In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, there is a special group of pirates - called Founders.

They were the first pirates to sail these waters, forming the first guilds and trying quests before any other pirate set foot on Port Royal. Founders were beta-testers or players that made their account and purchased Unlimited Access before December 2nd, 2007,[1] which is thirty two (32) days after Pirates of the Caribbean Online went live.

A Founder account can be recognized by their gold-colored name and "F" coin above their avatar's head.

Founder's Feast

To honor those first pirates, an annual Founder's Feast is held in November. All pirates are invited to attend those days of celebration, music and food. This event was renamed Gathering of the Guilds Feast as the name is more welcoming to other pirates.

Name Tag

Founder Coin

Founders have the golden coin with an 'F' on it next to their name. With the addition of Infamy, Founders can now choose whether or not to display the coin, and whether or not to put the coin on their ship's name tag. Even if a Founder selects not to display the coin, his/her name tag will remain gold-colored, indicating that he/she is a Founder.

Game Note: Contrary to popular belief, Founders do not get free Unlimited Access.


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