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Navigating through Pirates of the Caribbean Online is easy. Use the mouse to control the game's 'camera' or view, by holding down the right mouse button. You can also use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your Pirate around.


A pirate won't go far, if you don't get them moving!

Key Action
W or Up Arrow Move Forward
A or Left Arrow Turn Left
S or Down Arrow Move Reverse
D or Right Arrow Turn Right
Q Step Left
E Step Right

Note: These same controls can also be used to steer your ship -- except for the Space Bar.( You can't make a Ship jump in the air )

Game Tip: To keep running while you chat, press the R key to Auto-run.


Nothing to do with the temperature, mate. Use these keys to quickly access the game's most often used features.

Key Action
Tab Open Sea Chest
B Open Infamy Badge Panel
F Open Friends Panel
I Open Inventory Panel
J Open Quest Journal
K Open Skills Panel
L Open Lookout System Panel
M Open World Map Panel
H Open Ship Panel
U Open Treasure Collection Panel
C Toggle Compass On/Off
R Toggle auto-run.
SHIFT Interact with Highlighted Object
ESC Stop Interacting with Current Object
ENTER Open the Chat Interface / Send a Chat Message
F1-F4 Equip a set Weapon / Use Mouse wheel to cycle through Weapons
CTRL or Left Mouse click Use a Weapon
T Drink Health Tonic or Eat Food
F7 Bring menu down
F8 Show map of the area you are in
F9 Take Screenshot
F12 Remove Screen GUI
" View Ships/Score/Bounty (Ship vs.Ship); Player/Score(Kills) (Player vs. Player)
-,+ Zoom the compass in and out.

There are also a few key combinations for viewing technical information about the game and other miscellaneous functions.

Keys Action
SHIFT + F1 Displays game coordinates and graphics settings - developers use these to solve issues sometimes.
SHIFT + F2 Logs you out to the Pirate selection screen.
SHIFT + F6 Displays server/internet latency.
SHIFT + F9 Displays in-game screenshot gallery. (TLOPO ONLY)


Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online was NOT meant to be played on a game controller. But, some controllers do allow a player to assign commands to their buttons.

This item was first posted by Magik of the Uncle's Mafia Guild.

"I use a Microsoft Sidewinder and a program called JoyToKey to map the keys. I enjoy it much more because I was never a big fan of WASD I've used it with several Online games and several Offline games & never had a problem with it. If your get tired of the keyboard, check it out. You can pick up a Sidewinder for about $20 bucks & the Joytokey program is FREE!"