This gallery contains the info cards for known Famed Weapons and items. Famed Weapons and equipment are some of the most powerful and hard to find items in El Patron's Lost Weapons stash. These items were previously known as Lost Relics, but were renamed (some of the pictures here have the old "Lost Relic" tag.). Famed weapons can be identified by the blue weapon card on them.

Note: Legendary Weapons are different from Famed weapons.

Cutlasses - Broadswords - Sabres - Repeater Pistols - Single-shot Pistols - Muskets - Bayonets
Blunderbusses - Voodoo Dolls - Daggers - Throwing Knives - Voodoo Staves - Sailing - Cannon Rams


Admiral's Cutlass Card Arctic Cutlass Assassin's Cutlass Card Bejeweled Cutlass Card
Black shark blade BloodfireCutlass Bruiser'sCutlass CommodoresCutlass
Corsair's Cutlass Card Screenshot 2013-07-06 16-45-14 Dark Mutineer - clearer Desert claw.
Divine Cutlass Doom Rattler - clearer Gorillacard Masterwork Cutlass
Nautilus Blade Pirate Blade Card Sacred Cutlass Seven Seas Cutlass
Shadow cutlass card remake Tiger Shark Blade 2010-11-27 Updated Vice Admirals Whalebone Blade Cursed Blade


Barracuda Blade Bejeweled Broadsword 2010-11-27 Blightfang Edge - clearer Bloodfire broad
Brigadier's Broadsword Broadsword of the Inquisition Dutchman's Pestilence Frostedge Broadsword
General's Broadsword - clearer Gorilla broadsword Hammerhead Huller ripper card
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.04.45 PM Krakenbane Sword Card Masterwork Broadsword New Nightbringer Sword Card
Puff Razortooth Sword Ripsaw Blade Sharkfangblade
Spinecrest Sword Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.36.25 AM The Endless Night Card Treachery
Tyrant Blade - clearer


Admiral's Sabre Card Bejeweled Sabre Card Bitter-End Bloodfire sabre
Commodore's Sabre DivineSabre Doom Stinger Dread spike
Greathawk1 Ice Shard Screenshot 2012-08-02 17-20-26 Master Fencer's Sabre
Masterwork Orange Cream Candy Cane Sabre Sabre of the Inquisition - clearer Sacred-sabre
Sword Master Clearer ViceAdmiral's

Repeater Pistols

Arctic Repeater Pistol Corsair's repeater Divine Repeater Pistol Frostedgerepeater
Fullmoon repeater clearer Gatling repeater clearer Gorilla Repeater Grand Pistol Card
UpdatedMasterCrafted Orangutan repeater Sacred Repeater Svn seas
Skullbone repeator pistol

Single-shot Pistols

Arctic Blast Bush Master Pistol - clearer Divine Pistol Dragon Pistol
Executioners pistol Fullmoon Pistol clearer Sacred pistol Scoundrel's Pistol - clearer


Divine musket Frostedge Musket Hex breaker musket SacredMusket
Scoundrel's musket


Brigadier's Bayonet card HQ Corsair's Bayonet Navy Dragoon's Bayonet Navy Veteran's Bayonet
Officers Bayonet 2010-11-27 Privateer's Bayonet Seven Seas Bayonet Shark Sticker Bayonet
War Bayonet


Corsair's Blunderbuss Frostedge Blunderbuss Updated Fullmoon Gorillablunderupdated
Grand Blunder - clearer Magma Blunderbuss Seven Seas Blunderbuss War scattergun

Voodoo Dolls

Adventurer Doll Banshee Doll-clearer Black Magic Doll Cabal Doll - clearer
Conquistador Doll - clearer Curse braker doll Doll of Sacred Rituals - clearer Domination Doll - clearer
Explorer doll card clearer ForbiddenVoodooDoll Gorilla Doll Hex Guardian Doll - clearer
Hex rebound Nomad doll Occult Doll Orangutan Doll - clearer
Revenant Doll Card Santa Doll Shaman Doll - clearer Soul Binder Doll
Spell-Binder-Doll SpiritBinderDoll Taboo Doll Card Tomb King Doll
Treasurehunterdoll Tyranny Doll Villainy doll - clearer Warlord Doll - clearer
Warmonger Doll Card Yeti Doll


Bayou Dagger Card Corsairs-dagger Cutthroat-dagger Dagger-of-the-dark-idol-updated
Dagger of the Golden Idol Card EITC Assassin's Dagger Card Evergreen Dagger Seven Seas Dagger Famed
Swamp Dagger Card Traiter dagger

Throwing Knives

Amazon Knives - clearer Arctic Throwing Knives Assassin's Knives - clearer Bayou Throwing Knives
Demon Fang Knives Knives of the Golden Idol Halk idol knife Scoundrel's Knives
Shark Fang Knives Swamp Throwing Knives Viper's Den Knives Card
Knives of the Dark Idol-0

Voodoo Staves

Corpse Staff Frostedge Staff Navigator's Staff Staff of Ice
StaffOfLava StaffOfWater


Moonstone Grenade


Robber's Sea Globe Treasure hunter Seven seas sea globe
Lost World Sea Chart FamedGoldenCharm Lucky Charm

Cannon Rams

CajunCannonRam Iron Priming SearingCannonRam MasterGunnersCannonRam
Padded cannon ram Fleece Ram Bloodhound ram Wool Cannon Ram
Steelcannon Makeshift Cannon Ram
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