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Fishing Boats are sloops designed for fishing deeper into the ocean. Players can rent a fishing boat for 1,000 Gold at a Fishmaster on Padres del Fuego, Tortuga, or Port Royal, but must be level 10 or higher in Fishing to do so.

These ships cannot be damaged by direct attack or crossfire and only the Captain (whoever rented the ship) can steer a fishing vessel. Using a fishing boat improves your chances to catch Legendary Fish, also other regular fish caught from this craft tend to be larger.

Going Fishing

To launch a Fishing Boat, just approach a Fishmaster and press Shift. In their menu, select Launch Fishing Boat. This command will not work unless you are level 10 or above in Fishing. You will land on the deck of a Sloop and the ship can only be steered by the pirate that launched the boat. It will also be automatically named "Fishing Boat"

Your broadside guns will not work and your deck guns have been replaced with fishing stands. Any guild mate or crew member can now teleport to you - OR set the ship to Public on the boarding rights to allow any fishermen to come.

Game Notes - Combat Fishing

There is a way for you to actually get plunder cargo with this boat, even if it has no guns.

All you need is a Pirate to steer, while one uses grenades. Just hit an enemy ship with a grenade before it is sunk by another pirate. It is possible to sink a ship just by throwing grenades but will take a very long time. It's best to work with a regular pirate ship. This is very useful against Bounty Hunters and your fishing boat will be eligible to get ranks up to Rogue on the Run.

  • NOTE: You must be very close for this to work.
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