French Privateer outfit
French Privateer side
French Privateer Women's

French Privateer is an outfit offered for purchase by peddlers on Padres Del Fuego, Cuba, Port Royal, and Tortuga. Peddlers offer special featured clothing for a limited time (usually 2 months). Both versions of this outfit (male and female) include a long blue coat with white trim, a blue ostrich hat that has an intricate design, blue breeches and blue privateer boots to complete the outfit.

Game Note: This outfit first appeared in The Legend of Pirates Online in December of 2017. It was released with the new Winter Mystic outfit.

  • Complete Outfit (Female): 9,300 gold
  • Complete Outfit (Male): 9,000 gold
  • In-Stock Dates (TLOPO): December 2017, April 2019



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