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The French Undead Capitaine can be found on Isla Cangrejos or the High Seas. These skeletons attack the pirate with deadly fencing skills. They use a foil instead of a cutlass.

These were French captains that died and are now in service of Jolly Roger; they are the most powerful French undead soldiers.

On land, they appear at Levels 25-30 (Health 2,250-2,750), with the exception of Jacques le Blanc, who is always seen as a Level 35 boss.


Game Notes:

  • Originally, the Captaine and the French Lieutenant were switched and the Lieutenant had the ability to use Voodoo Doll hexes.
  • The French Undead Capitaine was briefly named French Undead Boss, but the name was revised with the addition of Jacques le Blanc.
  • On flagships, they have been spotted at Levels 25-41!
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