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Navigating through Pirates of the Caribbean Online is easy. Use the mouse to control the game's camera by holding down the right mouse button. You can also use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your Pirate.

Game Controls 1


Key Action


Move Forward
A Turn Left
S Move Reverse
D Turn Right
Q Step Left
E Step Right
Up Arrow Move Forward
Left Arrow Turn Left
Right Arrow Turn Right
Down Arrow Move Reverse


These same controls can also be used to steer your ship -- except for the Space Bar. Even in this game ships can't jump.

Game Tip: To keep running while you chat, press the R key to auto-run.

Switching Interface Modes


When you absolutely, positively must be someplace else, immediately use your Voodoo to call on the power of the wind to teleport yourself to another location using the game's map. Teleporting is also quite handy if one of your Friends summons you to aid in a fracas.


Use these keys to quickly access the game's most often used features.

Key Action
Tab Open Sea Chest
F Open Friends Panel
I Open Inventory Panel
J Open Quest Journal
K Open Skills Jounal
L Open Lookout System Panel
M Open World Map Panel
H Open Ship Panel
U Open Treasure Collection Panel
C Toggle Compass
B Open Badge of Honor Panel
SHIFT Interact with Highlighted Object
ESC Stop Interacting with Current Object
ENTER Open the Chat Interface / Send a Chat Message
F1-F4 Equip a Weapon / Use Mouse wheel to cycle through Weapons
F8 Opens Mini-maps
F9&12 Take Screenshot
CTRL or Left Mouse Click Use a Weapon


Drink Health Tonic


View Score/Ships/Bounty

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