Every captain needs First Mate to help them run the ship by passing orders or keeping the captain aware any new conditions.

In Pirates Online, an Audio Option called First Mate Voice was added when the game first introduced Bounty Hunters and Bounty Flags in the Scoundrel of the Seas update.

While sailing and plundering ships, the First Mate will shout out warnings of approaching enemies, etc. This option can be disabled in the Audio Menu by unchecking it.

Voice Warnings

These are the various announcements the First Mate will say depending on the situation.


Most of these are random but as the pirate builds infamy, the ones near the bottom become more common.

  • "They know this be a pirate ship. Time to start plunderin'."
  • "Captain, they know we be pirates. Plunderin' will make 'em real mad."
  • "We sunk her captain."
  • "To Davy Jones' locker with you all."
  • "Plunder those ships!"
  • "Turn them into fish food."
  • "Keep at it, there be loot aboard those ships."
  • "Ha ha ha ha, take what ya can, give nuthin' back!"
  • "More ships inbound. They must have sent out a distress."
  • "Another ship inbound captain. It seems like they're callin' for help."
  • "Another ship inbound captain."
  • "Here comes an inbound ship."
  • "Ah, here comes an inbound ship."
  • "Ha ha ha ha, we've spooked the navy. Keep it up"
  • "They think they can outgun us? Open fire, and plunder all you can."
  • "They're on alert, and trying to protect their treasure. Sink those ships and claim what's ours."
  • "We're stuffed to the gills with treasure captain. Those greedy bounty hunters will surely be after us now."

Battling Bounty Hunters

  • "He he he, the navy's put a bounty on us, and those hunters are comin' to collect. Let's give 'em what for."
  • "Oh good, Bounty Hunters. More ships for us to sink."
  • "Bounty Hunter, closin in."
  • "Bounty Hunter!"
  • "Attack ships, comin' for us."
  • "Attack ships! Prepare for battle."


  • "This port's been occupied by the navy."
  • "Too many navy in this port."
  • "We're sittin' ducks if we anchor here. They're shootin' at us, from the forts."
  • "Watch out captain, the navy's lyin' in wait at the ports and we've got warships after us" (followed by one of the following)
    • "But Cuba's open"
    • "But Devil's Anvil's open"
    • "But Raven's Cove is open"
    • "But Tortuga's open"
  • "The Navy's closed down all ports"
  • "They've closed down" (followed by one of the following)
    • "Cuba"
    • "Devil's Anvil"
    • "Raven's Cove"
    • "Tortuga"

Game Notes

While the game refers to the voice quotes as Mr. Gibbs, the voice is NOT actor Kevin McNally who played Joshamee Gibbs in the films. It's likely Disney voice actor Jim Cummings.

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