Weapon Card
Foul Bane Pistol
Boost(s) Eagle Eye +2
Defense ability Hex Ward Rank 2
Infinite ammo Infinite Silver Shot Rank 1
Attack power 58
Barrels 1
Group Fullmoon Special Pistol Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Medium
Rarity Rare
Required level Gun 24
Value 140 Gold
Weapon Model

The Foul Bane Pistol is a Rare Pistol. This small, but deadly, single-shot firearm gives the user the Hex Ward Defense Skill, as well as the Infinite Silver Shot ability. In addition, it also boosts the wielder's Eagle Eye skill +2. This pistol has the highest attack of any Rare Pistol in the game.

Fullmoon Pistol Group

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