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Location of Fort Dundee

This stronghold of the Royal Navy on Padres Del Fuego is on the far end of the island from the main dock. It is home to a fairly seasoned group of Sergeants, Veterans, and a couple of Officers. Unlike the other Forts, you don't have to enter a door to access Fort Dundee.

The Jail was once located inside Fort Dundee, but now is outside of the fort near the entrance with a lone Veteran.

Overlooking the Boiling Bay, a pirate may find themselves here as part of a quest. A small office can be found inside the fort from the main courtyard, and at least one quest will require a pirate to venture in there.

Also, Sam, a boss veteran, has been reported here.

Recently a new Cannonmaster named Rusty McGinnis has been assigned to work the Cannon Defense just outside the main gate.


The Navy keeps a large garrison of troops here due to the growing issue with pirates, the invasion of Jolly Roger's undead army and to supply men to Beckett's Quarry.


Storage Container Locations

Storage Crates

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On the top of the fort near a wall. On the top of the fort near a staircase. On the top of the fort near a stash of barrels.

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Near the desk room. Near a wall on the lower level of the fort. At a dead end, go left after continuing straight after entering the fort.

Storage Barrels

Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-01-09.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 07-00-31.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-56.jpg
On the upper level of the fort. On the upper level of the fort. Near a flight of stairs leading to the top of the fort.
Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-41.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-23.jpg
In front of the desk room. Near the path to where you head to the desk room.
Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-59-03.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-54.jpg Screenshot 2010-10-30 06-58-33.jpg
Near a wall that can be seen when you enter. Continue straight after entering the fort. At a dead end if you go left and continuing straight past the entrance.
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Near a covered area, turn left after entering the fort. Turn directly left after entering the fort.