Fury card
Cannon fury

Fury is the most powerful medium-range cannon ammunition available in the game. The rounds are actually balls of blue ghostly energy, not metal. They are best-suited against ship hulls.

This special round becomes available at cannon skill Level 20. Increasing this ability increases the overall damage done. Fury rounds can be purchased at any gunsmith for 20 gold per 25 rounds.

To use a Fury Round, get a cannon and press 7 or click FurySkill. Once a round has been fired, it will take several seconds to reload. You can improve your reload speed by using the Passive Skill Rapid Reload. You could also improve your speed by getting a cannon ram with a Rapid Reload boost.

Below is a table of Cannon Damage for Fury:

Rank Damage
1 465 to 930
2 647 to 1293
3 776 to 1552
4 906 to 1811
5 1035 to 2070
Only with Cannon Ram Boost
6 1181 to 2362
  • Please note damage ranges listed are before any additional damage bonus, i.e. Barrage.

Game Note

Nearly all Undead ships (Ex. Revenants, Death Omens, Shadow Crows, etc.) fire these as broadsides or deck guns.


In Ship PvP, fury rounds fired directly at a ship's water line do the most damage. Also, firing indirectly at gunners can disorient them, decreasing their aim. The Revenant Cannon Ram, which has unlimited fury, is a favorite in Svs.

Fury Broadsides

With Ship Customization, when pirates reach Rank 4 Hull Upgrades, they can choose between 5 different upgrades. One of these upgrades is the Skull & Bones upgrade, which gives the ship a 15% chance of a cannonball fired out of a broadside, to be Fury. If a pirate chooses to progress to Rank 5 or 6, they will have an even higher chance of Fury broadsides.

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