beta Ends - The Revolution Begins

Within 36-hours, the second phase of the Beta test will come to a close. But don't let that get you down - the close of Beta means the official launch is here!

Thank you for all of your valuable feedback and for helping make Pirates Online a world-class gaming experience.

We're sure you are wondering what will happen to the pirate avatars you created during the Beta test... While you will not be able to take them into the live game with you, you will be able to play with these avatars on the Test Server. We have already flagged your account for access to the Test Server - you will be the first to experience all the upcoming game content for Pirates Online.

Over the next 36-hours, the launcher you have been using to play Pirates Online during the Beta test will be unavailable in preparation for the game's full release. However, you can still play alongside your fellow Beta players by downloading the launcher for the Test Server now.

DOWNLOAD TEST SERVER ACCESS: Please use the appropriate link below to download the launcher for access to the Test Server. Use your existing Account ID and password to log in:

For PC:

For Mac:

BETA TEST ENDS AND THE REVOLUTION BEGINS: Join us now on the Test Server as we celebrate the long night before the dawn of Pirates Online.


If you are planning to pre-order Unlimited Access, you should do so now -- as the pre-order will also come to a close when the game launches. Please use the URL listed below to pre-order:


Thank you again for your participation in the Beta test - we'll see you in game!

October 26th - Celebrate Halloween in Hollywood... with Pirates Online!

Join us in Los Angeles as we kick off Halloween 2007 in full Pirates style

Who: You and your fellow rogues (that includes family and friends) What: Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Celebration

Check out the Black Pearl Autographs Compete in a costume contest Trick-or-treating

When: Wednesday, October 31 from 3 PM - 8 PM (PT) Where: The Grove: 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036

When you arrive be sure to let us know you're a member of the player community -- who knows, maybe you'll find yourself with some extra loot! We hope to see you there!

October 26th - Caption This Contest - And the Winner is...

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Caption This contest - we received a ton of really great, creative entries! After sifting through all the submissions, we were finally able to nail down our 10 lucky winners.

October 26th - Getting into Character

Icon character
Go behind the scenes with Kevin McNally (Joshamee Gibbs) as he lends his voice to Pirates of the Caribbean Online! Find out what it's really like to be transformed into a video game character in this month's Video Insider.

October 26th - Developer Diary - Back on the Producer's Deck

For this month's Developer Diary, we decided to hit up our executive producer, Jason, again for an inside look, and some info, as to what's been going on in the second phase of Beta. Check out what he had to say about the state of the game, his feelings on Beta Phase 2, how he feels about being so close to the game's official launch, and any other random thoughts he felt inclined to share.

October 26th - New Downloads - Get Into the Spirit of Spook!

We thought the Halloween season would be a perfect time to create an art pack filled with images that portray the frightening eeriness that is Jolly Roger and his undead crew! Download the art pack here.

October 26th - Pirate Words of the Month

Clipper: A fast moving ship. If you see a clipper a comin' towards you, you should probably get out of the way. Either that, or man your cannons and unleash your fury!

Shark Bait: Anyone thrown overboard without a life jacket. Don't trust a pirate - if you're thrown overboard without a life jacket, you're about to feed the fish.

Stink Pot: Glass container that is first filled with rotten meat or other putrid items, then with gunpowder, and is then detonated. Basically, it's the pirate version of tear gas...smells so bad, it will make you cry.

Shiver: A wooden splinter. The timbers of a ship splintering during battle gave rise to the infamous pirate phrase, 'Shiver me timbers.'

October 26th - Did You Know?

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is the first 'Pirates' movie where Ragetti and Pintel actually have their names said.

October 26th - Player Q&A

We've received some great feedback over the past few months - please, keep it coming! Check out the Player Q&A section of the Website to find out what your fellow pirates are itchin' to know.

From Jeff: Can you create your own ship, as in placing where cannons, stairs, etc. are placed?

Not yet, but we are planning on expanding the game in the future to be able to customize what types of cannons, broadsides, prows and sails you have on your ship, as well as other cool ways to make your ship unique.

September 24th - Phase 2 of the Beta test is now open!

Since Phase 1 of the Beta test ended, the development team has been hard at work making exciting additions and refinements to the game. Players who participated in Phase 1 of the Beta test can use their existing account and check out all of the latest updates. If you did not participate in Phase 1 of the Beta test, but would like to, you can sign up now and we'll add you to the waiting list.

September 17th - Enter the Live Like a Pirate Contest!

With Talk Like a Pirate Day right around the corner, we thought it would be a perfect time to kick off the Live Like a Pirate contest! To enter, create a video or send us a photo of how you live (and talk) like a pirate or at least how some pirate traits have invaded your life. We will award the 5 best photos and the 5 best videos with 30GB iPods.

September 17th - Developer Diary: From the Producer's Deck

Check out this month's Developer Diary, where our producer, Jason, gives us an update on what's been going on since Phase 1 of the Beta test ended, he provides a glimpse into some of the exciting things the VR Studio has in store for Phase 2!

You should also check out this month's new Video Insider, which features an in-depth commentary on the latest game updates, complete with new game-play footage.

September 17th - Download New Wallpapers and Icons!

Visit the Downloads section where you'll find a host of brand-new assets, including new screenshots, icons, and wallpapers!

September 17th - New Player Q&A!

As your comments and questions keep pouring in, we're doing our best to answer them! We really like hearing from you - so keep them coming! Be sure to continue to check out the Player Q&A section of the Web site for answers to our players' most burning questions!

From Johanna: Are player ships allowed to sink other player ships outside of the PVP playing mode? There are people near Cuba (switching seas) that sink anyone outside their guild. In other games, you can't be sunk unless you go over certain boundaries or reach a certain level - this allows more fair play. Is this how it will be in Pirates Online?

We've received a number of questions similar to this one - so we figured it must be a hot one! If players mutually decide they want to fight each other, they can use the game's Lookout System to get matched up for player vs. player combat and blast away all they like. Otherwise, players will NOT be able to damage each other's ships (through any means, including ramming and cannons) when in the open game world (non-PVP areas).

September 17th - Pirate Words of the Month

Scuttle: To sink a ship - good if you're the sinker, bad if you're the sinkee.

Forecastle: Below deck bow sleeping quarters... don't let the word 'castle' fool you - it's cramped.

Dredgie: Ghost or ghosts of pirates dead by betrayal - A.K.A. guys you don't want to mess with.

Black Jack: Large drinking cup made of leather and stiffened with tar - or one of the ways to earn some extra booty in the game!

August 15th - Win Some Booty in the "Caption This" Contest!

Our first official contest has arrived, and we are giving away digital cameras to 10 lucky winners! The rules are simple: take a look at the two screenshots we've provided, come up with an original, creative caption for each of them, mail us your entries, and win! Get all the details here. Good luck!

August 15th - On Deck with the Summer Swabbies!

Each year we scour the seas to find the best of the best - the chosen few who are lucky enough to land an internship with the Walt Disney Internet Group! Check out what the Summer Swabbies have to say as you step into A Day In the Life! You can also meet them "face to face" in this month's Video Insider.

August 15th - Brand-New Screenshots...For a Brand-New Site!

As you can see, we've given a complete overhaul! Now it's easier to navigate through the site in order to get all the latest news, development updates, downloads, and more! Don't forget to check out the brand-new screenshots we've added for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

August 15th - Pirate Words of the Month

Pirate speak feeling a little rusty? No need to fear - Pirate Words of the Month are here!

Broadside: To fire all guns simultaneously on one side of a ship - a great way to clear traffic jams! Cutlass: A short bladed single-edged sword usually slightly curved and only sharpened on the outer blade...ouch, sounds pointy! Gibbet: Public gallows used for displaying criminals to the public. It was custom to display pirates in this way as a warning to would-be pirates entering a city, town, or harbor - not the nicest "Welcome to town" sign. Mutiny: When the crew rises against those in charge of the ship, taking over command - we've been told not to get any ideas...

August 15th - Community Spotlight

Seems that some players from Phase 1 of the Beta are going through Pirates Online withdrawals. We can's happening over here too! Here are some symptoms I've noticed our players have been experiencing:

  • Practicing cutlass skills with a broom.
  • Using "ahoy" and dressing like a pirate in other non-pirate games.
  • Digging holes in the yard looking for buried treasure. Then afterwards, telling the neighbors, "Wonder why they never give us plunder anymore?".
  • Grabbing a bottle of tartar sauce from the seafood counter and aiming it at the crab cakes, while yelling, "Bring it on!".
  • Repainting your garage door all black with a skull and crossbones on it.
  • Staring blankly at the computer screen, thinking...I know I should be somewhere, doing something...and then snapping out of the trance, only to realize you are digging around the Internet, looking for pirate gold and other treasures.
  • Demanding you be paid in gold doubloons for anything someone asks you to do

July 6th - Pirates of the Caribbean Online - Updated Launch Timing

As many of you know we have been in Phase 1 of Beta testing for a few months, and have received some great feedback and data to assist us as we continue the process of developing Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Our end goal is simple - make a great game! In order to achieve this, we believe we need some additional development time and have therefore decided to move the launch of the game to this Fall. This gives us some extra time to further enhance the game, respond to additional data we've collected during Beta testing, and incorporate more of the input we have received from our players.

In the meantime, we have some exciting things coming your way, including a brand-new Web site, community contests, more updates from the development team, and tons of updated game assets.

July 6th - End of Phase 1 Beta

As many of you know, we have been in Phase 1 of Beta testing for a few months and have received some great feedback and data to assist us as we continue the process of developing Pirates of the Caribbean Online. We really appreciate all the interest you've shown in the game and your willingness to be involved.

Our end goal is simple -- make a great game! In order to achieve this, we believe we need some additional development time and have decided to move the launch of the game to this Fall. This gives us some extra time to further enhance the game, respond to additional data we've collected during Beta testing, and incorporate more of the input we have received from you, our players.

As part of this process, we will conclude Phase 1 of Beta testing at noon (PDT) on July 16 and plan to resume Phase 2 of the Beta test with a new game build in September. Please note: As a Beta tester from Phase 1, you will automatically have access to Phase 2 -- there is no need to sign up again.

In the meantime, we have some exciting things coming your way -- including a brand-new Web site, community contests, more updates from the development team, and tons of updated game assets. You can continue to get all of this information and more at:

Thanks again for all your help and support!

July 6th - In The News

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End has been making quite a buzz! Check out some of the reviews below:

Chicago Tribune Atlanta Journal-Constitution Chicago Sun-Times MovieWeb

July 6th - Video Insider

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes footage from the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" movie premiere!

July 6th - Brand New Pirates Online Assets!

Check out a host of brand new assets, including screenshots, icons and wallpapers. Enjoy!

July 6th - Playing Games...Pirate Style!

Have some time to kill between battles? Looking for some extra booty? Then jump into an exciting game of poker or blackjack! But be sure to keep your wits about you - trickery and cheating are never far away when pirates are involved!

July 6th - Crewin' Up in the Caribbean!

The waters of the Caribbean can be a dangerous place - especially for those pirates who choose to sail alone. For those who want to up their odds of coming back, there are two ways to sail the seas - as a Captain of your own vessel with your own crew, or as a member of another Captain's crew.

If you're not ready to captain your own vessel yet, or if you don't want to gather a crew, you can sign on to someone else's ship. Just make sure that ship is going in the direction you want to go and that the Captain is strong and stout. After all, it's your hide that's on the line.

Becoming a Captain Blimey, all you need is your own ship! But keep in mind that a Captain has responsibilities. Know how to handle your vessel. Make sure she's the right kind of ship for the job at hand. And it's a smart sailor who crews aboard other ships first in order to learn how to command pirates in battle.

Captaining Skills There's nothing pirates love more than the feel of a ship beneath their feet. And when you command your own vessel at sea, you have access to special commands that allow you to enjoy and profit from the experience all the more. These commands allow you to control your crew and coordinate battles.

Quick Fact: Only the Captain can fire a ship's below-decks cannons. Crew members control a single deck cannon apiece.

July 6th - Developer Diary

Take a look at the latest Developer Diary, where Joe and Samir give us a sneak peak at Partying Up and Parlor Games!

July 6th - Player Q & A

Thank you for all the questions you've been sending us - we're working through them and hope to get back to you soon! Be sure to check the Player Q&&A section of the Pirates Online Web site for responses to your questions.

May 25th - At World's End arrives in theaters!

The great Pirates of the Caribbean set sail again today with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End! Join other Pirates' fans from all over the world to celebrate this highly anticipated release, and, once again, embark on an unforgettable journey - this time to the Ends of the Earth! Visit the film's official Website for behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive downloads, movie locations, and showtimes!

In conjunction with the film's release, we demonstrated the latest build of Pirates of the Caribbean Online to fans at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Invited Guests took part in this Ultimate Fan Event to get an early look inside the film and also got a sneak peek into the Pirates Online game world.

Enjoy the film and stay tuned for more updates on the official launch of Pirates of the Caribbean Online!

May 2nd - In The News

Pirates of the Caribbean Online is approaching its launch date and has already been previewed by several top gaming sites! Check out their reviews below: IGN Vault (part 1) IGN Vault (part 2)

May 2nd - Pirates Combat

The combat system within Pirates of the Caribbean Online has many different layers and dimensions - enough to satisfy even the most seasoned MMO player. From high-seas ship-to-ship cannon battles and PVP arenas to epic Boss Battles - from the second you step foot in the Caribbean, you're bound to be met with a series of combat challenges. This latest newsletter is dedicated to giving future players a crash course in the game's enemies, as well as the different forms of combat: land and sea.

May 2nd - New Screenshots

Check out a few of the long-awaited Screenshots featuring your favorite Pirates film characters, including Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann.

May 2nd - Meet the Crew

The latest Video Insider, which showcases combat within the game and follows the Pirates of the Caribbean Online development team to a fast-paced fencing tournament in San Francisco. Learn how the combat system is structured and check out our crew's combat abilities!

May 2nd - Developer Diaries

Check out the latest entries in our series of Developer Diaries - each focusing on a different aspect of the game's development process, specifically combat.

Building and Outfitting Ships: Read up on how players can acquire, upgrade, and repair their ships, as well as the different ship varieties and sizes. Enemies: From old favorites like Davy Jones to new faces like Jolly Roger, the enemies players will encounter within the game are limitless and will only grow over time with the Pirates film franchise. Land and Sea Battle: Delve into the building blocks of a true Pirate lifestyle - battles! Learn the basics of how land and sea combat are set up, including the weapons players will have at their disposal.

May 2nd - Player Q&A

As your e-mails keep pouring in, we'll continue responding to them in the Player Q&A section of the site. Send in questions or comments on anything from avatar customization to ship features to storylines This is your chance to talk directly to the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean Online! Read a sampling of what your peers are asking about.

April 23rd - An early look inside the game...

Steve and Mike, the 'captains' of our Pirates Online adventure, take some time out at E3 to give you an exclusive sneak peek at the game so far. Click here to have a look inside!

March 30th - The Pirates of the Caribbean Online Beta test has officially begun!

Claim your Beta test account within the next 7 days and start playing the latest game build immediately!

Please keep in mind that the game is not yet finalized. You may see unfinished graphics and hear unfinished audio, and also may experience crashes, dropped connections, or other issues that will affect your gaming experience. As we continue to improve and refine the game, we need your opinions and feedback to help identify issues within the game and prepare it for public launch! During the Beta test, we encourage you to submit feedback on the game and report any technical bugs you may encounter.

To begin playing, please use the Beta Account Key and instructions listed below.

To set up your account, please complete the following steps:

1. Click here to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Beta web site 2. Enter the Beta Account Key listed below: Beta Account Key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 3. Login using your existing account name or create a new account. Please note: The Pirates of the Caribbean Online Beta test requires all testers to enter a valid credit card as proof that they are over 18 years of age or have parental consent to participate in the Beta. Your credit card will not be charged. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process and download the game launcher. 5. Once the download is complete, double-click on the Pirates Online icon to finish the installation and log in to play. 6. Congratulations - You are now ready to play Pirates of the Caribbean Online BETA! The Beta test is officially open: - Thursday and Friday: 5 pm to 5 am (PT) - Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm (PT)

During the Beta, we will also coordinate Stress Tests--where we will encourage all players to log in during a specified time to test the stability and capacity of the game. You can find out about these scheduled tests and get the latest release notes, server status, and gameplay tips on the Pirates Online Beta web site.

Please Note: Prior to creating a Beta account, we strongly recommend that you verify your computer meets the minimum requirements for the Beta test as listed below: PC running Windows XP 2 GHz or faster processor 1 GB RAM 128 MB video card Thank you for participating in the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Beta test - we'll see you in the game!

March 9th - Pirates Voodoo and the Supernatural

From the moment you set foot on the islands of the Caribbean, players will encounter and ultimately learn the mystical powers of voodoo. This supernatural force is woven throughout the game's storyline and gameplay, from the ability to summon swarms of wasps on your enemies to the Voodoo Doll that you carry. Read on to discover how voodoo is used in Pirates of the Caribbean Online and learn more about its ancient background!

March 9th - Video Insider

Take a look at the latest Video Insider on voodoo and the supernatural forces within Pirates of the Caribbean Online. You'll see how voodoo is used as a weapon within the game and also get a glimpse inside a real voodoo practitioner's shop in New Orleans, Louisiana.

March 9th - Meet the Crew

We've updated the Crew Bio page to to include a few additional team members. Take a look at their interviews and check back soon for more!

March 9th - Developer Diary

Check out the latest updates to our Developer Diaries, each focusing on a different aspect of the game's development process.

March 9th - Environments

Discover the different islands of the Caribbean, including those from the films and ones created specifically for Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Each island has a unique look and feel, including areas with jungles, swamps, caves, beaches, and more. Depending on which area of the game you're in, you will encounter different architectural styles, enemies, and characters. From Tortuga and Port Royal to Padres del Fuego and Kingshead Island, the ability to explore the Caribbean is only limited by your thirst for adventure!

March 9th - Voodoo

Learn the ins and outs of an untraditional pirate weapon - voodoo! Voodoo powers can be used in-game to both defeat enemies in combat and heal yourself or other players. Taught by the mystical Tia Dalma, voodoo is one skill that every pirate will practice -- starting with the ability to teleport to other islands!

March 9th - Player Q&A

As your e-mails keep pouring in, we'll continue responding to them in the Player Q&A section of the site. Send in questions or comments on anything from avatar customization to ship features to storylines This is your chance to talk directly to the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean Online! Read a sampling of what your peers are asking about.

January 22nd - Pirates History & Mythology

Pirates of the Caribbean is an epic adventure set against the backdrop of history. It is a world where the real coexists with the unreal and where the conflict between what is primal and what is civilized is raging out of control. It is stuck between these two conflicting worlds that we find the legendary pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his cohorts, including Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Each must ultimately strike a delicate balance between that which is rebellious and supernatural and that which is civilized and reasoned.

The embodiment of this struggle, of the chaotic freedom that is a pirate's life, comes through in these characters and will also be captured within the game. Pirates of the Caribbean Online will extend the world and its mythology by inviting players to step in and claim their own piece of the buccaneer lifestyle, to live the greatest pirate story ever told, and to create their own legend alongside the leading characters from the film franchise.

January 22nd - Desktop Galleon

Pirates of the Caribbean Online may not have launched yet, but you can still enjoy a piece of the adventure today. Download the Desktop Galleon and complete a series of fast-paced, ship-to-ship cannon battles, collect gold, and unlock hidden treasure. If luck's on your side, the more you play, the more handsomely you'll be rewarded in-game.

January 22nd - Video Insider

Check out the latest Video Insider for a look at how the VR Studio brings characters from the Pirates film franchise to life in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Watch how the artists and animators build in-game characters like Elizabeth Swann and incorporate their unique physical features and traits. You'll also preview the "Create-a-Pirate" system used to create your in-game pirate avatar -- everything from height and hair color to the bridge of your pirate's nose and pattern of their coats are customizable, creating millions of possible combinations and outcomes.

January 22nd - Meet the Crew

We've updated the Crew Bio page to include a few more tricksters and pirate rogues. Take a look at their interviews and check back next month for more!

January 22nd - Developer Diary

Check out the latest updates to our Developer Diaries, each focusing on a different aspect of the game's development process.

January 22nd - In-game Characters

Learn about the robust character generation system created by the Animation Team at the VR Studio, and how they've maximized customization with a variety of physical features and clothing options. Everything down to your pirate's five o'clock shadow, wrinkled brow, or narrow-set eyes can be determined in the character generation process, allowing for millions of truly unique avatars.

January 22nd - Pirates Mythology

Read up on how the history and mythology of the Pirates franchise are integrated into the game, whether the storyline, different game environments, or film characters.

January 22nd - Player Q&A

As your emails keep pouring in, we'll continue responding to them in the Player Q&A section of the site. Send in questions or comments on anything from the types of weapons available to ship features to storylines. This is your chance to talk directly to the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean Online! Read a sampling of what your peers are asking about.

From: Chris L. Do you have to become a pirate, or can you join the Navy? Personally I want to be a pirate, but it would be great fun to try both sides.

Join forces with the enemy? Never! We prefer the untamed, pillage and plunder lifestyle of a buccaneer -- though we have thought about ways to incorporate the concept of playing as a member of the Navy into the game. One thought we've had is to develop a system where you can earn a British Navy uniform, then sneak into one of their forts to complete a task. We'll keep you posted on whether this, or something similar, makes it into the game!

From: Nick M. I've been looking for a decent Pirate MMO for a while now and this has struck some interest in me. One main thing concerns me though -- will this game have content for the kind of person looking for a fun community?

Yes, community will be a large part of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, including tons of events, contests, in-game competitions, including PVP battles, and player-generated content. Look for everything from Hold Em' Poker Tournaments to Fan Fiction Contests to an in-game Quest for Gold Treasure Hunt. We'll also host a variety of player-generated content on the site, like in-game video capture, screenshots, artwork, and more.

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