Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.
Hello Dad.
Father's day 2XP

Father's Day is a holiday that takes place every year in June in Pirates Online. It consists of a quest for any pirate that rewards the player with Double Reputation. Also during this event, a unique Matching Outfit is sold by all Peddlers to celebrate Father's Day.

For the quest, you need to deliver a message to Jack's father, Captain Edward Teague, the once most dangerous pirate in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Jack doesn't know where he is.

As a reward, the pirate will receive 500 gold in addition to Double Reputation (which will last for 3 hours), immediately upon finishing the quest.

Game Notes:

  • Logging off will pause the timer but once you log back online it will start again.
  • This Quest is available to both Basic and Unlimited Access players! Both can use the rep bonus to level up weapons and their pirate 2 times as fast!
  • If you have acquired the quest, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish it. It is never removed from your journal even after Father's Day weekend ends.

HINT: To check the time remaining on your x2 Reputation, type /x2 into your chat window and press Enter.


Game Play

If you wish to 'bank' your reward, simply do NOT Bribe John. When you are ready to use it, then return to finish that step. Otherwise, the next time you sink the Navy ship the bonus clock will start ticking.

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