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The French Undead, killed in combat with the Spanish, have risen again as Jolly Roger's servants. But, they seem more interested in carrying on their conflict with the Spanish Undead.

Beware, they use their fencing foils in a different style than traditional cutlass attacks. It is a beautiful, but deadly type of fighting - even using martial art kicks!

They can be found on Isla Cangrejos or on the High Seas around the island on their flagships.


Name Level Health Points
French Undead Quartermaster 10-15750-1250
French Undead Maitre 15-201,250-1,750
French Undead Lieutenant 20-251,750-2,250
French Undead Capitaine 25-302,250-2,750

Game Note - These levels can vary on Flaghips as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.



The French have hoisted their sails again when Jolly Roger brought their vessels back from the depths.

These can be found sailing around Isla Cangrejos, attacking all who come close.


Jacques le Blanc, the fearless leader of the French Undead in the service of Jolly Roger