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Francis Faust
Skeleton 3
Enemy type Undead Duelist
Faction Undead
Health 5,750-7,750
Level(s) 14-19
Location(s) Beckett's Quarry, Lava Gorge, Rat's Nest, Misty Mire, Cutthroat Isle
Weapon(s) used Cutlass

Francis Faust is an Undead Duelist Boss and part of Jolly Roger's undead army. Francis is a random boss, appearing wherever Undead Duelists may appear and is one of the original bosses from Pirates Online. He has even appeared during Invasions.



  • He appears at Levels 14-19 (Health 5,750-7,750)
  • Like all Duelists, Francis attacks pirates with his cutlass and he is quite skilled.
  • Francis is potentially dangerous even for medium-level pirates and beginning pirates should steer clear.

Game Notes

The name Faust could be a play on the literary character Faust who makes a pact with the Devil to learn all the world's knowledge and pleasures in exchange for his soul.

Francis Faust1

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